Why is the Hungarians' crown holy?

Securing data that would have made it possible in order for us to know baggier one about our holy crown of Hungary was heavy for a long time, since everything misled, what was about a previous damned system. From the religion, or one should talk about the kingdom on the history lesson only, but being enthusiastic was not chic for kings. It clerical, you are reactionary there was something. Many distinctive substances appeared in newer one our crown, but informations being about his sizes only here, and the keeper of the crown memoranda were reliable really scientifically. The others are human. Good, and definitely misleading. But something appeared after all, and between these some quite reliable sources.

If somebody would want to know the truth really today, then our today's methods invazív (damaging) we could find out some important things about our holy crown of Hungary without examinations. I write it so with big initials, because not object, but high public office. I first one Roentgen-spektrografian I would do a measurement on our crown. The reflected one and the spectrum allowed through could provide authentic measurement substances from the origin of the crown, and one this accessory C14-test, you are other radiometrian dating would provide useful data. We have a good chance in that direction, that it used gold as stock with charcoal smelled. These measurements would not harm the crown, but his blood we could secure reliable data in connection with him.

The first one the more exciting one, a drawn spektrogram like this relating pays attention even to it, how that ore was being mined where, from which the gold of the crown was made. This not indifferent, the character of a characteristic trace element differing for all drawn gold mines is , and this anything else, an additional investigation make his accomplishment possible, since it indifferent, that according to the historical memoranda when and till when that gold mine was done. It would be necessary to examine it, that the corona greca (lower circle shaped band part), and the cross bands placed upon it subsequently supposedly ( corona latina ) coeval, and/you are from the same workshop truth their substance? Onto the rivets, and particularly the hastily thrown together rear Dukász we have to pay separate attention to a picture then. I suspect the hatted king behind damaging our coronation relics, who to the Hun traditions truly deliberately enter sporting event simply only for a hatted king, he possessed it physically merely because it was never crowned a Hungarian king actually with the Hungarians' crown. It follows from this according to the sense that he may not have been II. Josef. May not have made laws because of this, at worst only orders. This title would have been its due as a king only.

Josef was an enlightened ruler otherwise, brought many good measures, but annulled these before his death, because he knew that the Hungarian is a crown act in his sense otherwise would repeal his death. He saw that he himself does this for right. Onto the crown another two pictures placed upon it subsequently (Geza, Konstantin) too notable, because these his material combination interesting. The honed recommended examinations nothing would damage the crown, but many unscientific disputes would be settled definitively, where simple opinions gained centuries-old space entirely sometimes.

Let us clear something up.

The Hungarians' crown shows Middle Asian tickets in all of his tickets. One single goldsmith master was not able to prepare one like this in Rome in that time. It was tried though the technology elorzását, because the eastern masters' works were very attractive ones, desirable ones really, but a master is needed for the stock. They were not workshops representing a style like this in the east already after the 1050 years according to the art historians and the historians. These jewels and ornamental pieces were known in Europe, very much desired it was robbed then and many times leaf mould was worth our folk siblings. They played the frontier guard folk's role the Eurasian one nation-alliance khagan and the Roman realm then (quite stable) his border. Everybody keeps recalling the confederations, the blood contract all of them we learned it, but this was not restricted to the act of the Hungarian conquest, but the reliable Hun was a widespread habit races. They beat up even their own relatives if they violated the border of the honour if they signed a contract with somebody.

All folk call us, current, today's Hungarians Hun in Europe and Asia. In Hunnia -according to the academic researchers- they do not live already supposedly Huns. We found one like this in Rome despite this, that ; Mathias, Rex Sciturum... the contemporary pope Mathias wrote to our king so yet, that Mathias, the king of the Scythian ones. I think that the then pope was not informed, and knew who is the neighbouring ruler. This era was glossed over frenetically in our history. The whole world trembled with fear from Atilla, and the east Rome empire paid the protection money even to his grandchild as opposed to the coursebooks. Even the West Rome realm paid to Great Atilla, the payment of the protection money was disguised as wheat shopping before the senate only. Reached the stage of Rome unhinderably, but did not clean it out. Peter and Paolo noticed it on the sky there supposedly apostles with a sword their hand, and turned back getting scared by this in his fear. The Roman pope himself brought the city's keys in front of it though. This scene was painted the sixtusi onto the wall of a chapel. Your go somehow made forget from there (than danger), though not it was demolished with a shock two times after Atilla and the holy city was cleaned out. Atilla ancient Christian uruki-Mani faith was prevailing, until China whole Eurasia emperor. He did not clean Rome out because of this. Aetius was the Roman leader's good friend. His unexpected death (his poisoning) loss was big for the Huns. Was a beautiful one and a young person go his wife. It died of him cannot be claimed into a nosebleed. Already his wedding night.

The imperial character of our holy crown of Hungary is observable today. His strapped export means this above. The pantokrator is because of this picture on top of the crown. The crown shape like this means it, That the god is doing only already above this ruler. It is interesting, that the then world called Atilla the god's whip, and not though for the devil's whip.

Many people disparaged those researchers, who you are Sumerian Egyptian blood and language, indeed religious contacts dare to presuppose, but we will show our readers much surprising evidence on our sheets yet. The life provides one like this often.

More than thought-provoking, that our talented young archaeologist found a like picture in all of his substantive tickets; in a red mountain cave beside winning single Theba to the canopy painted. A big scandal was from this afterwards, dared Temple on Theba crown c. sensational dared to have this reported in his book (the antiquity responsible big moguls' knowledge and his consent!). The driving Hungarians (or the ones guiding the Hungarians?) disturbed it very much the thing, we may say it the violaceous stroke struck them almost. No yeah! He made much centuries-old intrigues ridiculous with his work. On the fresco of which a photo was taken in the ominous cave the pantokrator to see in a mandorla, with 64 little round ornaments framing, Jesus aura, the style of the picture, the Sun and the moon his head, the throne, and all tickets immediately our crown being reminds of a picture. Maybe, that in truth with a Coptic origin, but then we our crown has something to do with the Coptic traditions? Dared in our sceptre there is an Egyptian quartz...

Vörös Győző: Templom Théba koronáján-című könyvéből

The Theba one is pantokrator. In a mandorla is depicted,
 and this 64 dots it is framed by him!


For Atilla things in Old Turkish and the úz reading may be the domestic one then among legends and tales and the Byzantine one (I want to say it Istanbul) in libraries. The many carts obtained with robbing the leaf moulds extorted treasure Big Karol had it carried away later (presented with it) on all of the then Catholic West, like this yet hispanian (Spanish) a monastery got him from him.

Even the ones with a weak mind knew that this is not left without an answer then, since the leaf moulds were in affinity and a tribal contract with the Huns, and a lot cultivated a jewel because of this in the west rudely (with a tin snip) cut up, and a spectacular piece of theirs costume jewelleries, book cover ornaments cobblered, that let it not be necessary to absorb the beautiful gold ornaments, and themselves were deluded into that folly, that the Huns will not recognize it certainly already so. The educated West is full of these even now. Atilla sword is exhibited in Vienna, and the sign of the appreciation the showcase was put beside the privy directly. Hja! The subconscious is a big lord. They are afraid even today. They renamed it for big Karol sword. 1500 are years going by. The later Hun commandos roved around on the wakes of these stolen treasures among other things. Practically; for the legitimate property. This it was the age of the certain adventures, but according to me yet the Tartar and the Turkish campaigns were due for this, i mean the thing nearly and more live, than we would believe it at the first try. This was adventure so, the Csángó ones "elcsángálása"... (stray)

The Pecheneg ones pursued us this far entirely, afterwards they did not come in here into Canaan leaking with milk and honey. The kabars the vanguard detachment, the Pecheneg ones the endingpeople they were? They were left because of this across Karpat too the Csángó ones? After the Hungarian conquest where the Pecheneg ones were disappearing with so unusual suddenness. Was chasing here their task only? Our legends talk about any kind of chase. Is there a little amusement for the idle rich here? Too much Besnyő our name. They used the Pecheneg ones as a bodyguard in our royal yard because of their reliability.

Hunor and Magor this far - beyond Karpats - drove the wonder deer, they liked the place, the folk was driven here then. But when? This needed Árpád before our father with a shock yet really to occur, that the remained our ruler list can be observed.

The sizes of the crown show it, that the cross on top of him was posteriorly mounting with a screw. The hole was found already. The cross 60 mm tall. He should have been looking at its greatness if this cross would have been on him two or three inch.  Beautiful cross, for me than for a Christian i love it, only not original . The whole crown is in an inch in all of his size systems (coll, inch; 25.2 mm) and this is not because of that so only, drew that size for the master just he had a mood to cut off from the tin. The sizes are determinate everywhere. This started because of the antiquity often observable some on buildings, than on jewels. Fibonacci hid numbers, the ratios of the nature fractal, the golden section behind the sizes among other things on our crown settling we may discover his row. Examined superficially sizes for inaccurate one, for uninteresting one can be thought, (we say it eyed in the today's metric system), and the context turns into striking one measured in a vagina only for an initiated eye; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 inches.

This logarithmic spiral is growing along the Fibonacci function.

Acts even the 10, 12, 15, 26 inches, but does not act the 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 uncial longitudes between the sizes defining the proportions of the enframing form. 26 inches are the exterior circumferences of the crown. 13 inches are the exterior circumference's halves. The length of the coronet part is this big. The longitudinal band arc measured within, and the length of the former coronet 13 inches, but this will be interesting even in a millimetre; this 315 mm. The Hungarian renum is the number of the life in 11 numerologies. Lajos Csomor guided it a goldsmith and an expert research team measured the data in 1978. Fibonacci contexts they registered it. (Onto this come on a keeper of the crown (count Peter Lévay) too related a contemporary memorandum of his, and signaled it, that the couple and the big importance of odd numbers and other proportions are the examination of the crown, and in the course of the solution of his secrets).

Fibonacci a proportion approaches to the golden section increasingly better.
The same solar system is true for his planets!

The 315 number because of that interesting, because the corona is graeca the visible strings of pearls of two series from more reasons incomplete, but
pearl would get its share of 315 or 316 in the two rows together with the residual place place. 3,16 (the former number hundredfold) not somebody else, than the universe the secret number of one of his essential world constants, the creator. The creator masks the parameter of a source in speed of light (than in a standard measure), I mean 3,16 c. this the today's one gives the secret angle of the church towers later . From this a working Catholic church, and the tari you are a Zalaszántó stupa. Sure the Mohammedan world, but ancient Egypt is full of a mark carrying the accurate angle with this likewise already. The angle means the same one to all cultures. The velocity means an angle. Likewise, than in the formulae of the supersonic flying. We write about this in detail the window - in a journal. But this observable on the next picture. If you find it out write.

Az égi pantokrátor

If we look at the picture of the celestial pantokrátor, then it 4x3= 12 red almandin delegate we may see go ahead. These (two of his exceptions) they are polished with a drop shape. This is 12 fire alarm. From this two only with a tapered character. The start one one above the head of the pantokrátor can be found. This is some other kind. We do not take his other sense yet. We agree in the same manner yet 12 white pearls five. These are watermarks. Prominent, that all of them are pierced , but they are doing at random in their socket. These the fine trimmers the initialisation of the crown. Not probable, that pierced pearls got to our crown because of the customer's poverty, but our knowledge from a totally other reason. This got here from the Maria collar of pearls of Virgo accordingly relic. The time 2x12 we measure it in a clock . May realise why we brought it into a context then if he wanders over our sheets carefully Pantokrator picture with the clocks. The crown on four of the bands of a top, the visible pantokrátor there are altogether 72 pearls and 64 almandin on a picture. There are 72 cherubim according to our dogmata, and 64 space dimensions.

In the cosmology the development of the time until all of them binary cracking it is depicted. The superstrings so branch. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256... Computerised colleagues! Acquaintance from somewhere?

The stupid shamans talk about precisely 66 space dimensions though, (and not from three, possibly from four), then, when the wave theory mathematicians yet something like a good model was not able to be created 11 dimenzion under space. (The onehyperspace he, he has 11 source places, a source dimension really for space! This was a good result from the mathematicians' part!). The shamans talk about 66 space from dimensions in noon America or Siberia opposite this. Everywhere on the world. They make a statement in such a way many times here that he is -33 to  +33 =  66 expanding dimensions, and there is a special one no space! This is black. The shamans travel here with their soul. I mean they the two-hyperspaces 16 space-times with source from place they speak, all of the source place of which a virtual four-dimensional one time-system t reconditional. Already at an any kind of thing existing physically known by us may be three dimension because of temporal expansion.

16x4 only 64 ! (Jézus magical number though precisely 66 !)

Where there is a back the absentee two?

Is there on the picture, it was considered as a cypress just only. For a cultic cypress such. The old saying says who is not his master, that hangman of his. That two little drop of shaped sapling not somebody else, than from the Hungarians' ancient faith father and old granny . This and yeah. Purusa and Prakriti, father (hungarian:atya)ntámbhava, and old granny (hungarian:anyó) nyámbhava. (I emphasized the essence with coloured one). The almandinok because of this with a drop shape. Likewise fire alarms. This the two basis dimensions that provide a basis on all of them to the development of an additional thing. The two saints are ancient times. They called the sources themselves a gold father and a gold woman. This was the rank of our driving priests and our priestesses. PUR-US-A. Pur clear, us the creation zone, the A though the creator. He depends on the beginning of the creation. Everything additional is a creature only already.

Csomor Lajos könyvéből

The cross bands unfolded in a shape show that this band may never have been longer clearly, dared clearly discernible on him, that industrially in some piping was put on all four bands. Twelve were not apostles in the gaudy life on this. (Although more people were nervous with this). The navel of the pantokrátor is the world's navel at the same time. Here certainly not the today a cross was visible because he sticks out from among the sizes which can be measured in an inch in the element of everything else because of his size. The pearls and the drop shapes are numerable here. Their number is important.

We do not want to assert the above data, since it was examined by the experts, it was counted, it was measured. Their soul go ahead. But so much indicate the conscious planning on all of them, that from this nothing our doubt not meradt. What sticks out rudely from the sizes is not an original accessory. It at all events appeared already, that our crown more it, that simply only for a jewel, you are for an object we believe it.

There it is the folytatáscontinuation

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