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The thread-like universe


We are still only at the beginning of the evolutionary processes of-  time- , but the un-expressed developmental process, development of a source has begun already. This moment is so deep in the bowels of time – we have little hope regarding this research, but our forefathers had obtained this information from some source. The infinite distant past- is far further in time than could ever be imagined or theorized in today`s cosmology. The numerical values in years would consists of – fifteen digits(311'040'000'000'000 year) were we able to approach it, but this would only be reflecting the duration of the last cycle. Today`s assumptions is that the universe is estimated to be formed over 13-15 billion (15'000'000'000) years ago, however this is possibly a thousand times shorter than this estimate. 

To argue over this momentarily, is totally without merit- since the-  how- in our case much more important than the - when. The possible process of the development is a much more exciting question. The information on our pages does not speak against –anything nor anyone- it is however a road that tries to join and not divide. 

Our- model experiments and our logic investigations- point out that the dimension source is not able to-  create- by itself, because it remains forever as that source which overflows/expands-  in a globular form- in which it originally came into existence in the beginning. From the infinite to the infinite time it remains unchanged. Creation emerged from a lonely creator, so creation may not have set out in the possession of our knowledge. There are ancient creation principles as such, but their justification system is more faith-like, old-fashioned and superficial. We have to make up for these deficiencies now.

First let us consider the following question under our examination - what manner of interaction manners may we presuppose?
Our knowledge today indicates that there are many diverse interaction between our known material world and light- this being both distant and wide acting. The existence of this is unquestionable-  since it maybe possible to experience and measure it. Like-  atomic power, gravitation, electric and the magnetic force, photoelectric effect, electromagnetic waves. We have to find the reason of this strange energy connects in today's world. Our science is struggling today to solve four kinds of virtual particles. The word virtual actually means- non –existent. These gluons, the virtual photons, the vector bosons , the gravitons (W + , W - , Z 0 )

These days science is impatient and arrogant with the-  pathfinders of the truth. This activity has a lot of similarity to that of the work of the medieval inquisition, when people who have shone a light on fallacies and mistakes were often killed. There are many inquisitors in power today and a demagogues are resounding old fallacies as there is serious lack of real knowledge. Their-  supposed interactions of particles- have never been found. In this respect- research is totally bankrupt. According to their data- their description too virtual- meaning theoretical, fictional. Our science is based on a fifty year old scientific base. 

The interactional power is not always caused by the-  particles themselves- but we may assume that the essential structures of the effluence/expansion showed on the previous pages are responsible for it. This power (it has different names po, li, su) this is such a profoundly fundamental thing which existed already before the birth of-  substance and energy structures.

A –curved/bent- time system leaves the –time source-  since this effluence/expansion is spherical in nature. This differs from the notion of today significantly, which states- that this expanding time system is not curved- but changes/becomes a curve/bend. The time and the space in no way can be curved, because it is not material. 
In terms of the result it is deceptively similar, but logically it is reciprocal regarding our statement. On the other hand this shall solve problems, which to date, has had no substantive results, thus all distant action becomes a simple consequence. Even the telepathy...

Csak ne nevessetek a szőke nőkön! But how will this something, become some understandable thing?

It is not so simple. The first- ancient element-  needs a second, indeed even a- third one. 

We know that for relative motion –we need a fixed point-  to which we can compare the motion. This point on the other hand- can only be possible when compared to another dimensional point. The huge problem is that we – cannot give definite reasons for the interaction entirely, until the moment that- one of the expanding time sources reaches the next one. We do not know how many original existing ones there may be, because of the above mentioned reasons. Thus- we can only acknowledge these once they manifest, or if they are reached by a- time system`s expanding initial/first wave. However, currently there has to be existing-  endless wave sources-  like this already-  this causes deception as these give rise to waves just like the original ones.

Here once again we have to rely on the ancient memoranda of data which may help temporarily. Therein it is stated that there are –10 original sources in the universe. We know about them, but to date- we cannot demonstrate our statement as we have no devices yet to do so. It is easy to remember, because as the number coincides with the number of fingers we have. 
Next we have to examine the possible questions as to how - these non-material characteristic time sources actually get into motion?

We have to return onto the question of the interaction here.

Probably, the interaction does not takes shape directly between the sources, because the probability of them colliding is quasi zero- and this is an incongruent manner for evolution. In truth, the interaction of waves does not hold out hopes for hopeful developments –likewise with each other, because from this we could gain a foam-like distension only. So-  the third variation looks useful only. It is the -  waves that affect the sources.

The far/distant influences (that we measure) indicate the same reasoning, because the earth is substance forming- is a wave stimulator-  on the earth. The substance forming the moon- is a wave stimulator- on the moon, despite this –the two celestial bodies from the distance can affect each other as they feel drawn towards each other from a distance. It is evident from this- that their floodplain/wave space causing the gravity establishes a continuous contact between them. There is no need for any kind of particles here, since this floodplain/wave space stems its existence from its very self –itself. The discovery of the-  gravitational lens-  proves this in astronomy where the- object with a huge mass ( galaxy)whose floodplain/wave spave will shows an optical behavior with regard to the object behind the mass (galaxy). It behaves in some way as a –magnifying lens- and curves its initial/first- light beam that comes off this object behind it. Though it maybe distorted, we are still able to view behind the distant galaxy. But this mass does not curve/bend the space- but curves/bends the way of the beams, from which it springs forth, its floodplain/wave space behaves optically. 

We know only of one single substantive phenomenon around our source - the effluence/expansion- the waves are spreading with the speed of light (water type like waves). All additional sources are repelled out- in a beam like direction. This stems from it- outwardly at the speed of light. 
The first initial touch, at the exact moment - the source accelerates into the speed of light- in an almost leapfrog fashion. This happens- because this source has no, neither will it have –material mass- thus its action is –zero- as well. It falls outside of Einstein`s assumption. Thus with this –we can claim that- the speed of light existed before light. This is derived from-–the expansion of the velocity of the actual-  past. This system exists- despite itself. Its source is in origo,

At this moment- only the speed of light exists. It is from this that the famous formula (E = mc 2 ) is derived, however this in fact is not really –the speed of light, but we may call it- the expanding/spread velocity of the event horizon. Because of a usual metrics in this direction, we use a-  dimensionless one turning- with a value of l –as this is useful and is allowed. The substance (m) is the-  energy-  (E) does not exist yet- only the– “c.”- is written in quotation marks as light is still non-existent- only its causal reason came into existence. We called this a-  light seed. The wave spread/expansion- of the system has –self time-  this will be responsible for the speed of light. This is which is the standard measure, of the universe- E=1 . This –expansion, emanation masks all understanding/senses-  and in the understanding of today is- dimensionless. This is the reason why this lonely figure -  one (l)- lies on the other side of the equal sign . Missing is- m/s, km/ etc. like after the- c-  because it is not possible to define this yet. If these are the standard measures- then there is no need for this anyway. The –E- in our theory is not meant as an energy sense. 

We shall often use the individual attributes and viewpoints when talking about the source. This will be more descriptive and realistic regarding description. When later, we shall manage to reach the consequences of the-  information theory- then tall this shall make more sense. From a religious viewpoint-  from the path God- of affecting the world. In other words- from a sacred point, from a sense of holiness . We shall examine the development of the actual process of the senses- which are the bases constructor element- the only one kind that is at work only today in the world- the source of all senses and its animator. And enflames the mind, the brain to higher awareness.

We presuppose that more sources are activated and these globularly expanding- wave worlds- at some point reach the center of an other- wave world!

On the most outer border of the event horizon of the–oldest time source- the second –time source- starts to be repelled at an incredible speed within its–own self time. From this moment on, it starts to experience its very own- past essence- (that was originated in the past). It witnesses in the direction of this source-  the birth of this repelling-  (time source system) –as this is the primary moment that repels it outward- while the other direction contains- the past layers that it already had left. It does not see- far- as its own waves are moving at the same speed- thus it cannot reach/catch up to its own original older waves- (the border of its own domain) . However even if only one single time impulse drifts outward from them- it is able to observe its- very self. This is not a copy but something like - a mirror image –but this is side placed- meaning that it sees itself from-  behind/ a rearview. This already shows signs of the possibility of –doubling. It is yet not sufficient for the formation of real creation. 
Here we show blueshift caused- by the repelling source at the speed of light.

homas Betlej1s graphics: The effluence of the source moving with the speed of light


When a one-dimensional source races with speed of light- then it radiates a –floodplain/wave space-  like this. This is very much similar to the later–light quanta wave. Through this we realize that the- the light quantum`s floodplain/wave space- is not transversal with this , but longitudinal, like on the above figure. The fraudulent science and colossal misunderstanding is due to this –source system . The floodplain/wave space of the light resembles this figure.
Let us reflect on what a –“source sees”- in the case presented on the figure.
First- it sees an other source being born- however it is not a- continual birthing process-  since it is always inhabiting the outer sphere of that event horizon`s - time system. It does not observe the additional process taking place, only the other one`s- primary moment. It does not sees it at a huge distance away, because it is practically in time with this other`s initial moment. Inevitably the other one does not see it yet either, because in that case- they should have been in exactly the same age- within exact even time. A criteria which cannot be justified by anything. The other one will notice it only when it gets there- sometime later –when it reaches its own (the younger source that is being pushed away ) natal- older- first (primary)wave- that arose from –time source- older in time. It will then live through the same behaviors/events from the same visual angle- which was described previously. On its front surface, it starts to be repelled in a –beam direction. The waters have been activated.

Let us return to the repelled second (2.) source. This starts seeing a thread (an increasing series)because its own time essence- is continually being accumulating in front of it- which cannot leave the direction of the progress- because the dimension wave moves at the same speed exactly as this –2 source-  is moving- and as the wave which -  2 source is giving off- at the moment of –touch. A time cap, starts accumulating in front of –source –which means that in the direction of the progress- time stands still/stops- and backward on the other hand the usual –1E time rhythm stretches into –2E rhythm. You may observe on the above illustration- that is turning here and there- and that all intermediary values occur among the two limit values.

Only a compass and a ruler are needed for the demonstration of the statement. Make a boiling point hurry up with unit steps on a straight (0-1-2-3-4-5 cm) on a straight, and depict the time serial one just like this 1E with circles with a beam increase! Visible, that it became endless in the direction of the motion time density (equitemporialis representing different times sprang in the different time here spheres one each other are affected in a dot), and it springs from this continually accumulating, with speed of light expanding and here time staying in a dot after all. The true one, that this dot for a not lying exterior observer, but from the visual angle of the source yeah. A thread drags on into the endless one before it the in its own time, because an oscillation process is going on likewise in the source than till now, and there are increasingly older time essences at the same place, where the present is, i mean from the boiling point looked at a singular thread, one "string " what stretches continually leaves out and stretches, receding with speed of light at that the selftime, and in this the sources (himself) his series visible for the source. The stringek is game for a dog already naturally desirable thread axis like that direction his rotation (his angular momentum) too, since themselves the sources standing or static systems.

The previous singular thread that we discussed- is only called singularity-  from the visual point of angle of source- or rather it is like a series of –points/dots. This in the exterior observer's view- is a lineal series of the totally alike light seeds. These time points (dimension sources) are exact –accurate copies, but have all kinds of tiny difference- which maybe showing. They only seem close from the view point of the source. Looking from the outside on the other hand they have created a uni-dimensional series (thread, string). Because of this- they are not merely a menial copies without a sense- some even represent the initial source point process. From outside observation- it seems there are as many in number, as many as the number of essential impulses that- the repelled source-  had accumulated. 

The temporal successiveness has led to the formation of a temporal thread, which can be called-  thread like time-  in one view. It maybe the angular momentum, and the space essences these may not consist of light seed following each other in an alike distance entirely because of the modulation of potential layer thickness. The distance may change here and there until a maximum-minimal stroke between these. This effect spreads with endless velocity in a longitudinal direction on the thread, and like this, the thread is uncountable- it is endless (and with a number growing continuously) endless information may accumulate practically on his element. The quantity of this may be growing steadily together with the thread. This uniform longitudinal, sound-like modulation, but the source may not only move away from its place in a thread direction- but in all directions- shift waves with a transversal character may be generated afterwards so (like in the case of a rope), but these his floodplains/wave space expand like sound(globularly) they. 

The endless one single source distance, one single oscillation distance, but this does not depend on the distance- as we may call it totally endless velocity in a human sense. But zero and one again are only endless in mathematics. The information is stored similarly here as in electronic artificial lines. The Kaluza-Klein string theory does not contain it yet, so substantively we made progress where this is concerned. This string come on with another construction, than in the original theory of the character of strings, but in this now at least is theoretical. We shall have an opportunity for proceeding with this later. This recognition will play a serious role in the communicational development of this century.

Egy butának látszó kérdés néha segít a lényeg feltárásában! And what use is this endlessly increasingly, curving long spider web? 

This first step- from afar is really like that of an infinitely thin spider web thread, without which we would not understand the additional steps that this is being founded on. We see two patterns like that now from the Hun`s folk ornamental motives. We often take this for a plain ornament of course, but it is not at all. These two motives are the most accurate one amongst our folk motives found till now. These are used very much – often it is difficult to make a choice. 

Whomever immortalized these originally may have known a lot about the dimensional construction of the universe. Understanding the essence of these secrets will reveal knowledge in understanding creation. We welcome all letters with pleasure that have helping and positive intention. The is solutions is of interest to our collective consciousness. You are welcome to translate these web pages into any language you wish- it is our purpose and mission to spread this knowledge to all of humanity. Please write and help us with this. We also seek for voluntary partners to achieve our aim- so if you are interested please contact us:


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