3. Hungarian text

We may recognise it on this sheet Cassiopeia (Cas) and Kefeus, his Latin name Cepheus (Cep) constellations. In a whole year visible on the sky, dared close to the North Star. His characteristic constellations for Milky Way. It is possible to find Cassiopeia W letter on the sky easily, some cca. oppositely through the North Star, it roughly onto an alike distance. From the little circle signs visible it is, that two of his stars glimmer powerfully, i mean changing star. Kassziopeia the ancient Hungarian name of a constellation "Korcsma" (inn).

Cepheus mithologian a shape's, Aethiopia king's, Cassiope husband's, Andromeda's father, who the stars put between it finally. But even it impossible, that originated from there really, and went home there simply. "Részögembör", alias drunkard is the Hungarian name of the constellation.

On this area cannot be seen spectacular and nearly galaxies, but we have to find these constellations between many changes of star, sure only then if from country we track them.