6. Hungarian text


For the world originating from the series of chances so much his chance, as if we would shake our legs till then in a wash basin a heart shovel component, while he would not form into a computer, would guess his own software then and would insert himself into the socket. For the wave functions of the physics though simply the trouble of his that it was omitted from them gallantly the generator element. Our forefathers were not conceited ones like this and far-flung ones, yet potter away with things like this. This there on the header the Hun one (cool, god, with a single meaning) his sign can be seen. The Chinese, the Sumerian, the Maya, óind a culture built the world upon time sources. And many people other.

The squaring of the circle appears promptly here. Unexpected turn, but maybe, that somebody else skulks behind it. Labat exceeded this easily though, but relics like that I found what indicated that both solutions may be correct. Maybe, that this source of two kinds is in the creation, and the circle sign appearing in rarer one because of that, because it is usual in the original ancestor creators' case only, at the copy ones no. I found all two! I showed one already on the tapered straw braid. The other variation belongs to the source with a round hole. Two holy towers stand in Iraq in the barren. Reciprocator twist. The father's and the old granny's towers. Many thousand year. They respect it as a saint today. The few tourists clambering up upwards on their side give alluding to his sizes. There are six blind windows and a door on top of them that way, that not practical, but supplied a sacral function. Sacral place working today. It may be possible that he supplies his thing likewise in our days, than the pyramids.

El Mylvia - Iraq

The ancestors grant the creators' essential parameters to us here. From these data can be deduced the initial and next important steps of the creation. The cylindrical spiral a shaped tower cloak indicates a round source slot. The creators are not the towers! So his shape it timesystem (tachion), that suitable onto the creation. Our Christmas tree preserves this knowledge. The sky-high one is on Inn the legend of a tower, but the same tree reaching up to the sky in our tales, and the bean reaching up to the sky and the glass mountain. The source the bean Jankó figure, you are the endless one with big strength two peppers an ox preserves it. The tower is in resonance with the creator. Back and forth. His form. There is a Catholic church tower like this in Western Europe. Not his chance work, but with deliberate planning.

We look at it again the KO, stone the sense of source signs and his vowel! Labat contracted this with the circle. I suggested it it little while ago KÖ > circle affinity. Eleven vowel it is accompanied by the little square-shaped one sign. The associated concepts; short, kur ta, turns, turn, tower, smells bad, flower, thick, thick, offset, heavy, ruler, (some kind of) walnut. Interesting KÍR, NIM, foam, HAP, RÍ, REME vowel, because these may be adjusting Hungarian morphemes. (Kir-al (king), Nim-ród, foam, hap-si, cries, re-me-you stb.) the gilded one di-ó even in the recent past usual divine one he was an ornament on the Christmas tree. The essence is replaced by the more spectacular and expensive Bric-a-BRAC nicely but systematically. Let's see well the others his formations! The picture gets clean longer maybe.

Is effective in the source sign here and eightlegs there are energy signs, and is where the signs slip out from the source sign. Already the third column (AB) a fish appears in the pole of better underwear, that it he with a cutting vertical wedge one AN (sky, god) constitutes a ligature. There is an ace in the better lower heel in a source sign. These all creation phases, but the evolution of the same sign was not reported because his meaning is clear to all certainly. Onto all cases all the moves out sense masks it because the effluence and the rotation are the world's essences. The six and eightágú signs already SU signs, because air type. This diamond castle turning on the duck foot already in a form can be found our folk-tales.

Labat interpretations EN-GUR apsú: sea; ocean; Engur (EA) sun-god; sky

Yeah dad -cuka-funda-luka the Hungarian counting out in a nursery rhyme. The ap already understandable, the death-watch beetle though the hole. On the sign. Sure this ocean no the ocean... o-ce-an, but the celestial waters of the celestial waters, the space-time. The next row indicates this, and the little double sign studied before already. Oh, I have a punctuation mark like this on the machine << down dieu EN-GUR (=EA Napisten) ( GUR = is rolling, turns, is rolling sense, and our word has the hoop in the same manner) and the ZI-KUM samu ciel solution, which means sky,. It burns in Italian cielo. (bring it down: csiélo). Csi there are a basis, foundation, the Italian é in Hungarian in Chinese, lo neutral article. (il,la,lo). Is there! In Italian the is: é, the they are though ci sono (bring it down: csi szónó) we could say it even, that : keynote.

We were looking at it on the previous sheet the Chinese shop expression. With the shop the vault our word relative. No but, who is shopping in the sky. Who can go away into the celestial shop? The looks of an any kind of vault are not for the shop. All three derived concepts are apt. Engur (Éá) it himself burns, in Absu. GUR: turns, gur ul. Space, turns. The space source gives rise to 64 of his dimensional time whirlpools overflowing really in a colossal rotation from five sources. He is enthroned in the centre of the Sun. He does not have warmth there, since he a light quantum.

It was clear from our practice until now that we have to listen especially the relatively plain runas, because this simplicity is typical of the creation. The signs depicting the essence are plain always. Here single KUR sign, and a fish heading downwards obliquely we may see a sign in the source. A U, BU are are effective sign below. Two appeared in the source in a right upper row translated ace ékjel, in a closed cage opened above. This is a sign with unusual tactics.

Labat not soundinged the sign

Star with a conjunction, and Perseus sets it up with a constellation. Real, distant stars with a unaided eye did not get used együttállni, since we may talk about a conjunction at the planets only, since they move sensibly on the background of the stars only. With what the nearly there is a related three-dimensional system at Perseus beta, Algol with ours, maybe, that the sign concerns it. (Onto 98 light-years is from us 2,78 1020 km! because the light eighteen cover a million kilometres every minute).

From this we were not cleverer. This successor sign continues.

Asphalt, bitumen, firm bitumen.

The sign is attached to the creation more tightly possibly, what the bitumen and other oil derivatives. From this so much are correct possibly that the bitumen and the time are black. Maybe, that this sometime spaceman slang. It time-nothing: an immaterial and dim layer between the space essences. There is duration which cannot be absorbed for us only here.

These source signs look so, as if they would be loaded with numbers. as many, so much shape. Who knows? From the left onto the second and the third I have intuitions because of that. With the source places of the space-time and the system of fraktal related. Space technology signs. The 15 parallels are universes. (Not in the today's sense). We return onto him yet.

Zar, sararu; breaks out, gurgles.

Neither the mud, neither the lock not got used to break out, but both attributes may occur at the parenthetical item. This breaks out from a little hole. But we stay at the topic because the next sign may have been used for the description of vegetational processes suspiciously. The shit meant a total, an amount. If I think it over, in the Hungarian similar.


Poop, too source, well, cistern, ditch, hole, depth, well, cellar, smells bad, cart.

These match nicely a creator to a source, although the cart belongs to the space-time already. The too indicates that the concept is the universe apart from his world egg, beyond the eggshell, in the bottomless dark cellar of the bottomless well, on the left bottom, but on this side of the glass mountain. More punctually inside the glass mountain. For this creator (for the old granny) there is nothing beyond his source, dared before it (his peak too) there is not future. "selffuturefollover", than everything original. The created systems have future only. Our folk-tales this sky-high tree, live wood in the Chinese, and the stinking hole figures in the tales often, where the king goes down his wife (princess) there is an other world here (Feketeország c. (Blackcountry) our tale). Zone without space like this onto only very many billion light-years is from us, so only like that he may have had information about this for somebody, who was able to give up even the universe. After we use it until today it we disappear on the left bottom expression, we may have endured this knowledge and a technique sometime. The poop the child name of breaking wind, like that, than in the English the purc, purcli. Kinaiul the stinking one fá-cs'ó. The cs'ó-t I did not find it, but the fá his meaning very apt. To issue and law . The law is vala initially. This onto inhuman societies, you are such concerns things. The law is a living person today. The universe works accordingly. The fundamental law is the rule of the effluence of the source his own. His gate there are not passage, the present himself.

The old granny and the father creator the end of a bottomless depth, a well, a bottomless cone, for which he is nowhere, but he does not have beginning. In all of a heir's and the word's senses only a basisless one it is possible to write it down with an endless cone, which is the basis of the existence after all, only. Expands steadily because 3,16 are his sources c -vel is running, and his cone surface expands with speed of light during this. There may be distance unthinkably already from us. Onto many thousand billion light-year.

Labat wrote a little one beside the two-round sign. The poop and TÚL are in Hungarian in his sense. Labat fontaine translates it to a French with an expression. This means boiling in Hungarian! He hit home!
I found the angular variant in the Chinese, this means it, to turn back. This matching.

We have to find at least two cardinal signs like this, and maximally ten. The left-wing square tizet, the rightist enclose one though. But sure, that we move in a good direction. These, and the similar ones look suitable. Yet shaggy a little, but everything will come to light sooner or later!