12. Hungarian text

Taurus, Bull press forward dominantly on map middle (tau), that the star of high lights Aldebaran. One to us relatively nearly star. For Orion (Ori) together real winter constellations. Not independent constellation, but the part of Taurus the Pleiads, i mean in Hungarian Fiasty˙k (broody hen). It looked up my grandma on sky many times. The head of Taurus figures on an independent name, this though Hiades, you are Hiads. It is between the horns of Taurus M1 galaxy.

From Orion city visible on the sky (chiefly in winter) the star of a very characteristic and constellation which can be recognised easily, everything shows. His alpha Betelgause, beside it Bellatrix. The stars of the belt from left right Alnitak, Alnilom, Mintaka. Mintaka is separate exciting one because the four-dimensional exit is there. This concerns us hardly because we imagine even the third dimension mistakenly of course. Saiph and very bright Rigel are two of Orion feet.

          M 1           M 35

It M1 nice, but not galaxy. A supernova is a residue practically. A star arose after his blowing up. The measure of his enlargement 1600 km/s , from us the distance of truth cca. 6000 light-years. This is the famous cancer fog. There are a radio and X-ray at the same place pulsar, that very quickly, 0,033 seconds gives his impulsions. Yeah NP 0532 signs carries it.

M42-43 in Orion

This diffuse fog between Orion foot can be observed. More punctually this two, because onto the left being object it M 43 signs carries it. The big set M it is called 42. Onto some 1000 light-years maybe from us. Young fog, and the ionised hydrogen plasma lights in him. Nicholas Peiresc spotted it in 1610 first. They discovered the telescope then. The fog may be a young person, some 30000 year one. This is only a moment in the astronomy. I saw it with a unaided eye already, drawn very bright one. He looks like a little smear. 25-50x he has greenish light with magnification.

On the bottom of the map partially visible Eridanus constellation going on, in Latin Eridanus (Eri), it is possible to observe it along the horizon entirely, but it is possible to identify it on country only mostly.


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