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From the secrets of the creation

You may find out many things like that here if you like the secrets, from which the world is fantasizing only, but nobody takes it already since millennia.
Simply only because the time is like this. All knowledge erodes in the endless depths of the time.
Onto this very much helps in the human folly and the immeasurable greed and evil.

* * *

We show the holy knowledge of the Huns preached to extinct one already for everybody here. Our research teams not materialistic , but they consist of critical scholars likewise, than the scholars of a system which can be said to any other scientific one. Our religion with a celestial origin much older than the written history of the Earth, since we brought it so with ourselves onto Mars from our ancient, celestial homeland, from Amma, Kaltes from a woman's planet, from Sirius fourth planet, then from Mars get down, to Atais, we took it onto that saint land sunk away very long ago, for which maradékait you may find it in Hawaii and Oceanic islands' form on your maps. Hawaiian our original home residual, and Babel you may face the languages on which we had an effect on a linguistic branch, and here it is not necessary to take the effect etymologywise, but logically. May download from here a little Hawaii–Magyar, Maori–Magyar, Magyar–Tibeti, Sumerian dictionary, but we put another 510 Hungarian dictionaries up to your research. With protolangugaes like that, and they we favour the search of Nimród language with a so inner logic solution, that they were uninteresting ones or too strange ones for the western researchers, and remained more purely after he interested nobody. As you are the Chinese the Tibetan. All languages carry creation secrets, but do not look for the similarity of the sound! This will be foam on the cake only!

What we remember yet was enough that way, that let 16 be allowed to provide starting basis eaten with our continued tough searching work, on the row of which much are useful, with a god's active help and we found an interesting evidentiary substance. The concealment of the knowledge is an original sin according to our faith.

You have been on bad place if you are looking for gruesome mysticism only, dared here from the physics of the time, his biology, his chemistry, and from the bases of the hyperspace space flight there will be a word, that you may find it embedding knowledge in a totally uniform framework with all of the world religions of the Earth, that is not because of some misinterpreted tolerance so, but because the world is a unit. One the god. All of it, it one yeah. Much exciting one reading will be your truth and on all of them what you see here then; is based on source-materials with a Hun origin, but we examine other folks' hidden knowledge then, since the legends of the rest of the ancient people_nation have to be attached to our message. You find this out on the start sheet link. It is not necessary to call this knowledge anachronistic even after a thousand years then, since since billion years modern. This is because this knowledge is the ancient knowledge of the universe so. We brought it so with ourselves onto the Earth. This happened to 6050 years before. Lives a god we respected it and we respect it until the today's day. He is the God. Today the world as Jézus, you are Isa in the east prophetically knows it. The Christians' god lives. His name means so much that he lives, yes. After the world consists of him, the sceptics physicists, chemists or biologists are examining him only, at that the prepared from him with instruments. On all of them what is Latvian was Word - (James's book).

We face much research yet, since essential intellectual one sank into the oblivion we have to replace contents, parts yet, or we have to find it (to solve), but believe that an one like this is a clever, forefather with big knowledge –- the contours of who appear here –- everybody stains better to like. Even they, who our days from the coacervates (you are it from ancestor shrews?) your phylogeny wants to be deduced starting. I do not come from the monkey. And you?

You may receive a little freedom of the Gehenna now, and you may look in into the sanctuary of our secretest knowledge. Leave the world's dust, his filth, his lies for a back, his rush, and excuse all of the sheets which can be reached here in a row nicely, and browse it thoroughly, calmly throughout. If you find the zips on the start sheet, then from here you may download it quickly and simply. Click if you do not find it here! (Maybe, that there will not be tomorrow already here. The service providers banned more of our great burdock already. Pay attention to it, that the journal character sheets (WINDOW, BABEL, TAMERLAN, CROWN, RELIC) they will change into one). The things being all linked to each other on the next web pages will be, (then, if you do not understand these contexts yet temporarily) and one are not worth a lot without the other one so. All links are needed into the chain. (And tears at the weakest one always). If you understand all this, a lot –- for one which cannot be solved till now seeming – a thing will unfold automatically before you. Than the Gordian knot...

All at once

Two roads are at a standstill before you now:


Lied! This is the good way! < > this the good way




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