TENSE 55    

Basis where the antimatter?

 Many people inquired about the fact that the theories presented so far is to place the anti-matter? A decade ago, there was no reliable answer to this, but it has since done a lot in our work we stepped forward on this issue as well. The solution is not very easy, because in this ominous background experience can never, never see, because when we do we exist, the afterlife does not exist. This unimaginably fast does the world's source of all dimensions, or as the art historians call; light nucleus. Is this the atomosz what everyone has heard of, because it has repeatedly in the course material, and this is something truly "indivisible", as we learned at that time. The atoms are not indivisible. This insists winners cheated us. But the atoms are divided into ...

The atomic electrons, protons are the hydrogen and leaving more neutrons contain. They show an unusual hydrogen atoms, deuterium and normal, because it already has one neutron. Neutrons from the hydrogen itself is produced. The neutrons are free to wander about half of the hydrogen evolution of a quarter of an hour do not have to. This is also free to wander around the light quantums cause. When light reaches the neutron content of the critical threshold, then it comes out of the first electron. But this process has not ended yet, because they suspect that there is another electron, which for some reason, only a much higher level light input coming out of the neutrons, and I think this is caused by formation of the plasma state. These processes reversed, and the electron can go back to the initial state, that can turn into neutron back. It would be nice to measure whether there is a double positively charged proton. Perhaps in an electron mass of the weight will be less as well.

Today, widespread belief that the material energy, material and energy can change. I think this is a huge mistake, because the light and matter distinct and separate existence. The material does not develop into light particles, and the light is formed of material particles, because they have different timefractals products, and the existence timefractal also formed a different time, and therefore have different phase-slips too. That is quite a bit different when they are. Who was the first in existence, the stronger. But this is only skin deep. This is another age should be discussed in more detail, because in this lies the essence. The secret involves the initial to exist in atomos is hidden, which is not a particle, but not energy, but something that is dynamic, and the existence of essentially simple.

The folklore has preserved this signal, and is quite well known was that the former HungarHotels logo was this sign. In other words, the signal is there lurking in the subconscious. More important, as it may seem at first. The biggest key to knowledge lurks inside. This is nothing more than the world's only maintenance element of the working principle, the very atomos. First to observe that some sort of toggle back and forth in it, because sometimes the bottom, where top peeks through. Just yesterday I watched a movie on Transylvania, and there I saw a gate of a Sekler accurate portrayal. Here, the flower resembling four petals the other two opposite petal color, was painted white. Who has this knowledge of the ever preserves brainwashed humanity, the essence of the world has known.

This figure has preserved the essence of atomos. The red in the afterlife. When we are, then there is nothing, and vice versa. This is not a parallel universe, and not in the hyperspace. This is the background against the existing rate of existing antispacetime -anti-matter universe. This is what we move and existence, and our world and our maintained but this move. Also called the afterlife.

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The point is to preserve the popular pastry.
When you burn the books, stories and knowledge in cake away.

This signal can be found in the "religious symbols" in, and Land of the antediluvian knowledge of precious remnant of space technology. The figures in many of the bands Moebius evokes the idea of ​​it, and yeah, good thought, this is a one-sided surface, and eyes so often with their hand chain is depicted as the two sides consider each dimension in bondage, and cheer with each other. These ancient respective trademarks braiding like also suggest this is, but if you have more eyes ears, then this signal can be found at the coronation belonging, because it is in the Hungarian Holy Crown, but also in scepter. Bindu east, the Germans say binde. Today, the East is a female name as can be found, and the West have often thought of material things, but in fact this signal is not a material thing cover, but a completely elusive, massless dimension source (time source), even such is that the most important doilog around the world, because all what we think of as existing (light and matter) can only arise from something from this and from this stand, and thus is generated.


Turn back the anti-matter, which is against the pace of the whole universe exists in every atom, or nucleus, including light. This means that at the same place where the readers that read, there is another entirely, atomic number is well identical to another reader, who is the same text read, but his opposite rhythm exists, or never do at a time, but when you blink, he exactly the same way you blink when you scratch your nose, then he does the same, because the atoms are held each other in existence. But think about it, that you can move the push-pull of this strange existence should be established, on the other side that is capable of self reflection is caused by displacement of the atoms of our movement, our movement and our atomic displacements caused by the other side mirror creatures. This is of course the world of atoms, or light quantum truth must be, because all the time, slipped a bit in a very light nuclei produced.

Message about in your practice confirmed decades ago, even the terrible Tsar bomb explosion test of strength. Here, the implosion occurring after the explosion, that is a terrible shock wave starting in the center of developing sudden decompression dragging other half of the atoms on the other side, and this annihilation, material particles destruction of full leads. But look at just such a bomb inside. Thought-provoking. This little "measly" 50 million tons of TNT explosive power produces. Anything I bet that when rectified to the firing of thousands of kilometers from the atomic clock.

Tsar bomb inside a

Power in the hands of terrible people. But put your hands up, who never sprinkled a garden hose, which is sometimes a crackling sound in the hands of what has been said that there are bubbles in the water, and he bounces. What is interesting is that the bubbles do not arise because of the gas dissolved in water, but when there is high pressure water mains, and the open air upon arrival of the pressure drop reaches 4.3 bar pressure jump (pressure drop). Flashes of light in total darkness at this time will also be created because of the collapse of cavitation bubbles will disappear when the number of atoms from being, has been imprisoned and their light scattering and running. In this case, often new, smaller atoms, atomic formation, because sometimes the cavitation bubbles collapse of many nuclear fragments can be created. They may also may merge into larger atoms, ie, fusion processes are also possible at this time. The procedure is harmless think the experimenters, but warn them of the very wide-band radiation, in which gamma, x-rays and ultraviolet are well measured, but the dog is not thinking about it, because of the "nuclear radiation" the atomic bomb is connected to the thoughts, but a lousy kitchen coffee mill is act, and all that slits pulverize, not only because the atoms when the separation heat or light is generated, it creates all kinds of radiation. The cavity was measured experiments well this thing, and warned colleagues reported an up to twenty times the background radiation is measured. Even neutron emissio was also measured. As in the case of lightning strikes. Here is this substance annihilation of antimatter, then the lightning has burst, and so interfere with the radio all the tracks. Anyone who does not believe, then act!

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBxpn6odtcA&feature=related  It is an process an waterheater with cavitation.

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oNZcLyCR_Q&feature=related  This is an ultrasonic cavitation experiments.