25. Hungarian text

Pictures: Steindl Eric 


Let us show some very interesting experiments for the information content of the time saying good-by his depiction. Two time constructions a researcher prepared the uptakes, at that without the application of an all kinds of computerised trick in the time nestling information from a content. These pictures got to the astronomical sheets' end because our seeing cracks a pictorial resemblance the galaxy showed before between pictures and these uptakes. We really feel our seed an ant if we think the enormous distances that surround us in the spaces of the recent galaxies, the macrocosm over only. We would take it to reason after only 60000 years so if the other side of our galaxy would disappear from the material world in this moment. I mean we see existed things in very distant past only in the universe around ourselves. We think that this is now, but this is not in accordance with the facts really. The astronomers you are a uniform antiquity researcher yet rather rather paleontologist historians, since a billion happened to years before phenomena are examined. Sirius star with nine years one before this, nine dared onto a light-year is from us. I mean we do not have an idea of how the universe may look in this moment. For nobody!

These pictures were taken of the time, and not so static, but moving, and their design changes in all moments. The reason of this that the electric signs spread with limited velocity in the applied technical devices, but the time waves arriving from all of the universe's directions induce all of the atom of the electronic constructions toward indecisive motion apparently in this alley. May be because of this for an any kind of thing his place a certain accuracy more punctually to define. (Geisenberg) this thing has electric consequences. They assigned this research into a secret category already since then in the west. These uptakes ten of his years the Hungarian researchers, Erik Steidl, and George Kisfaludy prepared it during their experiments. These it prepared in those days pictures we found it from them single then TV in a program, of which Erik was the host.

The autor: George Kisfaludy

The arising pictures were never repeatable likewise during the experiments, because newer and newer variations took shape the way, and there are not two alike time magics the way.

See M41 galaxy

On these pictures the process one huh -Ne it was moved with a laser. The picture process started with the laser differed from the processes started with the other light-sources even after clocks, though by that time already really concerns dwindling in the noise for him would be him. Since himself the process somebody else, than the product of the noise occurring on the electronic elements. But why will be from the ruby laser light one you are snow-white in an other case though after short time entirely blue. Not talking about the pattern.

Pictures Copyright: Erik Steindl

M 46  M 57

The one until now shows on four pictures the start laser dot, how it turns into something else and something else how the result. The leftist not nothing... I looked for two astronomical objects with a similar looks.

The thing does not consist of this much of course, but very many hours of experiment is at a standstill behind the researchers. The thing shifted it is possible to do it with dimensions, and the thing resembles the dynamic phenomena which can be experienced in the life rather continually then. The time-feedback turned into secret research because of this. More cameras and a monitor are used at this time, and more newly already electronic  signal shaping got used to file the experiment.


Two are beautiful time fractals.


The phenomenon remains until infinity, it is necessary to start it only. Like that than the life. And changes meanwhile, changes, changes. His own evolution is found. He withdrew further that way if we touched the picture on the screen. As we released it went back onto his old place. As if would live. That little black inkblot lives really because it is not other on the right picture, than a fly on the screen. 11 alike coloured TV and 11 alike cameras would be needed for the additional experiments already, that expense we cannot finance it already, because he would get into a million already from a menial. A commissioner. Is yet what to investigate in the world. Let a filling station attendant be good at the person who claims that everything is discovered already. A researcher undertakes for his experiments to be allowed to end with a failure. The success is the series of the failures.