These constellations do not belong to the certain Zodiac, like this the Zodiac sign the sheet acts beside his number. The Oxman who can be seen on the middle, in Latin: Bootes (Boo) constellation some can be found on the sky, that Big Bear pole points towards it just. His alpha is apparent from the city only, bright Arcturus. On the map from him onto left being Nord corona, in Latin: Corona Borealis (CrB) very beautiful little constellation, but unfortunately from the city only his brightest star, Alphecca can be observed. Onto left below even a quite pale constellation consisting of stars visible, the Snake, his Latin name Serpens (beer) . This is not apparent from a city appreciably. Let these not take away my reports because of that his mood for nobody, you are a tourist with a telescope because a little one is theatrical with field glass it is possible to notice these stars because of that. Adult young persons were looking at all this with a big delight in the city in our summer camps.

It M 3 a very beautiful and regular globular cluster. From the oxman right visible. Onto 30000 light-years is from us, his diameter cca. 90000 light-years. Is heading towards us with 150 km/s of velocity, but because of that onto equal one no, since we have some billion years yet it reached here. M who can be seen in the hunting dogs 63 a sparse spiral galaxy with cca. 6 degrees from the famous one. His seed is bright very much. Close from him visible it M the 94. this recedes from us, and roughly onto a distance just like that is from us, than it M 63.

M 3

M 64

M 63

M 51

M 94

M 101