4. Hungarian text

Kefeus a family's third member appeared between the constellations, Andromeda (And), Pegasus being due on a sky at that (Peg) his company, and beside it very pale Lacerta (Lac), i mean Lizard constellation can be found. Andromeda under Cassiopeia W letter can be found on the sky, you are so we may say it, that here on the map it And. Lying (Nord) a letter shows the North Star's direction. From a city heavy to realise, because his brighter stars show only, on country beside the range of the Milky Way can be found on the sky. His brighter stars Almek, Mirach, and Sirrah.

The Pegasus from the city difficultly recognisable, because the stars of his wing are bright only, and his four brightest stars show only. The constellation falling farther yet from Milky Way, is under it rather on my star chart. The galaxies do not intrude on this sky piece, but SCHEAT a beautiful changing star.

M 33

M 32

M31 (Andromeda) & M110