These are all real noon constellations already. The crane, Grus (Gru) and under it the sculptor workshop, Sculptor (Scl), the Firebird, Phoenix, The Octans, Tucana and finally, but not finally the Net, the Reticulum (Ret) constellation, to which very much DFO diversion hearsay is formed. From us these constellations cannot be seen. Eridanus catches an end in the act of the noon sky here. There is an arrow pointing upwards obliquely on the right of the map, which is aimed at the south pole of the sky. A star is not from his truth just there, and there is an any kind of axis of course, that apparent rotation axis points it out only, the opposite direction of which shows signs of the northern star. A star is not from his truth there, Little Beer pole is over near that dot just now only. This dot 72 years a degree is wandering, at that on a retrograde manner, i mean backward according to the zodiac signs. This turns in 25000 year cycles one. This enter sporting event Plato's for a year, the recognition of which Plato ascribe. However from where may have known it because it is not possible to discover it certainly only so without a degree of very little shift and precise astronomical instruments. This axis dot writes a circle down on the sky under this time.