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The previous was an odd one, green one on the very end of of a part onto a maggot reminder figure, what is an one like that turning a dimension source exemplified his dimension world left behind, which moved much more swiftly, than his own expansion traveling at the speed of light. We saw a turning cone, which it is on a figure just, here arrived back into himself.

The birth of a time loop that starts repeating this in my endless mouth ensues at this time the time-feedback event. A moving figure comes here, which shows the same one. 

This is not worth an end to the thing yet, the virtual existing dared, that this event gives birth does not enter that place, where the source penetrating into his past stays, but in the dot where he was then, from where the past surface expanding globularly left out. This our case with some sixty degrees further that way can be found on the orbit, before the source. Good little contradiction, because that he, the source himself has that future of his, the source himself before the source on the sign, and in the reality the virtual source the informations before the present state and carries the past states with this. We may say it so, that the source from the present in the direction of his future the own older one himself sees it before himself, over what it wandered already little while ago is what rushes continually before it on that road. This not an other one, but he himself on an other place.

Observe this figure well because this is the formation of the space system of the light quantum until the fourth source.

The essence of the thing slipped with the 60 degrees copy dimension likewise passing time -attaching continues, and this the third, the fourth, the fifth are repeated longer with the birth of a dimension. These not somebody else, yet only not too new dimensions, but we may not call them even copies, because not others, but themselves the start sources, so the copy, neither the reflection a word is not in accordance with the facts . The Hungarian somebody else-ik an expression is near the reality, because the ik means a successor, and this somebody else spat for the original one, since he himself it, in only an a little bit different time. Interesting, that his successor the his child begets it in his inside always new one, more punctually it's a selfprolification. This motive is very frequent in the groves of the legends and the mythological, theological descriptions. The strange statements that he married his own child derive from here, or rose to a wedding with his father. A uninitiated reader deduces from this that the Greek is pagan of course gods perversity was committed on a trace. This is a folly of course. The Greeks were keeping it from the creation truth important knowledge. The prejudiced interpreters hurt the thing a lot. The Greeks indicate that the teaching is about the time in his descriptions, but this was tall for the interpreters.
Cronos (time) Uranos and Gaia titaniums (power) his child, and we may say it so, that from Chaos was born at this time the space-time. For this sub-time-system who he swallows in a row nicely appears in Cronos and REia children's shape in the solar system, but Reia conceals the last child, and puts a stone into the swaddling instead of Zeus. Zeus grew up so and Metis name onto his wife's council attacked his father in order to get his potency under control. But swallowed his pregnant wife, Athene leaped out from his head in full armament at this time on the other hand. And like this longer...


The fifth source gives birth to the sixth, but the first runs out at the same time from under a source the essence of the selfpast, and this disappears from the existence tracklessly with this. The system never gets onto that degree of the six symmetry in order for six sources to exist simultaneously because of this. Does not manage to get from five the at the sixth attempt. A black spiral signals this on the undermentioned moving figure. All virtual dimensions unidimensional tachion, but band they flow all directions in a so six symmetry in their wave world into all of the directions of the space, in which all six source place is represented, only between these one until all of them it's empty, essenceless (nonspace - nontime) a layer walks from the visual angle of a source. This the mythologies time for nothing enter sporting event. If we want to step out of the dead end really what the astronautical ideas made in the space mean will lead to this then road.

Noah navigated these waters our forefather. From this direction then the 24 and 25 you may read on our sheet. And i promise, you will be surprised. This dim layer, our figure the black spiral. But do not forget it, this formation only plane segment!

The sources pursue each other until the infinity, and we may say it really already at this time, that "place". With the development of the sixth source place the event already only selfrepetition, and the space-time came into existence with this. This energy himself, and this the minute one with a source world, but into the endless one essential space-time flowing all directions with speed of light we may consider it as suitable one for the additional steps of the creation already his development. Everything will take shape inside this. Substance and energy. They will be in dependence inseparably only the space-time - omnipotent, Mahad - his geometry. The parallel universes appeared here, about what many people talk, but only than from an opportunity, and not than from reality. There are totally independent worlds in these, but from a substance just like that.

We may compare the expanding dimensions to a snail shell, which is not growing so, mostly than the house of the snail, but his smallest element, i mean his source. Grows to enormous one, but not infinitely large. A pontoon turns back to his sources. I mean our universe huge, but not boundless. Expands, and after all of the same size is left over. Likewise than a neutron. The neutrons are alike everywhere. Why?

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