The topography of the Creator


We have come as far as the two primordial states of time in the previous chapters; to the primordial elements of Water and Fire and now we can actually say that the figures and descriptions found in traditions clearly show that the theory of relativity is not the product of the twentieth century but its origin is much, much older and it is not concerned with matter but the subatomic world creating also matter. This (what we have come up with here) is non other than:

The relativity theory of time.

Let us think this over! If the teachings of Einstein are true to the rocket and their passangers then they sould be true to everything that makes up the rocket. That is to say, they must be true to the atoms and all of the elements making up the atom, i.e. quarks and the stuff making up the quarks since they form or create the macro systems as well.

There is a huge gap today in our science between the real world and quantum mechanics. The latter is shrouded completely in mysticism for the layman. The reason is that it is basically a 400 year old way of thinking and mechanics forcefully left its mark on it. The word itself connects two such concepts out of which one is completely transcendent ant the other is totally material which thinks in terms of objects, cogwheels and levers. Newtonian. Science of today is getting ever more “esoteric” for the layman and just as medical science hides behind the Latin language, atomic physics has hidden behind the scenes of the mathematical apparatus. Thus, it has become nothing less mystic than the looked-down-upon tribal shaman with his (otherwise) working magic spells. The former only purports to be so.

The law, therefore, can be applied (and must be) to the subatomic worlds or the basic laws created there can stay valid in the macro world as well. If we take a look at the speed ranges over the speed of light we see that time actually turns back there. Einstein thought that if a rocket could reach the speed of light then time would come to a stop in there. This is exactly what happens at the border-state of the Water element. Watches would stop, movements would stop and everything which has been moving would come to a stop. This is what the astronomers think about the vicinity of the black hole - that if we fell into it time would start slowing down more and more and the last second would last for thousands of years, or for almost infinity. The time-essences have been infinitely accumulating before the dimension source rushing at the speed of past-emanation and this shows greatly the genius of Einstein. Is this the reason why the book series entitled “Einstien’s complete works” have not been published yet? Should science have been reformed completely? Should science have been reformed completely? Well, it seems that they had science deep frozen at this point. Einstein died in 1954. We mainly know his works published up until 1916. Why would we not understand it? We will decide. I am not particularly interested in his love correspondence but the actual work that he has done! Such publications have been printed.

speed of light
The wave space of time-source (or rocket) moving at the speed of light.

Time really comes to a standstill at this point, however, it is rushing at the “speed of light” and once we have wrapped our minds around it we see that time only stands still looking at it from the outside, since the essential spheres emerge rhythmically just the same way, and they increase that certain one dimensional thread for the source which is all the time at the “same place” however, looking at it from the source it stretches to infinity (yet it is timelessly short). This is what we call a singular string . This state is also a special case just as the square among rectangles or the circle among the ellipses.

Dynamic graphics of Tamás Betlej: The content structure of the Creator.
At 3,16 times the speed of line, the near zone behind the cusp is the “place behind God’s back” has creative potential

We illustrate the wave space of such a dimension source which moves three times faster than their past-essences are able to spread. More precisely put, this source shows a speed of 3,16E and later on, this will be the creational magical proportion. This is a lot faster case than what was seen on the vector editing of the previous chapter (1,73E9), but with a little pious fraud we now have left out the explanation of all intermediary evolutionary steps, however, this speed, and an even greater speed can occur upon the meeting of dimension sources. I usually place this in the category of the evolutionary processes of chaos. There are, for the moment, only the primordial elements of Fire and Water and these are, for the time being only potential possibilities of the later creation.  For there are many called but few are chosen...

This is the Kalanaga (Rudra), the serpent chasing his own tail, found in the texts of ancient times. It’s also in the Hebrew myth of creation (Lilit, the time serpent, Adam’s first consort, who gave birth to brilliant sons and gorgeous daughters for Adam) and we can similarly find this theme in the African myths of creation, but also with the completely ‘closed off’ Mayas; this non other than the Quetzalkoatl feathered serpent. What could be more natural than it is done everywhere in the Rank of Creator.  Pay close attention to the expansion of the source’s time-sphere! Observing this, it can be seen that, at the cusp of the system, always newer and newer spherelets are created which, later on merge into the system behind.

The frontal sphere is still completely of the Water type, because it is the representation of one oscillational moment. This cut-off dimension-sphere is continuously regenerated and can be found before any time-system which is faster than 1E. In case of a higher speed, more of this appears further in front of the Fire-type time source. This zone is not of the fire type, i.e. it is not similar to the regions which are further behind.

The spheres which are continuously recreated and reswollen always grow into the underlying (the ones representing the further past) time-systems, and a new phenomenon appears here. The cross sections of the own time-spheres penetrating into each other lead to the formation, at the same time, of double, triple etc. time-systems which means that in certain “places”, in the inside of the cuspid time system there are more than one own-times present at the same time and at the same place. This will have a very important role later on. It is also important to give some thought to the fact that while the Water-type systems can only be approached from the direction of their oldest surface (because there is only one single equitemporal surface on the outside (there is only one completely simultaneous surface, carrying one single timepoint (singular)) - the Fire type time systems’ present(!) can also be reached because this runs at the cusp of the system. In essence it is always rushing in its own future. This is why there is a fortune teller or diviner in almost any creation myth and in many Hungarian folk tales we can find this logical theme. See: Tragedy of Man by Madách; Lucifer takes Adam through all of his lives and also shows him his future.   This is, basically, also about reincarnation, seeing into the future as well asprogression.

If we look all over the conical superficies we can see that here, in contrast to the Water surface having completely homogenous time, the singular nature comes to an end at this point, and a series of time moments can be found along the line of the conical superficies. Out of the series of singular spheres a quantized series is formed, which on the whole, is no longer singular and nor it is “point-like”. Its main difference from the Klauza-Klein stringsis that here, wenow did not leave out the event horizon from the illustration of the string, and we had a standing, singular string as well, therefore, our evolutionary process is more complete. Along the axis-line (course of movement) of the system we can similarly find the source-series flashing up at each oscillation cycle, at which the source looks back upon its own past but it is also interesting that we do not know anything about the future of the original (“existing from eternity”) Fire-type strings since that is something which it contains in itself, therefore there is nothing in front of it (for it), or for any outside onlooker to see. The system, (like any time-system) only exists from the inside for itself. It only exists and gives rise to existence in relation to itself because it has came into being from itself. Therefore it is called the Self in the East.

The dynamic graphics of Tamás Betlej representing the first seven impulses of the Fire-type time .

We illustrate the first seven always current impulses with a surface and spheres (by the way, its expansion on the left side continues to infinity and the source moving to the right is also headed to infinity and is in existence for infinity!!). This is the sky-high tree or the life-tree in our folk tales. The Creator, in whom the resonating life has formed. This sevenfold zone is very important in the completeness of the Creator, because (and even here its internal world is only capable of creation only in certain regions and upon certain peripheral conditions). We will more closely look at this. Based on our current knowledge, the second and the third zones make it possible for the created world to come into existence. In the beginning was the LAW. The law of creation. This is what we have to understand. We now have a chance. We have shown several interesting and relevant evidentiary illustrations in our archeological, mystical, linguistic, theological and ethnographical pages which have been completely set up or are under development.

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