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Watson and Crick?s discovery gave a great impetus to biology, but after the initial upswing, infinite uncertainty took hold on the biologists. We have already been becoming more familiar with the changes of nucleic acids? A-C-T-G letters for a half a century, and we know that our bodily existence greatly depends on whether these hundreds of thousands of protein sequences play an important role in the appearance of our formal features and the qualities of our being, and a lot has been discovered about which parts of this influence each feature. What should we know then?

Primarily, what life is. Because we know almost nothing about it officially. In the last pages matter and energy were totally like a wave, and this wave like quality manifests itself not in compact little berries, but it is a medium expanding into infinity. Space-time carrying the whole is already like that. If everything emanates in all directions in such a way then it should appear in many things or more precisely in everything that we know. This is a very important element of the universe. So far, I mostly have been writing about ?inanimate? things, the reason being that they play a very important role in the workings of life. A DNS (dezoxi-ribo-nucleic acid) and the RNS (ribo-nucleic acid) are not a meaningless mush in which there are some kind of codes hidden, although this assumption has many followers even today because it seems very logical. Other code, other form. This is even true at some level, but this cannot be verified, however, with traditional microbiology and molecular principles. The knowledge of today?s physics does not give a sufficient basis for the understanding of life. Quantum mechanics is a science that is absolutely useless practically everywhere, and is not substantially related to the macro world we observe. This has been already stated by more expert minds than me. I have not branded it so but the those who practice it have. Its systems have become bloated like any bureaucratic system but the attempt to explain practical things with it was doomed to fail right from the outset.

Anyone who has read carefully our pages about the world could find logical explanations to many things. Let us look for the connection with life!

How can a little cell nucleus be connected to an organization larger by orders of magnitude compared to it?

All that we see consists of atoms. This is also true of the rocks and living beings as well and certainly these atoms are spittingly similar to each other. Carbon in diamond is the same as the one in soda water, because the carbon can be detected in the carbon dioxide in it. With a little chemical craft we can really extract black coal dust from it. The same is true of calcium carbonate, or limestone as well. These are well-known facts. But what keeps the limestone together? Is it cohesive force? (As it was once taught to us) But what is it? The foreign Latin word means: binding force. Okay, but where does this force come from, what sustains it, and how does it get from one atom to the other? How does it affect the further ones? Only trough its mass? If we operate with the medium-like essential time systems postulated by me then these issues do not arise. Let us just hold our horses here for second since this thing is not that straightforward as if we want to be absolutely precise we need to cope with hundreds and hundreds of knew and horrible complicated tasks.

If the wave space of the hydrogen atom is made up of the superimposed (co- effecting) emanating space-essence of at least one million wave sources then how many dimensional could a cell be? For now, this is mathematically impassable, even just for the fact that we are unable to understand anything with static operators. The twenty volume human DNA atlas only gives the list of the sequence of the human nucleic acids. This has already been discussed at the beginning of the page, this is the A-C-T-G letters? endless, almost stochastic list. But each nucleic acid is a complicated molecule in itself, they are already the combination of several protons, electrons and neutrons. As many protons or neutrons are in it, roughly it has that many millions of wave sources working in it since the fotinos dimension number locked up within them is added on to the 740000- fold base number. This leads to inscrutable ways so let us look for a solution that is more suitable for us. Let us approach the question from above!

 How can one single egg cell determine an entire specimen? Well, it depends on what kind of wavespace it is surrounded by. This is determined by the amount of atoms and light in it. These wave sources together emanate a complex emanating space into their environment. The same is emanated by crystals, however they put each other in solderly order with their wave spaces. They do so with each other since they are in interaction. The same is true for living organisms as well. Why does one become animate and the other inanimate? They, in fact, are made up of the same atoms. This is the big question to be answered by us. Not to mention the fact that the in the majority of animate matter the atoms are even further from each other than in crystals. What does keep a jelly fish together in a raging sea? Any way I look at it that animal is very much viable! But an earthworm or a scheming slug in my garden is not that vulnerable, either. Is this a miracle? It is. And what justifies this? Just recently a shot of a frog phantom has been taken around a frog egg cell in which there wasn't a frog yet. What is more weird that it shows not a tadpole but a fully developed frog. And this is exactly what I stated ten years ago too.

 The wavespaces of the crystals put the atoms in strict order and the same order can bee seen with the living organisms and we can even say that that they make up lot more complicated systems than the atoms organized into crystals and with their intelligence of different levels they are capable of movement and volitional movement and they can the fend off the elements of weather at different levels too. Looking at this from a wave geometrical perspective they can actively change the texture of their holographic space which in turn changes the nature of the being. For example an animal's fur gets thicker for the Winter which is shed in Spring. It purposely gets ready for Winter which is complimented with a more intense food intake in Fall so that when Winter comes it can live off of the accumulated fat reserves.

 My geneticist friends mention at every turn that all of this is coded into the DNA as they claim the same about the animal instinct. At this I always kid them that this is quite simple minded and sour an explanation as they cannot show me neither that sequence, genomes, chromosomes nor the manner of storage. In other words, it is a theory which yet has not been confirmed by anything apart from experience. The zygote somehow holds the information about what type of specimen the fertilized ovum has to develop into and research as to how it is actually done is murky. If we alter a small portion in the chain of atoms then the specimen follows their machinations with more or less changes but no one understands why we caused that with this or that intervention?! Now let us go back to the simpler direction. So, what keeps the crystals together? The force which is called "cohesional" in a simplified way has a lot of interesting possibilities in store. The dynamic wave sources in dynamic motion emanate ordered structures into their environment. This is already true to the proton and neutron clusters making up the nucleus and this determines the system of the electron shells. We have, of course, have known for a long time, that, in fact, there are no such shells either, as the electrons do not orbit along some kind of a spherical shell like some sort of a small planetary system but they are governed by more complicated laws. But what?

I have always been fascinated by the exceptions because I felt that these exceptions are the ones which can "lead" us to the "rules". Because it is the exception that proves the rule. Why mercury liquid up to minus 35 Co? Or why does iodine avoid the liquid state? Why does it sublimate from the solid state to the gas state? Or why does the atomic evolution skip temporarily electron shells which it tops up nicely one by one as the atomic number gets much higher. There is order in it, since as the atomic mass increases this ?weird? phenomena happens cyclically. Well then, why can water bind a third hydrogen? Considering that oxygen only shows its double valance face in the molecules it forms. What is really the "van der Waals" force, anyways? Such an unruly molecule is H 3 O + Hidroponium. I am fascinated by these and many thousands of other issues since I do not think that it is enough to name a force or phenomenon after someone I also want to now how and what it is caused by.

There is order in the world and I do not care if they coming up with the second law of thermodynamics that our Universe is moving towards thermal death but even in our little fragile world all things point towards the fact that there is a lot more effective thing, an organizing principle, a coordinator which watches over the fragile peace of life with special attention and caring love. The universe are permeated by some sort of transcendent intelligence. It is everywhere, because it emanates in essential waves freely penetrating everything. Such is generated by all material particles and light quanta from itself because that is the basis of their existence. Everything that we know emanates its existence into this wave space and, indeed, all thought structures are present in it, since thoughts are related to living entities, and this, in fact, means - even at a materialistic level - that there is no compact thought which would only exist within one closed-off spot. Existence emanates in all directions and so do thoughts. This is a mystical and suspicious thing for a materialist but, in fact, experimentally (and repeatedly) can be proven. A rudimentary form of this are radio waves. The existence waves are not radio waves since they are not polarized electrically or magnetically. Those are generated by particles having a charge. These can occur in humans and living beings, because they are full of electrically charged particles, and their frequent movement generates electromagnetic waves. But this very complex wave-world constantly emanating on its own has attracting essences and repulsive space layer separators too. They also act as an organizing forces in the Universe, at micro (atomic), middle (living things) and macro (solar systems and galaxies) levels as well. The crystals begin to crystallize very slowly, but as soon as a few atoms have teamed up into a small colony, the rest of the atoms from the solution or melt start depositing on the crystal almost explosively. But why are crystal particles created which separated from each other and why isn?t the crystal monolithic? Why does crystal development stop when it has grown into so little or so large a granulate?

 Why does steel become resilient as a result of hammering? Is it because we push the atoms into closer i.e. more effective interference "holes" in a glowing state? It seems logical. Certainly, but closer does not mean more effective in the case of each atom. Some will have a better crystal structure and others get worse by annealing. This has been discovered empirically, but these experiences could be used much better if they would have a good theoretical basis. The atoms have connection systems which are more or less flexible. For the most part, this is what we have in living materials. This is not just soft and flexible, like lead or like memory metals which gain back their original shape when the temperature changes. The interesting thing is that it is mostly triggered by the atom's moving away (warming). The heat- shrinkable plastic tube even shrinks up to a quarter of its size. This is because the tube is dilated cold thus creating a large mechanical stress in the material. In this case, the atoms are forced into farther interferences representing weak bonds. It is very interesting that when heated into a plastic state a strong reorganization begins in it.

 The same happens to memory metals, they also respond the reduction and increasing of temperature. It almost begins to resemble live muscles, it almost seems alive. But not in the traditional sense. By traditional I mean the current academic approach and not in the real traditions. Some time ago our ancestors held mountains and rivers to be alive. Well, and incredible as it seems, they knew of the DNA genome. We have many records and charts about this. In today's approaches life begins with viruses, but do not forget, viruses retain their vitality even in a crystalline state. They can survive for thousands of years without any metabolism. They do not give any sign of life in a crystalline form, which would meet the criteria of life biologists attributed to them. Does it not live in a crystalline form? But surely it is alive even like that. That is, the crystals can also have life. Is it not where life begins then? It should follow then, that all matter is alive, is it not? Can only one virus of a crystalline matter be alive? Can not just a speck of matter be alive? Why should we have some kind of a limit here? Let us, however, come back to DNA. How does a cluster of atoms almost invisible to the naked eye determine what shape and what function should the living being have which forms from the ovum. And why and how does a human form out of one single primordial cell. Why does it begin to differentiate into different cells more and more? How does the same become different?

Well, the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) will never become a man. Of course, we know that these are present in beings which we hold to be alive, but the body's genome cannot make the cells divide into a living being (in our case a human being) on its own. A human being is never developed in vitro. This should be reassuring to hear. Cloning, which biologists and particularly the ignorant media editors have been scaring us with for years, is fortunately humbug. RNA is incapable of self-proliferating independently, and it can only make copies of itself in a more advanced-class host cell like a stray fly in a Zerox machine. The DNA is able to create similar cells, but without a further organizing force it is only capable of keeping only primitive unicellular organisms. These are the bacteria. This can form a tallus, however, it cannot step out of its simple life cycle. It divides. It lacks the higher form of organizing power. The gist of the matter lies elsewhere!

There must be a stronger coordinator in living creatures, which is an unseen organizing force which carries a certain level of form and intelligence. This is coordinator is the soul. This DNA is completely independent and independent of material things, but we need to know that there are a lot of wide spread misconceptions in the minds about this. The soul has a part which is material in nature (its time mirrors system and soul cells) and also its wave space which is the spirit. it is a clever little device, as that is for sure. The soul is an such an indestructible piece of matter which has such a mysterious source system, which also makes it very different from material particles. It has its own space-source. It also keeps it in nonspace-nontime. (Ahun, time.nothing tovuha bohu). Matter dissolves into a space-sourceless nothing in the time- nothing. The soul is five-dimensional, and it has four, three, two and one-dimensional aspects as well. These are bodies also, we have such bodies as well. They move along with the material body, which we think of today as our only body. Movement in itself is a very interesting question, but we need to know that this is decided in a higher dimension. This is simplistically declared as thought, intention, instinct, conditional or unconditional reflex but no one knows its source or its functioning principle. Our science today tries to trace everything back to atoms and molecules and believes that life can be understood finally in this way.

But what does the soul do in us and we should also find out where the soul comes from. Whence does the soul come? Along with us?

No. Soul is the spirit of God himself, because His soul is one with ours, only much bigger. It is born of Him. Colorful protrusions are formed on its side and these buds grow and then separate from it. But not only in space. However, they always remain a direct part of it in the one-dimensional universe. They remain in constant contact with it. This is presently fractal based i.e. the souls give birth to similar sub systems. But the list goes on in matter and material particles too, and those, in turn, give birth to smaller ones. This hints at a tremendously complicated system which includes in itself, starting from a center, all souls and substance originating from it. This is God. Beautiful, understandable and comprehensible system which is connected to all the rest of the beings. It is connected to matter and light quanta as well. No one connected them together it was so was created. From me, in me, through me, says the text of the Mass. Take it and eat it for it is my body and blood. Because nothing else exists in the world but God. The piquancy of the thing is that these souls which have been distanced in the fourth or third dimensions walking the paths determined by the laws will have come back to the original starting point, and with that their independent life will have come to an end. They do not cease to exist they just melt back. Then everything starts all over again in the great cycle. But at new, smarter information level.

The emanation originates from a bubbling, (coming from 250 million time sources) complex system, and it is added to the spaces of the light quanta kept within the atomic nucleus. This is the space of one single uranium atom. But a nitrogen atom already originates in 14 million wavesources. Originates, since it is constantly in the state creation. If atoms within a smaller set of matter mean several billions of wave sources then let us stop and think about how many there are within the quantity of one atomic gram! 6 x 1023 atoms in 24 litres (20 Co) hydrogen. This 6 x 1023 multiplied a million i.e. by 6 x 1029 sources. And this is the lightest matter. Human average specific weight is close to water whose molecular mass is 18 grams. A liter of water is 5.99 x 1032 , a man is roughly created by 4 x 1034 time sources. That is, in essence, this is how many dimensional a man is since each source generates a completely independent dimension.

 They constantly arise and pass away, but on average this is how many there are within us. This is an incredible food for thought because we get such a complicated wave source along this logic which we do not even dare think of in our wildest dreams. I only add cautiously that the emanation is even more of a complicated thing because this is, indeed, a is a four dimensional phenomenon. According to the calculations there are about 1043 protons in this Universe which means that if we add the mass of the neutrons of "black substance" and the mass of all of the light quanta then we have to reckon with about 1050 dimension sources. Fifty zeros after a 1. That is, approximately this is how many dimensional our Universe is. If we have done the math right, that is. This can be even more than this. And we are trying to explain this today with geometric three dimension today. Wave spaces are created with the living and non living but it depends on many factors how the wave spaces add up into macro systems. Light in the protons and neutrons plays a significant role in this complex emanation. Light bounces around within protons and neutrons and each time it hits a time mirror it pushes out into the space a "seedless time cap" flying off at the speed of light which has kept accumulating in front of it and when it reaches an other proton or neutron it exerts a force on it, in folk parlance, it smacks it upside the head. This is the force which is especially effective within the center of the atoms, in the nucleus.

I think that this may be the mysterious fifth force. This - as particles get too close to each other in the nucleus - more and more intensely repels the corpuscles which otherwise are increasingly squarely attracted to each other and also what is added to this repulsion force is the particle's being created from within constantly and its time mirrors expand outwardly at the speed of light. They fade away, however, at a border point depending on the excitation state, but while this goes on they "fend off" the rest of the corpuscles very effectively indeed. In this way a relative balance state is set within the nucleus between the light-caps and particle surfaces as well as the gravitation derived from their warped spaces. Also, let us not forget that in the meantime they spin around their own axes at an incredible rate. The "equator" of a proton "moves" at 1.41 times the speed of light. This also shows that its surface is not "material", berry-like stuff. It is neither a corpuscle nor it is material in the sense that it is understood today by most. The essential medium of the immensely complicated wave space spins the virtual image of the electron around the atomic core. Each proton spins its own electron. This is what we have been looking at so far. This wave space has only dynamic components, nevertheless, such less "aggression-free" spots are created in the space surrounding the atomic cores which, below a certain temperature (free and locked-up light quantum number) allow for the atoms to combine with each other. These forces govern crystallization but the same ones keep living matter together in one system. Therefore, at different temperatures or pressures a different crystal structure develops because each time different interferences keep the material together. As we increase the temperature, that is, we bombard the crystal with free light quanta the nucleons excitation level starts to increase and more and more fotinos penetrate in the neutrons and protons which modifies their electron configuration too and change their original stationary wave image. This threshold value makes the original peaceful order of the crystal impossible and it changes its state of matter. Let's say it melts. The liquid state has fairly a well definable state-of-matter border which we call the boiling point.

But now let's talk about man! The soul of man 12 (!!) months prior to the birth is connected to the parents and they have strange dreams from then on, it starts planning the rest of his life in detail with them. Hence in the Roman law the "incomprehensible" presumption of paternity of one year. In some cases, the spirit deletes the plan incorrectly, causing it later that a venue, event, seems so familiar to us (precognitio). We seem to have seen it before, as if that would have happened before. This is a life plan that is designed by the soul so that it could make up for its deeds in the past. This is what the Eastern religions talk about but we can find this in the religion of Huns and in the religion of early Christians. It does not have any relevance that its parents do not even know each other at this point, since the soul is planning in the nonspace-nontime where there is past, present and future at the same time. He sees that they will meet on the day which is so important for it. Therefore, it often acts a little naughty. Because the moment of birth has a key importance in the process of time. Following the sexual intercourse it starts working on building its own body. The soul knows what its adult form will be like and also knows what type of infant body it has to create for it. It has the visual (living) information in it. The development goes two ways.

The fertilized ovum carries the form, even a fully grown individual form which it exudes in the form of a standing wave image around it. But in fact the standing wave is not the right term, but this is the only analogy I can find today since this is somewhat widely known. This wave space is indeed very much moving, emanating from hundreds of billions of sources and the organs are already working in it, the heart pounds, the lung breaths the bodily fluids are circulating and so on. It is already thinking and feeling, although it is not bigger than a poppy seed. It thinks on a human level within adult mind. It understand the people living and speaking around it. It understands their thoughts too. It starts learning its future mother and father tongue from this. Of course, I also understand when the parents lament whether "keep it", or have it killed by a specialized professional. Its subconscious will remember if, by chance, the emancipated parents have mercy on it in a physical sense. If it gets killed then it will be a blemish on the mother's soul for the rest of her life. This will just increase the camp of suicidal and mentally injured. Within the past five years the emancipated and wise mothers have killed as many children as we live in this county.

All we need is a little more propaganda and "womanslib" and they will have done away with Hungarians for good. Those who could manage to "slip through" will be eventually put out of the misery by shots of the sly drug-gun. Alcohol has not proved sufficiently effective. The wave space of a soul is forced to work with the wave space of an other soul which is not a punishment but a life sustaining help. The mother's and the baby's wavespace together represent the bodily image of the small baby. Of course it does not only have a biochemical feedback on the mother but as its weight is growing it proportionally triggers greater changes in her. Because it is almost one with her in every sense. The cells divide in a holographic space, and this is what induces morphological alterations in them. DNA plays the role of the processor of the whole cell that faithfully follows soul movement, dynamism and its life- emanating mental and upholding morphological commands. But let us not forget that the child is given birth to and slowly it needs to become a completely autonomous being and it is forced to a partial and then complete independence having left the wave space of the mother. Let us also keep in mind that man is made up of atoms and these are much more in number than the soul's. And that, in turn, has an effect on the soul. This is why we forget. The same holds true for the the material world around us. It also has a consciousness-braking effect as well. This was very effective in the Venetian led chambers. We will get back to this later as it has several interesting information theoretical implications.  


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