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We reached the third crucial point, when from the existence after existence and time which cannot be defined then space-time is divorcing. Very much ancient philosophy commemorates this, and we find the detailed description of the question on much place on the area of the mysticism, the folk-tales and legends. Doubtless, that it is necessary to look for the additional keys in the medium of the time worlds left behind behind the sources. there is nothing, from which we could take the road, temporarily. The evolution of the chaos already too is on the first steps, since we have an element of two kinds already: Fire and water. The previous we took some cautious steps already partly the negative time-systems onto the cognition of the world of inside, and here it was visible for the time world of the tachionok well on a last picture one which cannot be misjudged his negative character. The repulsion character until now changes in this negative medium, or if we want to be accurate entirely, this a repulsion that takes place backwards in the time. Butane sounds, but I do not know better one about this to find one's way out. The repulsive motion taking place backwards from outside looked at like that, when the guest is chewing it till then on a film played backwards get out his mouth the food, spits it out onto his fork then while he does not form a unit, is loading it back in a row nicely then onto the plate, and when the plate is his winter, and the increasingly warmer one something flaming after a blow will be a pancake, what the waiter takes away from it politely, and withdraws with him into the kitchen.

Almandincsepp a Szent Koronáról

Where did you see this drop shape?

It is necessary to play the thing in a geometry sense here, but what was radial repulsion till now changes to radial attraction now. The beam here until all of them the centre of that sphere touched actually and it it truth means his distance, where the source moving in the time essences of the other source during him moving in the time medium stays. The velocity contraction - dilatation we leave his phenomenon out of consideration temporarily, because this very much complicates the thing. let us talk about spheres only temporarily, we may return in this direction later then onto distortion. We presupposed that the outermost surface holds it his repulsive character, but this exists till then only, while the penetrating source does not creep in into the inside of the sphere. This outermost layer is with theoretical significance rather. The motion only the touching (penetration) you are explicable because of his moment can be interpreted, because they do not exist till then for each other. We examine what happens then now, if a threefold one is speeding with speed of light time-system his source an other the same kind runs into an eye quickly advanced student time-system his event horizon!

Kása Zsolt programja 1992

The one before the encounter is a moment. Well-known form from the antiquity. In fact this a drop shape has it pruned here his picture

We depict only a part of his as the two fires here, and this here the moment before the encounter. The two sources towards each other rushes. There are discs, circle sheets in the inner world, because of that, that let it be possible to interpret the turning away made around the longitudinal axis with the program. This appears as vertical stripes such in the inside of the drop. I wrote a drop and not cone, because some is a detail picked out ( because of the present for some time) drop shaped, and this its sectional picture. The two sources so on the peaks yes. Csú-i in Chinese doctrine, knowledge, is listening, but the csú a head, pearl report it alone , to cook, to boil, ( fiery) , to live, to live somewhere. Csu-i cooks-for one understandable, after "í" reports one. This already quite apt...

Kása Zsolt programja 1992

The duration systems crept in into each other already here, and it is visible already that all two forked. The four sources were made of two so.

The sources crept in into each other's airspace in a considerable measure already here, I want to say it his time space. Does not show so markedly yet here, but here both sources already in a considerable measure cracked. This forking very strange phenomenon, and we talk about this yet. One of the sides the image of the other side, only as soon as observable on the picture, a twist contradicting just is started. One start right one, for the other leftish one. The branches bending in the right show weakly, but on the next picture already with a lot on one occasion they will be. The other branch accelerates up and rushes out from the creation zone. There was present in the moment of the creation but did not take a part in him, he had an observer only. The interesting one it, that this the rushing out source totally identical with the other one, the one that turns back in a small arc.

Kása Zsolt programja 1992

The branch bending back steeply, by which I understand those two little turning fire drops, is discernible well already here. This indicates that a branch of the two sources turned around totally on a most little arc. The branching one moving from the picture parts for the moment uninteresting, dared here accelerating they rush out the inside of the other tachion his direction. The two sources (the returning and the racing) one is left over, and the they will be in such a way somewhere else that I should eat existencewise meanwhile. This seems to be a quite nonsensical speech temporarily, but the picture will become light because of that later. We mention the ones written down on the rest of the branches because of the avoidance of the repetition on a mark level only. This physics the protolangugaes, the legends, may not be without the astronomy, the ethnography or religion philosophy in a merit to catch. Not too worthy! Many of my colleagues fought with me, when with religion philosophy, grammar, you are sumírrel with Chinese, with Japanese, with Tibetan and I started dealing with legends or tales. Everything was needed for the understanding, because the everything we examine it. They got entangled in it already since then. This figure shows the despair. A doubt was from the unit. Two whole ones, that after all until all of them one is left over. And the beginning of the finite things ensues then. Not end, only finite.

Kása Zsolt programja 1992

The turning round will be full, and the source creeps in into his own past left behind already inevitably because of this. The moment is Fortuna moment for this. Then today all legal consequences. The chance one like that a lot parameter, how we do not take it. His probability is exceeding small for an encounter like this, but measured against the endless one after all it's possible! When the source touches it the own one - already once radiated - his past spread surface, gets into a time loop. From this notices himself before himself. The light arises so. All this is his segment only in the truth of a spatial process. See the picture which can be seen below, on which we emphasized an element of this.

A TÜZET AZT SZERETEM!The fire runs into the fire, and from this splits in two, and a virtual source comes into existence from the bending back branch. The source notices himself in the inside of his own past, only there even younger one slightly. A dot looks so than he, since sees himself. Since the own one rushes more quickly his expansion, stays in his own future steadily, and now ran into the past essences of his own past bringing his picture towards it yet moreover. Notices himself as soon as he gallops away from before himself, since what he notices the single fire drop swelling continually, which progresses on that road punctually,, where he was it yet before and moved. Our famous folk-tale researchers recognize the thing, and they realised that our certain tales write the birth of the space-time and his function down. Read it for literature Gabor Pap: Feketeország (Black country) title the collection of a tale analysis, if you can get it somewhere yet. Here the most sharply Sándor Koszecz: Feketeország title his analysis is about the construction of the space. We will announce the tale on the tale branch. Till then may collect you are 77 tale from here . No and fifty creation legends from here. (in Hungarian language)

Én is szőke vagyok...The speed of light does not limit the velocity of the tachionok because massless time sources make them. This the firepuke dragon our folk-tales, and our folk habits. The Chango ones dot they celebrate with a dragon like that than the Chineses. The creation is played, the process of the creation is told, the creation is understood. This because of that with a degree better than the depressed world of the we lives on one occasion. We see the exterior event horizons of a dimension source racing with a fivefold speed of light on this picture, at that in that moment, when he gains an insight into his own virtual reality just. This may be so surprising for him, than the first was made of you for you you are a sound video recording.


Thomas Betlej graphics: The space-time - the energy - the first phase of his birth.

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