1. Hungarian text


We will start a bold experiment in the successors that we should find it out, a what kind of language Nimrod may have spoken our forefather and his folk? The thing may have begun with Babel tower. At this time according to the legends spread today and the Bible god, that let him stop the building of a sky-high tower, it got constructors' language confused in such a way that each other were not understood already hence, and the additional building of the tower had to be stopped so.

This is an old legend vegetable such at the first try so. Goes well with the today's world concept very much though, even the ancient thinking much better. Today right already entirely well explained for us the evolution unquestionable voltát, so that the creation party ones were declared smile provoking figures such even on the educated West. The god such from the antiquity a conservative tradition fell on us, from which this an inclined world can attack the credulity in no way. No good, we leave it. May be useful yet if he does not do harm to the folk rein up. The person who goes to a church holds himself back in the violation of the law better possibly. This ignorant folk needs a little demagogy, from which he lowers the steam,. The churches they will be good for a travel spectacle, and it may be being looked at the monkey tourists. Well embellish, and a building of this size yet onto cinematography, you are good for a scene dock. I roamed what they used as a scene dock in five churches like that, a synagogue.

All this sounds firmly possibly, but this was reality gone through until fifty years in all of the socialist camp. The thing something improved, many institutions were given back to the churches, but the consciousnesses poisonous, even the believers'. A dozen very little were a year onto the rehabilitation of the brains, since the habits obtained on the young person are effective very strongly in the minds.

Those disinformations are effective in the same manner, that from the evolution of the languages have it distributed the main characters of the trade. We may have faced dilettantism many times, which a nationalistic or ulterior motive neocolonialist haunts very often, here. This was not only the Hungarian language in his case so. I feel that the research of the extinct protolangugaes is an orbit not run altogether yet. We may discover very interesting and new things in connection with our own language spoken today. The task is big one that a man of sound mind does not start one like this. Are you looking for an adventure? Well, you will experience him! Do not wait for a success and thanks. Linguist concreted over on all of them and historian to hate stains for all of your thoughts. This begins with a word well then. I am not a linguist moreover, neither nationalist, neither irredentist, neither racist, neither nothing similar. I like my mother tongue on the other hand.

The first one - what we have to lay down, that from a departure all protolangugae solution methods we have to put it up the there is some truth possibly in him onto a shelf, since the results published till now (according to me) for miserable one can be said. I my whole life service (hardweres) I was, and this accustomed to the fast troubleshooting. A very interesting one looped argumentation you may recognise a method here, in which the recurrences are not real repetitions after all,, dared always from here we make a step longer and longer. This is built up so, than himself the universe. Repeats himself apparently only

The second it, that the similar sound will be important secondarily only the demonstration, and truth will be second-rate in the many pronunciations in the same manner etymological reasoning. We pay attention to the opportunities like this, but only in the background. We say that this will be foam on the cake only. The today's linguists moved on this road chiefly. Let us avoid this now then. We will investigate so, than a detective. Intuition and logic. The logos are not with a faith base. They force this, who for this until what they were. All languages are with a creation basis on the other hand. This essence of his.

Of course only it we may take up the work that this stands for our provision in a case, and we may make use of the solutions drawn up by the predecessors already only because of this source, but we tackle the topic, which gained strength in our days only, with a logic method like that now. Many Hungarian researchers started active research work in connection with the Sumerian language, because they realised it (onto which me, too), that the taught solutions weak. Solving the Egyptian hieroglyph is obscure for me in the same manner. I do n

ot want from the Sumerian, from Akkadian one or from the Ancient Egyptian one to create Hungarian. I would like to read it authentically.

I will use my dictionary standing for me taking action currently on all of them for my work. onto this I obtained 240 dictionaries. These I try to quote punctually. The sense of this that the today is audit so much the theories of loan words made trendy. We know that the folk are next to speak after each other naturally, but this does not mean that level because of that, this idea is forced. It it doesn't matter, that which language from which one took over.

Natural philosophy known by me on all of them sets out from somewhere, and from this the from something tries to create the world known by us. The today popular Gamov-Weinberg theory a ősvalamit like that presupposes, in which in one single dot, you are very much all of the substances of all of the universe and his energy were little together in something, and this the quasi with endless mass and terribly primal power with a tall temperature-prematter dumpling in a moment once only explodes, and for this the speed of light the substance came into existence from his scattering products much more quickly. The energy did not have to come into existence, since this primal something was 25 billion spontoon initially. It doesn't matter, how we believe this on a how temperature scale, drawn several hundred a degree does not deal in the case of a temperature of this size here and there and does not multiply. Because of that warmth like that, because much energy is needed.

The theory neglects it totally; the structural tolerance levels of the nucleons, the antimatter, and the concept of the energy appears in him on an obscure manner totally . It is possible to believe the thing though, since for all then leading scholarly good one and one which can be calculated (mathematically for correct one) found his thesis system, but there are very many mistakes in the train of thought because of that philosophywise. The first one: from what a total black hole like this explodes? Coffee drew a hole at this really in no way it is possible to hatch it up. We may close the first 3 minutes, Weinberg book afterwards with this. It is possible to find out many clever things from him, only the world's formation no. Materialistic effort. How could we hit upon the right solution then?

The Sumerian one of the basis signs of cuneiform writing the from two. His meaning boy, god, one.

The Earth quasi all of his reportable ancient myths uniform ősvalamivel starts, but this the something the today differs from usual one after all. Not clay . It is translated often for a primary matter , but no!! Nothing he has nothing to do with the substance. One not geometry dot. IT ONE. They keep recalling it so only. Well, yeah one, this initial one one, at least so difficultly digestible, than his blowing up not waited for for the singularity of the Big Bang, where the laws of the physics rudely to cosmeticize was needed. The thousandfold speed of light was allowable here, Einstein bar did not count. Telling the big materialistic ideologist that the physical laws set up by us did not reign yet then was enough. This is a hard fact. Very stubborn. No and very thin argumentation. One should get further because of that at this. The truthful hair of all threads rises towards the logos crouching in me for sky at the time of the reading of the sliding with a rate like this. The ancient man did not adore the god that the modern man believes. The same one was the god punctually more punctually, the then ones did not believe in him only. The memory lived on in them vividly yet from the universe's endless star fields, and if somebody here away can be left only the nearly until a star, it gets onto a level of the knowledge that is similar to the today's notion in nothing unwillingly. Neither from the god, neither from the universe. The interstellar spaceships are not in service in the space, but it in time nothing. Not the space bend, because it may not be. If band we manage to reach away it with strength, that we understand it in the world's languages was dispersed informations, we can read it then our forefathers and our female ancestors' messages carrying deep knowledge unbelievably. We may manage to reach away the stars if we understand it. If not, the sceptics will have truth then. We stain here to shrivel.

Let's see, how this was written down the ősvalamit the ancient in Mezopotamia. (Mezopotamia means a river alley incidentally, and like this today in mezopotamia our edge, these rivers are not called a tiger and Euphrates River now only, but for Danube and Tisa).

Here René Labat dictionary (Akkad Sumerian epigraphy) cutting we show his sign evolution as it changed in the course of the millennia. This initially a vertical line, which turned initially already, ninety degrees. Logician, that it one we nominate it so, and the additional signs will be logical if I am right. I do not try the vowel for a long time because it is necessary to work a lot yet with it yet. This is the second one. Not two, but the other quality. There are a man and female one. There are numbers in the Hungarian runic writing, and they resemble the forms of appearance of the Roman numerals on a large scale, and simply only that little flaw the possibility that at least 6000 year ones are our runic writings arises, the Roman numerals at most two millennial. These newcomer such numbers in the Latin.

A vertical line meant the one in our runic writing. We wrote the first 5 numbers so:

I, II, III, IIII, V  = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Ha you are listening, then yet until all of them on many old pendulum clocks and you may see a quartet differing from Roman one like this on pocket watch. This not some mistake, but our quartet! However this was before the Roman numerals. Important, that the fifth somebody else, not only his number system, but because of that, because this is egyuttal indicates that the almighty one becomes completeness with the achievement of my five mouth. (Quint essentia)

Put this sheet beside the above one mentally, because these the original book left and they are on his right, i mean this picture his previous horizontal accessory. Aplu = fils* = fiú. AS= who can be found in the second row god, a solution (2.sor) begins to sound on the Hungarians' truth only, a drawn English means that there are ten. (He is not out). The ace our card the largest one, and in the rummy the smallest one and the largest sheet. There are four aces!! We would say it so today 4 ace lords. There are 32 sheets in the Hungarian card. 4x8=32, but all figures duet, image 2x32=64. This much are the number of the dimensions in the space-time. This plus two endless ones and heir a creator brings it onto existence from each other. (This will be important likewise, and we return onto him) the Hungarian and the Hun shamans talk about 66 dimensions today, -33 and in 33 forms. Jolly reports this in the card. I was gathering in the pictures of a heap of card in order for us to examine this logic on it then already.

Ass lord = god, sun disk. (on the end of fourth row). The second party of the word is a telltale, the lord yet here. This sure only the ancestors degrading disk, because the sun-god was believed under it originally, and not though the physical substance of the Sun, or flat one his flattened foolishness. Who forward the solar eclipse can be calculated, they not you are plane in a planet in a Sun they are thinking! Ass lord the local one (solar) almighty one reports it, and not some ignorant, pagan thing. From here the Hungarians a woman dressed in a day the expression of a tale. Not him the Sun, it is surrounded by him as dresses only. DIL, bug sign translates it for a man, but this word with a deeper content. We use it today, received pejorative clang in our language already only. The individual keeping in touch with the more upper intellectual world is the nutty one. He looks idiotically really in a materialistic eye of his. Enjoyed big appreciation once, and the village's fool was respected in the same manner, and the epileptic ones. This sign is one of the basis sign of this ancient writing one fundamentally. But it is possible to discover two basis signs in the writing. This other one.

This other basis sign is the Sumerian in a writing.

This sign has his own evolutionary development. Second essential element appears here from the creation. This or blunter big one shape the shape of a rectangular arrow near until the previous sign is slender and stretching ékjel. On the upper evolutionary picture a winter of his and an empty circle, and three arcs what is the picture of the overflowing source certainly on all of them appears. Onto this gives to make a conclusion the undermentioned solution. Fund: one of our vowels, U. gives-gives Labat translates it for a god. The duplication means an old man, more aged one, old one. It gives suits the Hungarian gives for a verb. The same one is O sense at us. We use it today. The pop is my grandfather. AD and the DA trades sense too will be. AD gives everything with his existence and the maintenance of the space basis.

His drop U, esru, which is tizet just, report fundamentally. (too-ten). U-mun = lord, ruler, but we find it here the sélu expression, the meanings of which a hole, a pit are. Buz-ur = divine secret, mystery, SU abatu = ravages, wears away. This expanding one get out is because of his sweeping characteristic. SUS = one sixth. Ten the sixty one sixth . They used the sexagesimal system. The measurement of the time we use it today after 1 clock is 60 minutes, a minute sixty seconds. The space-time hatodára ( the we a space-time may concern our essence, since it shows six symmetry, but the from among six only an the "we our father and the fi ú . (SU - SUN - SON!) (D ávid star). SU the is whispering, whispers there is present in our word. Su is the god of the air in Egypt. This tallies totally logically. Originates from fire and water, than everything. The thought some is associated it előzőekhez, that the time enumerates his structural elements in front of us. Our language uses it often the tükörszimmetrikus words, and these point out the related logic. UR-RU, writes-cries, ER re, AR-RA, ÁR-, US-SU, UC-CU, gives-DA, into AB, and then the name of our two essential creation elements is found; I-CI-RI (power source), PI-CI-RI (matter source). We will return because these are the important expressions of the world's basic principle yet in this direction.

Well, we look at it how the numbers were written the Central American cultures bygone. The Mayan numbers speak for themselves, only away is needed a little to lament the thing. Remember the Roman numerals, and onto the Sékely incisions! I, II, III, IIII, V. A a change comes about at five. VI, VII, VIII, VIIII, X. our number system worked so. This is the Mayan number system though.

1 2345



And like this longer...

There are two signs in this number system. The dot and the line. Does somebody so communications know a method? Morse? ...---...? No yes. And ? 0,1? As if I would have faced these already somewhere. The Hungarians do not use this antiquated American number system!! Are you sure?

This depicts seven pints of beer here from the payer tag. They mark it so in Prague otherwise.

This is the accumulating variant of the number depiction that is useful very well likewise though. Maya ómban too the beer was liked? He may turn up. The transcontinental logic is unambiguous on the other hand. We find something else possibly if similarity like this appears in the numbers.

Let us return onto the Eurasian continent. We say it onto Ordos neighbourhood. The Hungarian's Arvisura (Truescript) says it, that in that direction our ancestors were found. This is in China. Let's see well China!

The Chinese internet is a direction! The Chinese single digit is a dictionary detail, in the top line of which he is there, here well. It one the Chineses label it with a horizontal line, exactly with one like that, than the kind it before Labat I showed it in a dictionary. This onto an appearance may clash the with the Mayan logic, but the Chineses and the Japaneses write the one so. The two one two horizontal lines, the three three lines under each other. And here an interesting change happens.

The four it is not labeled with four lines, but with a little curtained window. This is a little square. Why do they differ from the usance? Chances appear in my dictionary rarely only. The Chinese will help a lot, because we know that it is necessary to drop it unerringly yet , and nobody has the strength for it, that the obscure deluge of misinterpreted loan words drivels. The Chineses take their own dialects difficultly without this. The writing binds them only together. They have 400 words anyway so , and this it is brought down with a four kinds of emphasis. This is only 1600 word really. They have concept order-like signs on eleven thousand on the other hand. Worthy to notice, the Chinese dared (kanji this:kanji) signs it is used in Japan, and the same one is understood by them the most mostly practically. I mean if you learn these, then with these here and you make yourself understood there. The Earth 1/6 speak it. In much more than any other languages.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The Chineses and the Japaneses use these numbers. It was not learned from the Roman ones because this is elder with many thousand years at the Roman one certainly their culture. Thought-provoking, that it is taught at Beijing in such a way in our days that they learned the science of the writing from the Huns . This speaks for itself. The basis of a quartet's sign ( the bigger square) his sense blurred already supposedly, but the smaller square means it, that mouth, slot. We use this so in the Hungarian, that orifice .

mouth, slot (k'ó) to turn back (hui)

The big importance of this is from many viewpoints because the creator reports the mouth of a time source, the mouth of the strength. We may find out his trace in the Hungarian ethnography, but his insignificant appearance easy to misinterpret. Our big help the Chinese sign supply is. Reports it if we write a smaller one into the bigger square, that to turn back. Four creation main branches exist in the universe according to our traditions. The quadruple number protects this. The univerzus is born from the mouth, the source turning back, and hereby in the universe on all of them, which we know,. This honed hui his sense, and the sign of the source is because of this in him.

It was taught to us, what we use Arab numbers . This it would not do harm with Arabs to publish, it dared Arabs sure from this what is not suspected. Here the Arab character I emphasized the numbers in my supply. Who understands this?

These real Arab numbers!!

Well, from this the one and the one number nine resemble our Arab numbers only. What is exciting, that's it, that for the zero a dot written slightly higher up ( little square ) they are useful, and five are understood by our zero though. The nothing maybe the source, it five it five expressed five because of strength is so? This space-time is his feature. The circle is the sign of the effluence. We may have met him in the Sumerian.

Let's see one more time the Chineses' 5 digit! The five strengths the originates from two when the two creators face each other. A light quantum, the more mystic one are produced in this encounter emotion a light being. This himself is the energy. No some other kind of. All additional strength stems from this. Be watching it only the real Arab numbers. The zero one ko, a source sign; the one the motion (string) and the two one the junction, the bifurcation explosion (superstring) his symbol. These two creators come into existence at the time of his encounter... the fourth step the Holy Trinity, the fifth until the border of the space truth singular effluence, the sixth (what is a sign with a 7 implement here) the birth of the light with a week source, then the arrows of the contradiction the down and up indicator with arrows, and finally the birth of the substance. I mean the chance did not develop the signs. Well, we look at that fiver!

The Chinese fiver (vu) and the Chinese strength (li) his signs

His five sign an from powes runa like that takes shape, that-two ones sit up edges. From here the quintessence our expression, no and the pentagram. Not the form, but the logic. The sign of the strength is game for his five sign! Dominant strength of two kinds arises here, KÍ and CSÍ.

Somebody else = fish = your fish

Here the evolutionary signs this achaikus lord very interesting, because this does not mean a man, but swung into the motion source. Not two sources, but into the motion swings. After szoliton is his effluence already at this time, where disappears where reappears. Him moving so somehow like this can be depicted: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. Where was, where was not. We have to reflect on the thing after all however here, because David is the ancestor of a star here what is not the Jews' individual sign which can be expropriated appeared, but a much older and much more universal sign. They use it apart from an Earth. All religions with an ancient origin use it. This is his almighty sign. They know it in all galaxies. I mean the sumerek there were not faithless pagans. Let's see well the final result of the evolution! Labat is mistaken by big one when he thinks that the left is side from signs the rightists took shape. Your fish the dingirből did not take shape although the space moves, since with speed of light expanding, and you boiling may progress. Reports this from the right two-two of the alike punctuation marks of second vertical column.

cleans, secretes, your fish, hurries, basis, secret, unlock, leaks. These are all a god's characteristics.

The readers with a somewhat more intuitive tendency may suspect it already, that the dies-gives I think of our word, which the French variant has,. The fish does not leak (a bar progresses). But you are not a basis secret. All of the solutions fit tightly practically between the god's characteristics. From a source globularly (water type) overflowing rushing fire source, i mean tachion. In the special light quantum of the space-time to time source driving each other (ko) yes. The six-pointed star which can be seen above indicates that they understood this by it sometime. We find it between the numbers used in the Hungarian runic writing reports a hundred. The number eight star though a thousand. We may deduce it from this, that the fénykvanum (what we see with our eye) writes a tenfold orbit down compared to the light quantum, i mean ten times bigger. They're here the Hungarian incision numbers.

From this for me dog the five hundred sign is missing. If the ten we cut it into two in the middle, we receive two fivers then, if one a hundred we cut two number fifties into two then. I take the liberty to think that the five hundred note could look so because of this:

He adjusts so logically. If somebody would find it somewhere, and would send would obtain a picture, a very big joy on him for us.

We are looking for the languages with an ancient origin meaning the contents of inside, secret one longer in the continuation.