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Opening the window

You have been successful in breaking through the skeptic`s firewall, which is an actual hellish trap for the reader who does not seeks the desire to think for himself. This has been for years a well tested method of separation by one`s who would like to keep you in the dark. A barrier, which is well protected by the ignorance of fanatics.

You have chosen a more difficult path on which you will constantly meet with incomprehension, cynicism and opposition. Because of this, there is a need for serious work and thought on several levels. However, this is the more exciting path, but a much more difficult one. The one who walk on the ‘correct path’ is ever walking ahead of the times—in knowledge, in perception, as well as within their own humanity. This is the reason why the establishment is forever trying to separate you from your set path. Under the guise of intelligence which hides their ignorance. Where the true light of understanding will always dispel their disguise.

Rational arguments are powerless against evil, ignorance and stupidity. Do not divulge to enyone what you learn here, because this will most certainly land you in the most troubling of positions and circumstance. Learn to live with wise intelligence. Remember— discretion is the better part of valor—be discreet for your own sake.

The first rule of thumb is to learn to notice the warning signs, which at times maybe rather insignificant or inconsequential, but will steer you clear of the pitfalls that have been laid in your path. The proverb –ignorance speaks much, intelligence is silent, is a wise way to conduct your life. Never let this escape your awareness.

There are numerous world opinions and various religions which try to entice you to join their viewpoints. Science is forever changing, here as well as elsewhere in different areas of research. The ones with new, unique, unconventional ideas have always had to fight difficult battles against the dogmatic deep rooted old establishments. Man, by virtue of conservatism, is filled with fear, apathy and laziness regarding original thought. This however, is a necessary protective behavior as are the brakes in a car.

The only positive achievement of today`s democracy is the declaration of religious freedom and the freedom of thought—which is our human birth right. This is the one single sign through which one can distinguish true democracy from a false one—often it is just being hailed as such under false disguises.

This right has long been established within our nation`s foundation, but in reality it is only in the past fifteen years that it has been truly exercised and realized. All is ever changing, but still the smaller religious orders are still being forced off the road by the similar thinking ecumenically conscious larger religious organizations. The larger ones with without value added tax (VAT) the smaller ones with it.


At this point I wish to direct your attention to our ancient tribal confederation, who were the keepers of our nations ancient knowledge. A covenant signed between them was not only a pledged to God, but to each other, our brethren as well. There is much information regarding this but much excavation and open mindedness is required.

There are numerous references to this on this site. Here are just a few examples—the history of our ancient relic, the Holy Magyar Crown; the story of Babel; Paal Zoltan`s Arvisura; Jakob Böhme the German Christian mystic and theologian`s writings; Jean-Baptiste Labat, a French Dominican clergyman, botanist, writer, explorer, ethnographer`s revolutionary ideas . At present we have well over 450 web-pages, but our data base is expanding at a phenomenal rate, as the pages are continually being written.

Within our ancient faith the adored, honored ‘Sun God’, was not a pagan deity, but the organizer, up-keeper and protector of the solar system. It is important to realize and understand, that we did not adore the sun. We did however honor that outstanding, special infinitesimal light quantum—whom created and still upholds the entire solar system and universe.

He—(it needs to be understood that this Almighty ONE, is genderless. For purpose of language we refer to him in the masculine gender)—is the very same Holy Trinity which is the central point of all of Christianity. He is the creator of time and space. Without him we would not have a central sun, neither would we have our solar system, with our own sun, nor have a planet called, earth. Our ancestors did not adore the sun, neither did they adore fire—this is a cunning and evil lie of those who are concealing the truth.

NAPISTEN (AN)-felsõ ég
Sun - god (an)

You, who understands this hundred thousand year old language, through which two and a half billion intelligent expressions are possible, have an other important possession. You are carrying a secret knowledge within your words, a knowledge that at this moment you have no inkling of.

Our beloved national folk tales are not just simple stories as the official explanations would like you to believe, or some misguided individuals—there is hidden within them tremendous, deep knowledge that our science has been unable to reach for thousands of years. Who are trying to bring the truth to the world.

We advise you to be vigilant and very aware regarding our national folk art researchers and their work. Especially the ones that are ostracized by the official voices.

Though being completely separate from us, their research also has reach the same unbelievable conclusion that within our folklores are hidden incredible scientific information. Physics pertaining to the cosmos, space science and scientific knowledge to travel to other star systems.

We do not wish to prosthelytize here, neither do we preach covert racism or any other forms of beliefs—modern or otherwise, be that regarding our heritage. The aim here is to shine light upon the holy knowledge of the Huns that you may utilize in your daily life and be better human being for it. This knowledge has been at rest for long enough, thus we shall dust it off—and perhaps underneath instead of pebbles, we discover nuggets of gold, our inheritance from our forefathers.

We shall try and not be too technical or scientific. We shall limit the use of formulas, equations and complicated explanations—however at times it maybe necessary to do so for sake of understanding.

I have a sincere message to all of you who are not Magyar, Hun descent, who are visiting this site—the knowledge is also available to you—for it is yours also. This ancient knowledge, this legacy belongs to all of humanity, not jus ted by a select few. We, the Magyars, Huns—are simply the protectors and the safe-keepers of this ancient knowledge that is contained in our ancestral heritage—but it belongs to all the inhabitants of this entire planet—to you and us equally.

So please consider all the information as your own, for this knowledge and understanding is for the purpose of the enlightenment of the entire planet—however the caveat is –you have to choose it, willingly, in good faith and with open consciousness.

The hardest most difficult concept, is to break away from ingrained learnt beliefs, knowledge and experiences. More importantly to be able to detach yourself, from its rigid applications. This means that you have to re-evaluate, re-learn certain aspects, even un-learn them—thus actually there is extra learning involved. If one wants to reach a better scientific understanding it is vital to ananlyze today`s science in a more critical fashion so that we may have answers to questions that have not been answered reasonably by the experts which cannot be avoided nor be ignored.

Often we learn of official explanations of research, scientific data, peer review publications—much later in time, which have already been known for years by the scientific community. Valid discoveries well hidden, not presented to public, due to various personal and professional reasons— competition for fame between colleagues or at times certain politically correct official positions that may decide that it is not time yet for the information to be in the general circulation.

így alakul ki a forgástest az Y tengely körül

Tamás Betlej: the lemniszkáta the development of a solid of revolution


This is not a unique situation within the scientific community—though the hard evidence maybe there, acceptance is not. One reflection of this position in history is that of Dr. Ignac Semmelweis whom today is hailed as the ‘saviour of mothers’ due to the discovery of prevention of puerperal fever, but in his life was hounded and ostracized by his colleagues for his recommendations and unaccepted medical views, which shortly became the norm.

At the time Dr. Semmelweis advocated the simple washing of hands of doctors before the delivery of babies to prevent infection. It was the practice of the time to for doctors to be doing dissections and immediately going into the delivery room without proper disinfection. Thousands of mothers could have been saved by this procedure who died due to ignorance, irresponsibility and dogmatic positions of the medical establishment of the time.

Dr. Semmelweis died without any recognition from his peers whom later acknowledged that his discovery was a major contribution to medical science. Sadly, the accolades were bestowed upon him posthumously.

If one sincerely desires to do scientifically conscious work in this field, the primary factor is to examine with scrutiny—the actual composition of the physical world. What is this exactly? This in context at first may sound trivial, but has deep implications—yet, everyone seems to know the answer immediately to this age old question:

‘It is made of material, ofcourse—as well at times be transformed into energy. During its actual progress in physicality—it may appear as a wave’ or as a ‘particle’ to our modern scientific research instruments’. 

Fine—let`s presume we accept this theory. This then raises an other valid question—what actually comprises material?

The material particles consist of the creative elements –the infinitesimal quarks. These are held together by sub-atomic energy components that consists of —gluons, which are massless, gravitons, that are flashing and travelling at an infinite incredible speed. These sub-atomic energy particles hold together all that exists—from these miniscule quarks to the unimaginable vastness of galaxies.

At this point in time, our present instruments are incapable to detect, determine or demonstrate the actual capacity of these actions—its borders, parameters and other behaviors. This, however is not of vital importance, as we follow experiential proven scientific laws that have already been established and are well accepted. It then follows that without any hesitation we may accept, that what we cannot physically demonstrate or experience through cohesive knowledge and calculations—with sincere responsibility.


This is a profound question, as fallacy is accepted as the ruler of today—the idea that by adding a lower case ‘t’, or a ‘delta t’ multiplier to a formula—will immediately start up the initial process of motion or action according to some mathematical equations. 

The stark truth is that—none of this is actually true. Herein lies the trap which at the same time points us in a most serious the direction—the fundamental, most important question that pertains to the universe.

Where does the universe originate? What is it derived from? What is its substance? Its internal dynamics? The questions are endless.

The ‘big bang theory’ sounds simple enough to imagine—an actual huge bang with the release of enormous amounts of energy. Not true at all—far from it. A black hole does not explode. The entire mass of the universe is a closed system within itself—thus this would be an even greater impossibility for it to explode. Even light cannot escape a black hole, because even that has some mass. Its 25 billion C-degrees (energy), is not created by itself. 

The question is—what made heat hot? Where has the material been derived from? This sounds like a most stupid question—however extremely important and thought provoking.

You maybe sure of one thing—

There is nothing in the entire universe, that which is present in space, that which does not exist in time—nothing. Without time, nothing exists—cannot exist. Because without time there is no process—there is no flow of action.

‘De nihilo nihil fit’—said the Romans. One cannot create something from nothing. Thus, we have to investigate a strange phenomenon, an actual riddle—something which is nothing, yet it exists—but is neither material nor energy. We have to solve this puzzle together. What could actually be that—dynamic something which creates all this dynamic action.

What is the reality of time? The space-time theory—that is circulating in the science sphere is a huge miscalculation.

Even in mathematics, two opposing characteristics cannot be matched up—or balanced. However, in school we learnt—space or time is something fictitious which we may divide, bend, curve, even combine according to--almost need. Does this depend on a simple decision—because of standardization? Generally the rule of thumb is—we just name it, define its dimensions and it is complete. This is a – serious misnomer.

Our predecessors are hell bent on trying to put a square peg—a three dimensional geometric space, into a round hole—a four dimensional something—that consists totally of different parameters, this is –time. Space is static, time is dynamic—in the physics texts it is sclalar or introduced as a vector. This cannot be correct—as this does not make sense mathematically.

Time is expectedly something, but not the –fourth something next to the already present three static space dimensions. It cannot be compared to anything that we are familiar with or recognize. It is not—objective. It cannot seem to posses even an infinitesimal material component. At least we should by now, have some more complicated and serious theoretical structures. However—time must be, should be simple, yet dynamic.

The question is—the inevitably of time and it is here that we have to initially conduct our investigation. When you say the word—space, or time, magnetic or electromagnetic field you are in the realm of the transcendental. Science deeply abhors this description as the material thinking has sent—the acknowledgement of the concept of transcendental into exile. This banished idea seems to time and again, return back into the consciousness—through inquiring minds. It is akin to the question of –the ether. But what is presented in reality by cutting edge science to date, is rather a weak position on every level.

It seems that time is possibly infinitely important—more so than any simple mathematical parameters that we may envision within physics or possibly even within our lives. Ask the average man on the street, or a university student what they construe as the concept of time—they will discuss—the actual hours on a clock, various processes or historical aspects of time. This is rather a minimalistic view of a complicated procedure, even as a mere start to unraveling of this question of time.

This is the reality of the position. We have to think these things over—if time is a process, then what actually generates it? What keeps it up? Where does it originate?

The graphics below is the depiction of a black hole by— Dr. Stephen Hawking and his colleagues. We shall return to this topic in more depths later.

A megnyilvánulatlan forrás topográfiája

Development of a  lemiskata `s rotational body


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