8. Hungarian text

A shape stands with a head downwards on the middle of the map. The Herkules (Her), and Latin it is called by its name so. Ras Algedhi winks on top of his hat variable star. His hip visible M who can be inspected below 13 globular clusters. His foot visible it M 92 globular clusters, and the telescopic picture of this resembles so much it M to 13, how I did not put it up. Globular cluster just like that. Lightless on place very beautiful constellation.

The other constellation Lyra (Lyr), in Hungarian lute only from country his visible completeness, but his brightest star Vega between the brightest stars of the sky owes. It burns around his supreme dot in the evenings on summer, in August can be found our head. It is not possible to miss it.

M92, M57 & M13 galaxyes

It M 13 a very characteristic globular cluster and onto some 25 thousand light-years is from us. Our Sun onto eight light minutes, Pluto affects a light clock near, the nearly star three in a noon constellation, onto 4,25 light-years in the centaur yes. This much from the distances. It M 57 not really galaxy, but the residue of a some kind of terrible cosmic explosion, which expands continually. His middle not something the star, which produced this, shows brightly.