19.  Hungarian text

These not anymore Zodiac constellations, but I kept recalling Sirius, the brightest star of our noon sky already. It is believed many times because of his blinding brightness UFO, because his motion is prominent because of the proximity of the horizon. Big Dog, i mean in Latin Canis Maior (CMa) his alpha. His beta Mirzam interesting, because this is a binary star according to the today's doctrines, that fifty each other are gone round annually. I our memoranda I know it for a star three.

The dove, the Columba (inch ) and Rabbit, Lepus (Lep) and The Eridanus river, Eridanus (Eri) too visible on the map, although this is latter already sticks out down.

M 32

M 41

There is stars with my very beautiful mouth in this galaxy. This on an area which cannot be seen on the map visible, but in Andromeda, and this it M31. Many billion stars circulate in him around a central seed, and we may receive a picture of this from the construction of our own galaxy. On left middle above it M 32.


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