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What is the DNA?

Watson and Crick's discovery gave big one a push on the biology, but endless perplexity overcame the biologists after the initial upswing. The century of us knowing it increasingly in detail is afraid already our nucleic acids A-C-T-G the alternation of his letters, and we know that our bodily nature depends on it on a large scale, that in this the many hundredezernyi his consecutive white plays a big role in the publishing of the characteristics of the formal tickets and our being, and then from that direction a lot it came out on all of them which details of this influence which characteristic. What a back would be needed to know.

Primarily it, that what the life. Because we know the first thing about this quasi officially. The substance and the energy were undulatory with completeness on the previous sheets, and this the wave does not express itself in some compact little berries, but into the endless one spreading medium. The space-time carrying the whole one is like this already. If everything is like this flooding, this has to appear in many things then, more punctually in everything, which we know only,. This is the universe's very important element. I wrote about lifeless things chiefly till now, but this has to play a very important role in the function of the life if this is so. DNA (Dezoxi-ribo-NukleinAcid) and it RNA (ribo-nukleinacid) not some meaningless stir, in which some kind of codes skulk,, although this assumption has very many followers because this looks logical even until a today's day. Somebody else is a code, an other form. This is so on a some kind of level, but with traditional microbiology, molecular principles this may not be really to justify. The knowledge of the today's physics does not add a sufficient basis to the understanding of the life. The quantum mechanics a science like that, that in the practice it égvilágon it is possible to use it for nothing, and it does not consist in a contact practically by way of us observed makrovilággal. Much more skillful minds declared this already at me. I did not brand this as him, but themselves the cultivating. His systems swelled up, as any bureaucratic one is a system, but that experiment was totally barren since his development, that let practical things be able to be explained with him.

If somebody read it carefully from the world our sheets which can be read here, a lot may have found everything out then logical explanations. Let us be searching well contact with the life!

How there may be a little nucleus in a contact one compared to him with an incomparably bigger organization?

On all of them what we see consists of atoms. this is true for the stones and the living beings, and these atoms are perfectly similar to each other really. The carbon atom in the diamond just like that what there is in the soda water because we may reveal the coal likewise in the carbon dioxide in it. We may extract black coal dust from him really with a smaller chemistry machination. This is in the same manner with the calcium carbonate, that is the limestone. These are well-known facts. But what keeps the limestone in one? Is the cohesive one strength? (As it was taught to us sometime) but what this? The strange Latin word means it only: coacting force. All right, but from what this strength derives, from what remains, and how gets through from atom to atom? How is the ulterior effective? Only his mass?

If it is medium-like essential one recommended by me With time-systems we operate, these questions do not arise then. They do not like the mush about boiling one like that because this thing will not be like that because of that of course intrigue free, since a hundred and a hundred are brand-new if we want to be accurate entirely, and we have to deal with a complicated task then terribly. If the floodplain of atom is a hydrogen at least one a million wave sources onto each other superposed (together active) from complicated overflowing space essence chin, how many dimensional one may be a cell then? This mathematically temporarily totally impassable, already only because static operators may be worth nothing to us. The twenty volume human DNA an atlas lists it only yet, how the nucleic acids follow each other in a what kind of order at a man. This on the sheet's front already mentioned A-C-T-G letters interminable it is presented with his stochastic enumeration quasi. But a nucleic acid complicated molecule, already this the band of many protons, an electron and a neutron. As many there are a proton or a neutron in him, roughly so many million the number of the wave sources being at work in him, because the 740000-nyi the dimension number of the fotinos detained in them is added to a radix. This leads to a road which can be understood difficultly likewise, let us be doing afterwards so to us nearly solution. Let us approach to it from above the question!

How may one single ovum define an individual? Well, this depends on a what kind of floodplain surrounds it. This right the in him character the quantity of atoms and the light in him, which is a wave source, determines it band flooding sheds complex space into his environment. The crystals radiate one just like this, they place each other into soldierly order with their floodplains only. Each other, because they are in an interaction. This is in the same manner in the case of the active organisms. Why one of the living persons will be then, and the other lifeless one? Since atoms just like that may form it. This well it before us towering question. No and the atoms are even more distant in the considerable part of the living matters, than in the crystals. What keeps a pudding-like jelly-fish together in the rough sea? And I look at it in any way, that's right very viable! But an earthworm, you are a naked one scheming in my garden snail so vulnerable. This a miracle!? Yeah. No and what justifies all this? Recently take a photo in the environment of a frog spawn a frog shaped phantom, in what there is not a frog yet. What is even stranger this not a tadpole, but depicts a full-grown frog. And I claimed this already with ten years before just.

The floodplains of the crystals order the atoms into soldierly order, and order just like this reigns in the living beings, indeed, if we may say it much more complicated systems are constituted into the crystals got organized at atoms, and onto moving with their sense with a different level, and onto determinate displacement capable, but they can defend themselves against the adversities of the weather on different levels. This we may look at it in such a way with a wave geometry eye that the consistence of their holographic space can be modified actively, in what the being's character appears with changes. We say it an animal onto winter one increases a thicker fur coat, that in spring moults. Prepares for the winter, which is in autumn with degree nourishment, resolutely adds, that let him be allowed to feed off his fat reserves accumulated when the winter begins.

Geneticist my friends mention repeatedly that all this is written into DNA as the same one is claimed about himself incessantly the animal from autumn. Onto this I kid them that this is a quite simple and sour explanation really always, because neither the sequence, genome, chromosome, neither the manner of the storage cannot be showed. I mean this a theory, which even nothing justified apart from the experience. The information is game for the zygote somehow from that direction, a what kind of individual has to develop into how the conceived for an ovum, but it is searched out on a quite obscure manner yet, that how. The individual observes our machination with smaller bigger changes if we modify a little part in the chain of the atoms, but nobody takes it already, that for what dot we cause it with this or that intervention of ours?!

No, let us step back into his plainer direction again then. So, what keeps the crystals in one? The strength called cohesive one on the simplistic manner harbours many interesting opportunities yet because of that. The wave sources in the dynamic motion forming the atom shed regular structures into their environment. This a proton forming the atomic nuclei already and a neutron are true for a heap, and this defines the system of their electron shells. We know that there are not shells like this because the electrons do not circulate on some sphere shells in fact for a long time already of course, than some little planetary system, but much more complicated necessities govern them. But what?

The effluence a gurgling one (even from 250 million time sources budding) stems from a complicated system, and this with the spaces of light quanta protected in the atom yet at the same time marries. This is the space of one single uranium atom. But already a nitrogen atom 14 million stems from a wave source. He blossoms because he is in the state of the formation steadily. Atoms in a smaller substance set mean many billion wave sources already, we think it over then, how much there are how one grammatomcalibre in a quantity! 6x10 23 atoms 24 litres (20 C o ) in hydrogen. This 6x10 23 multiplied by one million, i mean 6x10 29 sources. And this the easiest substance. The man's average relative density is near to that of the water, from which 18 grams the molecular weight quantity. A litre of water 5.99 x 10 32 , from a man's greatest part 4x 10 are produced by way of 34 time sources. I mean practically a man this much dimensional one, each single drawn source give rise to a totally independent dimension. These arise steadily and they dwindle, but there are this much in us averagely. This an one which cannot be believed thought-provoking thing, because he leads to a complicated floodplain like the one that we did not believe in our wildest dreams. I add to him that the thing is even more complicated because of the expansion because this is a four-dimensional phenomenon really being afraid only already. According to the calculations in the universe some 10 there are 43 protons what means it, that in as much we add the neutrons of the black substance and the mass of all of the light quanta to it, some cca. 10 are needed with 50 pieces of dimension source to reckon. Fifty are zero after an one. I mean roughly this much dimensional one may be our universe. If reckoned. He may be more yet because of that at this.

No and all this we are struggling along with geometrical three dimensions in our days to explain.

The floodplains living person and they arise at lifeless one, but it depends on many factors how overflowing floodplains are made up of the atoms makro systems. The light in the protons and the neutrons plays a considerable role in this complex effluence. This fuming in their inside on all of them colliding with a time mirror pushes out into the space with a speed of light galloping away, seedless light cap accumulating before it till now and practises an effect of force for it when this touches an other proton or a neutron, cheats good big one for him rurally. This strength it, that mainly the atoms his cenrums, in the atomic nuclei very efficient. I think that this may be that mysterious one fifth strength. This, as the particles get extremely near to each other in the atomic nucleus, it repels it increasingly more intensively anyway to each other squarely increasingly better feeling drawn corpuscles, and to this to the repelling power it contributes to the fact that himself is the particle steadily from within yet forms, and his time mirrors expand with speed of light get out. These come on one excity they dwindle on a border depending on a state, but it is repulsed very efficiently till then away the rest of the corpuscle. A relative balance situation, which it is, sets in in the atomic nucleus so light caps and the particle surfaces, and the bent takes shape between gravity deriving from their spaces. Let us not forget it, that during they twirl with a terrible rev around their own axis. The equator of a proton moves with 1.41 hilltop speeds of light. This signals it, that his surface not material berry-like thing. Not too particle and not too material in the sense how most take it in our days.

The essential medium of the exceeding complicated floodplain makes the virtual picture of the electron revolve around the atomic nucleus. All protons the peculiar's. We examined this till now. This floodplain has dynamic components only, but they arise after all so less "agresszio free" places in the space surrounding the atoms, that certain temperature (free and light quantum in captivity) it is allowed, that let the atoms be allowed to step onto joining each other. These strengths govern the crystallisation, but the same ones keep the living matter in a system. An other and other crystal construction takes shape because other and other interferences keep the substance in one on an other and other temperature or a pressure because of this. As we raise the temperature, i mean we bombard the crystal with free light quanta, starts rising the nucleons the level of exciting, increasingly more fotínó penetrate into the neutrons and into protons, that an electron modifies their configuration, and modifies the stationary wave picture until now. This a limit value makes the peaceful order of the crystal until now impossible already, and it changes a condition inside a relatively narrow temperature province. We say it; melts. The condition border of the liquid which can be observed quite well for a state, which we call a boiling point, is for himself.

The exceptions were exciting me because I felt that the ones that may lead us to the rule are these exceptions always. Because the exception proves the rule. For what fluent the mercury entirely unto minus 35 Co? Or why the iodine avoids it the liquid aggregate? For what sublimates from a firm state steam into a condition? Or why the atomic evolution omits electron shells temporarily, that towards bigger registration numbers but later nicely recharges? There is order in a dog because this strange phenomenon occurs to the increase of the atomic weight cyclically. No and why can bind one third hydrogen atom the water? When the oxygen shows the face of k only mostly in his compounds? What it the is but Waals féle strength? Refractory molecule like this H3O + Hidroponium. These, and then many thousands of questions employs, because I do not consider it enough, if a strength or a phenomenon are named after somebody, but I want to know it, what and how causes it.

There is order in the world, and the second main thesis of the thermodynamics is being repeated to me vainly, it, that our universe tends towards the heat death, in the world, but everything points out that there is a much more efficient thing at this even in our little vulnerable world, a director principle, a co-ordinator, what is increased with attention, and it pays attention to the fragile peace of a life with protecting affection. A some kind of transcendent sense pervades the universe. This is there because he spreads in essential waves penetrating everything without difficulty everywhere. All material particles and a light quantum generate one like this from himself, because this is their daily bread. On all of them what we know only, radiates his existence into this floodplain, and there are all mental structures on a sign really in a dog, because existing are attached to by the thoughts, and this means it even on a materialistic level really, how there is not a compact thought, which would exist on only a little closed place,. The existence flowing all directions, like this the thoughts. Mystic and suspicious thing this for a materialistic one, but that's right all this experientially (repeatably) provable. The radio waves mean a crude form of his to this. The existential waves are not radio waves because they did not polarize electrically and magnetically. The particles managing the filling wake one like this up. One like this is produced in the man and the living beings, since telis they are full of particles spent electrically, and these his frequent motion creates electromagnetic waves.

But this the automatically and continuously flooding very complicated wave world with attractive essences and a repulsive space layer manages separators. These occur in the universe as organizing strength, mikro (atomic), middle (living being) and makro (solar systems and galaxies) his level. The crystals start crystallizing difficultly, but as soon as some atoms formed into a little colony already, the others start loading suddenly onto the crystal from the solution or melt quasi atom. But why they arise from each other separated crystal granules, and why the crystal will not be monolithic? Why does the crystal development cease at smaller or bigger crystal granules? Why the steel will be tougher and harder because of the forging? Dared in a glowing state nearly, so more efficient interference into holes we thrust his atoms into him? He appears logical.

That's right, but because of that the nearly does not report more efficient one in the case of all atom. Is the one that is a crystal construction improves, and is the one that is spoiling the igniting, and is the one that improves. We realised this already on an experiental road, but these experiences would be utilizable if they would depend on good theoretical bases much better. The atoms have linka systems like that that longer less elastic. We find one like this in the living matters in a considerable part. This not simply soft and flexible, than you are the lead like that, than the reminiscent metals, which regain their original shape due to a change in temperature,. That interesting one, that this mostly the moving off of the atoms (him getting warm) ransoms it. Onto the heat shrinking plastic pipe onto warming shrinks even for a quarter. This is because the pipe is expanded coldly, and big mechanical tenseness is created in his substance with this. They drive his atoms to farther interferences meaning weak bandage at this time. Very interesting, that into a plastic state strong restoration is beginning in him due to their warming. The same one happens in the reminiscent metals, but there so what responds to the decrease of the temperature and that of growing with a shift is. Starts being similar to the living muscle nearly, may seem one living nearly. But in a traditional sense no. Under a legatee the today's academician I was worth a view, and not the real traditions. Our ancestors bygone considered the mountains and the rivers a living person. No, and any kind of incredible one, DNA knew about a transmitting substance. From this direction we and we have very many memoranda and a figure.

We put the living person's border to the viruses in the today's view, but let us not leave it because of that, the viruses hold it in a crystalline state their resourcefulness. They can be canceled without all metabolism until millennia. An any kind of sign of life like that is given in a crystalline shape, that than the criteria of the life our biologists bound. Does he not live in a crystalline shape? But lives then really. I mean the crystals may have a life. Is this not the border of the life after all then? Suspicious it, that all substances live?! Only virus a little crystalline substance may live? A rock not anymore? Why would a border be some kind here?

But let us return onto DNA! How an atom set which cannot be seen quasi with a little eye defines it, that from an ovum with a what kind of shape and function a living being has to take shape? For what and how believe from one single stem cell man? Why starts increasingly better different cells to differentiate? How it will be made of alike one very much different? Well, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) you are it RNS (ribonucleic acid) never becomes a man. We know that he is in beings considered the one living by way of us like this well of course, but the bodily transmitting substance himself is incapable of it, that living being (our case man) onto division of cells likes the cells. In vitro the man never takes shape. Let this fill your heart with calming down. The cloning with which the biologists and a head are scaring us since years the ignorant media editors, fortunately humbug.

It RNS is incapable of the independent division of cells, and is able to constitute copies in only a more-developed host cell belonging to a class from himself. than a fly chanced upon the photocopier. DNA is capable of the formation of similar cells, but lacking additional organizing strength only onto the keeping of primitive protozoa capable. These bacteria. This may constitute a settlement though, but is unable to step out of his plain life cycle. He divides. The form of the organizing strength with taller order is missing from him. The essence something is concealed in something else!

He has to be a more vigorous co-ordinator, which carries the form and the some kind of level of the sense as invisible organizing strength, in the beings. This co-ordinator is the soul. This totally DNA independent and anyagfüggetlen thing, but we have to know that very many fallacies spread in the minds in connection with this. The soul has a material part (the system of a time mirror and his soul cells), and the floodplain of this, and this the ghost. Cunning little construction, so many saints. The soul a so indestructible substance granule, in which there is a mysterious source system like that,, that makes it the one differing even from the material particles very much. He has an own space source. This yet the nemtér-nemidőben too keeps it. (ahun, időnothing, tovuha bohu). It time -in nothing the substance vanishes without a space source. The soul five dimension, and there are four, 3,2 and 1 dimensional one for this his projections. These bodies, and our body like this yes. Simultaneously mozog(nak) with the material body that we consider as our completeness today. Already himself the motion very interesting question, but we have to know that this falls down higher up with a dimension. Simplifying this for a thought, intention now, you are for an instinct, a conditional or unconditional reflex it is advertised, but the source of this nobody knows his conceptual function. Today everything onto atoms, molecules our science tries to drive back, and thinks that the life will be understandable on this road.

But what the soul makes in us, no and it is question, how originates from where on earth? Where does the soul grow? Together with us?

No. The soul god himself, since his soul one with ours, only a lot bigger. He comes into existence from him. On the side of this continuously coloured protruding arises, and these little buds are associated, they withdraw from him then. But only in the space. His direct parts stay always on the other hand in the single dimensional universe. Heir they are justify in a connection with him. This phenomenon fraktális basic principle, i mean the souls beget subsystems just like this. But the row continues longer in the substance, the material particles, and they beget even smaller ones. It's a what takes it leaving into himself from a centre foreshadows a complicated system alone awfully carries it the set out from him all soul and substance. This god. All the others are bound to an existing in the element of a beautiful, understandable and understandable system, which everything is,. With the substance and the light quanta. Nobody strung it along, like this been created. From me, in me, the text of the mass says it by way of me. Eat it and buy it because this is my body and my blood. Because there is not something else in the world, than the god. For the thing it is his piquancy, that these the fourth or the third receded away in a dimension souls spread all over laws set their road all of them return to the starting point then, and their independent existence ceases with this. They are not destroyed, but thaw. Everything is back to square one in the big circulation then. But on a new, cleverer informational level.

But let us talk about the man now! The man's soul 12 ( !! ) is attached to his parents before his birth with a month, and from this their strange dreams are started because all plans his life with them in detail already at this time. The incomprehensible one year-old fatherhood presumption derives from here in the Roman law. The soul deletes his plan badly in some cases, and this causes it later, that one a site, event acquaintance like that for us (precognitio). As if we would have seen it already, as if this would have occurred once already. This, which the soul draws up in such a way that he should be allowed to repair his plots until now, is a life plan. The eastern religions are talking about this, but the Huns' early Christian religion has the same one. It has any kind of significance, that prospective his parents do not know each other possibly yet at this time, since the soul the nemtér-nemidőben plans, where the past, the present are simultaneously and the future. He sees it, that same day, they will meet on an important day for him. Because of this often is naughty a little. Because his birth moment plays a crucial role in the river of the time.

It is working on the fact that he should build his own body already following an act. The soul knows his adult form already at this time, and knows it, that to this a what kind of infant body has to work up. The pictorial one is in him (living person) information. The development progresses on two roads. The conceived an ovum carries the form, at that a totally adult individual's form, which a stationary wave sheds round himself in the form of a picture,. But in fact wrong this stationary wave word, after all today I am allowed to write this down as a simile because this spread away in the public consciousness onto some already only yet. This floodplain very moving, from many hundred billion dots with speed of light spreading, and the organs work already in a dog, The heart beats, is breathing the lung, the body fluids orbit, stb. No and is thinking already and feels, bar not yet bigger at a poppy-seed. On a human level, is thinking with adult consciousness. He understands the speaking people_nation living around them. Their thought. From these a prospective mother and his father language starts learning it. Understands it when his parents lament it in order whether it should be kept of course, you are though let them have it destroyed one onto this became specialized with a specialist. His subconscious remembers this if he receives mercy after all accidentally bodily emancipated szüleitől. His mother dries till then on his soul while it lives entirely if it is destroyed. This makes the suicides' and the spiritual injured camp grow afterwards. The past one the wise mothers possessing equal rights had at least so many children killed in fifty years, as many people we live today in this country. Yet a little propaganda and woman protection, and more will not be a trouble already with the Hungarian nationalities. The after all slid over the sly proof shoot of the drug weapon catches up with it then. The alcohol did not prove to be quite efficient.

The floodplain of the soul with the floodplain of an other soul obliged to work together, which is not a blow of course,, but help being in a life. The mother and his space report the baby's bodily picture together then. Not only practises a biochemical reaction for his mother naturally, but gives rise to an increasingly bigger change in him proportionally with his developing mass. Dared quasi in all senses one with him.

The cells divide in a holographic space, and this what induces morphological differences in them. DNA and the whole cell play the role of his processor, which tries to delegate truly, the soul motion, dynamism and life irradiant intellectual one and an operator's morphological commands. But let us not forget it, that the child is born, and has to become a totally autonomous being slowly, after the leaving of his mother's space partial, he is forced into full self-reliance then. And let us not forget it of course, that the man consists of atoms, and these are in much more masswise, than the soul. This onto the soul is effective. Because of this forget. This is in the same manner with the substance world around us. It tudatdeleting his effect yes. This Venetian one (Venezia) was very efficient in lead chambers. We return yet because of his interesting information theory arguments onto the topic.


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