5. Hungarian text

Clock hand we may find it progressing in a direction around the () North Star Camelopardalis (Cam) i mean in Hungarian the giraffe constellation, that from the city hardly visible, and this Lynx is in the same manner (Lyn), i mean the lynx with a constellation, like which his brighter star, his alpha look only, it is only more lightless from places. Because of the North Star somewhat more distant, quasi under Cassiopeia visible Perseus, in Latin Perseus (lawsuit) constellation, that his left foot lies in his essence on Milky Way only hangs down from that direction. Dot this left foot of his is interesting for us, and I marked that ominous star with a little arrow, that it will be important in humanity's story. That star is Algol. Onto 98 light-years is from us. This and Mirfok the constellation brightest is apparent from a city.

Onto the left being Auriga (Aur) , in Hungarian charioteer the alpha of a constellation (Capella, Erichthonius) from a city visible. Taurus will be a constellation then under it, but Auriga likewise between the stars of Milky Way found constellation.

They are not pushy on this piece of the sky the famous galaxies, not some, what in the later presented virgin constellation. The 869, and the 884 x-ray pulsars (right above) cannot be observed with plain devices. The picture skulks yet in the pole of better underwear one quite pale small-sized constellation, the Triangulum (Tri), i mean the triangle. He is not apparent from a city altogether. The stars that were drawn with a good big red dot show only.

And we achieve the Zodiac, which we will mark with a zodiac sign always, with this then slowly. This the constellation belt that figures in the media daily after it reached onto big strength again the science of astrology. He interests the ladies very much really. That's him rather their human interest in truth very important this. This not worse the real thinking, only from somewhere else is examining the world. Let us not let it out of our sight, that for Hungary's population 70%-a a believer avow himself a man. All this is after 40 years of materialistic dictatorship so. Sure, they believe in the god on a very strange manner as I talk with the people_nation. It a thousand year church dictatorships were not over totally tracklessly in the souls. The fear of the bonfires is discoverable yet in the eyes.