The bowman hangs down for the bowman of a constellation already on the left of the picture his arrow, but this points his arrow at the next zodiac constellation just, onto Scorpio, that in Latin Scorpius (Sco). The constellation shows hardly because he falls on the horizon entirely at us. It is possible to see it in very extensive barren where the landmarks do not mask it only. His brighter stars Antares, Acrab, Dschubba, and Shaula. This part of the sky with stars interspersed sufficiently, since the tentacles of Scorpio drives his scissors onto Milky Way, and puts his tail onto that little star island, what the snake holder retains appears partly though under it from the noon sky the wolf constellation.

Beside Scorpio the Balance, (Lib) the stars of a constellation vibrate, his alpha Zuben'ubi (Zuben Elgenubi), his beta Zuben Eismell. He does not have stars with big brightness.

Teleskopium is a quite featureless little constellation at the tail of Scorpio. From Hungary does not show already.

M 23

M 7

M 18

M 6


M 8






Hearth Lagoon

Messier who can be hit on this map numbering from among objects here it M 7 open aggregation we show it, for which it is possible to count his members even, although you are right if the time is beautiful the telescope, lies on an area of the sky sprinkled in thoroughly because of stars then. Some cca. eighty consist of a star most bright set. He shows beautifully with theatrical field glass already. It M 23 a farther open aggregation consisting of even more stars. It M 14 a globular cluster.


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