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If we want to know the secret of life, we need to find out the secret of mater. No one knows the answer to the title question posed above, because the materialists want to create everything from mater and the idealists gloss overt the answer. The latter says that it remains the secret of God, and therefore you should not speculate on this, the former often escapes behind the word. The materialists do not know mater, and so they always talk about mater, the believer can not leave it all to chance, because he believes in God's work, but he also knows very little about creation, as the Book of Creation went missing, God knows how, 3,000 years ago. A sensible answer to the title question might reconcile humanity torn into the two factions.

This is a pivotal issue and is closely related to answering the mysterious questions of life. Anyone who has read our pages carefully already knows that we consider it extremely important that the world's researchers must finally acknowledge the dynamism of the world. Whether we talk of mater or about life, we inevitably encounter the ineluctable presence of movement, rotation, dynamism. The big mistake was that they imagined the existence itself as a static thing, and the existence of things in itself is a very dynamic thing. I am thinking not only of atoms, because no one seriously thought that the atoms exist, just on their own, without dynamism and timelessly. All that we know in the world moves. Such is light (what I call energy) and mater. I outlined in the previous sections that their dynamism accurately informs the environment of that which is the last thing the science of the world will listen to.

The Creator is no other, than an original existant (ie not created, but it has existence from all eternity), and he himself also is created by a timeless source of time. The terms "timeless time source" comes across as paradoxical but the meaning of the word eternal can not be further enhanced. Its emanation generates an essential medium, which is not a material medium, but time itself. We do not know how many of these actually exist. The religious and other sources speak of ten such ones. The time source does not have any mass, therefore, the light speed barrier which applies to mater having mass does not apply to it. This is the statute theory of relativity. The source's emanating wavespace expands to infinity (Water). As in the beginning nothing more exists in the world outside the outpouring, we cannot use anything else as a measure only the emanation itself. He is only relative in relation to itself.

The source can move in relation to the emanation, thus, the symmetric-spherical essence suffers internal offsets. This movement has no speed barrier, but when the source crosses his own past emanation tendency, an entirely different kind of time essence (Fire) is created. These are the primordial existants of Chaos. It is Water up to the speed of light and it is Fire over it. If we learn of life seriously, then we must start from here in the research of nature, because this is the beginning of true nature. All things which came later evolved from this. The desired existence and dynamism is a quality which is already characteristic of the creators. We term the counterclockwise ones Mother (Grandmother) and the clockwise ones Father (Grandfather) They are the same in every respect except for their rotation. Folk art preserved the ancient traditions from ancient times, and this is clear evidence that this tradition preserves all the parameters listed here.

This quaint little ceramic pot is telling of all of the essential things. The vessel held water, and there is indeed a type of water system time inside the Creator. You can get to the top of the conical superficies in a counterclockwise direction. On top of the vessel - in the small hut with the three columns - sits a little human figure. This point is the place presence. The jug's ear is also a pipe through which the contents of the jug, in this case, the life-giving water can be drawn. This jug is a Maternal type one, because it is left handed. We can recognize the same motif in the medieval painting on the right. Here, the child Jesus teaches on a similar platform. This is a clockwise one, a Father type Creator. It's our thousands of years of tradition. Important. This is the essence of it all. In spite of all violence our peoples have preserved the greatest secret. By putting it out in the shop window. There, no one was struck by it.

The atoms behave as several waves sources, but so do light quanta. they Continuously generate a wave world. Because they exist. It does not require any energy and it keeps the whole universe in motion. The existants themselves are only ten, the same way, the number of copy-creators gets powerfully accumulated in the system in the manner described in detail in the previous pages. Out of these all of a sudden the couple which is capable of creation - having the right speed and all parameters - gets chosen who will create spacetime. (Air) In this a special particle is born, the Ahamkar, that is, the divine spirit. In the mixed and complicated wave space additional light quanta and material particles are formed. By this time we had billions of other copies of existants in the world, but of the material world as we know it had nothing existed yet.

A quantum of light creates its wave world from 9 source places, and by this it actually creates its own place too, as its existence outside of space-time (Almighty) depends on itself, because the most fundamental principle of the created world is time feedback. I indicated the nine places because these source points are although very close to each other, yet elsewhere, therefore, their wave spaces interfere with each other. This interference is of great importance in terms of the organization of the mater. A quantum of light creates its wave world from 9 source places, and by this it actually creates its own place too, as its existence outside of space-time (Almighty) depends on itself, because the most fundamental principle of the created world is time feedback. I indicated the nine places because these source points are although very close to each other, yet elsewhere, therefore, their wave spaces interfere with each other. This interference is of great importance in terms of the organization of the mater.

This is a needle's tip. In this forty-year-old, almost Methuselahly old microscope-photograph a good look can be taken at the meat of the matter. The atom at the center of the image visibly goes beyond its atomic dimensions, that is to say, the size which is observed by calculations and measurements. Of course, who on earth has ever seen compact waves?

Today's concepts are still repeating the de Broglie (do broj) wave-type ideas, in which the electron as a wave goes around the atom in a ring. It's a kind of silly sine wave, which fits well with the rest of the like, yet the electron, in every measurement looks three-dimensional. This image also refers to this. The ion microscope image also shows well that which hold the crystal grids together. Of course all this has a lot to do with life, and even the great swirling star clusters of the galaxy. This 25 year old figure blatantly shows that two dimensional concept of looking at things. This way of thinking wants to force a sinusoidal vibration on an orbit plane, yet the atomic components show their researchers in a thousand ways that they are certainly spatial. These wave functions have not very much to do with reality. Neither electrons nor light vibrate or wave as such. The transversal wave idea is bad. Such waves are not generated by particles, nor even light. It's a flat-brained silliness. The thing can be seen in this image.



It can can be observed in the ion microscope image that the wave space spherically emanating into infinity, causes the "cohesive force" which holds together the atoms of the crystal, but this curved space generated by the atoms is what causes gravity as well. It is not warped, it so emanates out of the atoms. Curved. Because this is part of existence. You may also notice that the more pronounced lines near the atoms thin
away with distance. This is very similar to the phenomenon also observed in the diffraction of light.

Electrons are scattered in this way on a thin gold foil. It certainly is very similar to the
diffraction image generated by light quanta passing through a small hole. The reason is the same as in the diffraction of light because the electrons are diverted in the same way by the high nucleon-numbered curved spaces of gold atoms, just as in the case of light quanta. Here, too, the electrons pass through the atomic spaces, almost the same way as do the light quanta in light diffraction. If you look at the probability of a hydrogen atom's electrons, it gives such a probability scatter plot. Essentially, an infinite number of points should have been plotted in the diagram, since this figure only shows the probability of where the most ominous electron is. It is most likely to be found in the zone which is the most densely dotted. It also can be seen that this is at 0.53 nanometers from the central part of the atom. It is a very interesting and very
informative figure, which seems to be contradicted somewhat by the figure in which the hydrogen atom's electron configuration can be seen, where you can surely see a very large difference in the different excitation states of the hydrogen atom. This is also a hydrogen atom and this is also a probability plotting.


These eight little diagrams are already much closer to the truth. (The upper left one is in the a larger figure). But where should the tradition-respecters draw their little de Broglie waves in these? And how many? How is it that a probability wave is at two places? Or how does the electron penetrate trough the immensely packed atomic nuclei.

In the very same one chemistry book I have they try to explain the essence of electron orbits here and there either with this or with little sine waves. It seems that no one dares to make a decision either way. This has been the same in the last 25 years. This I would not call a stormy progress. When we talk about dual mater i.e. mater having a dual nature, what kind of waves are we really talking about? And there has been a great hush-hush about this also for the past hundred years. Because they are neither sound waves, nor transverse waves or electromagnetic waves. It would be great, because there is some idea about these already, but they ought to have take a decision within these hundred years somehow, either way. If someone has come this far in reading suspects already what I am grumbling about here.

What is even more frightening, the latter drop-shaped electron probability zones cyclically go trough the packed atomic nucleus itself. They go through everything, which gets in their way. But then mater - thought to be so hard - is not as hard, after all, as the materialistics believe? I am sure that it is not. In spite of this, they have performed a very important work. There has been, after all, a stormy advancement in our science in the past hundred years. Still not there where the two creators of the top figure are. They've already drew that from which the atoms themselves are created from. That is why I put in at the top of the page. Nucleons are created by secunder Tachions and they also keep them in existence. Tachions are not particles. That is nucleonsare not created by stuffs which have lesser mass (quarks) but they are constantly created by time sources moving much faster than the speed of light. These Tachions turn within the nucleon along a very small curve, and emanate conical toroids (wave fronts similar to snail houses) into the environment. Electron is the consequence of proton and proton is that of the electron. They generate each other. Together they represent a neutron. If the neutron is excited with light (we put light into it) it becomes a hydrogen but it can be changed back into a neutron. A hydrogen atom's electron resonances (excitation states) can be to built all the way up to annihilation. At this point, its not transformed into energy, but is destroyed. Since there are a large number of light quanta within the nucleons these nucleons fly off in all directions upon annihilation.

In the nucleon (and the environment), the light quanta and the nucleons together represent, at the same time, some sort of a variable valance, but with the condition that any further valance, in essence, means the creation of different vibrational modes, but if one valance is in a double-state vibration mode it can then only make weaker bonds. The fact that the oxygen is bivalent is not to say that it can be no other kind. Mostly, it is bivalent. There are atoms, which are notoriously variably valanced. Iron is one example. FeO (OH) (red iron rust), Fe2O3 (hematite), Fe3O4 (magnetite). They are well known iron-oxid types, in which the iron (II), or (III) valent, the VI-valent iron is also known. It certainly contains more light.

Manganese is much more variable because it has sometimes II, III, IV, V, VI, VII valences as well. It does not mean six kinds of manganese, but the same manganese is usually at a variety of fixed energy levels, that is to say, they are temporarily at certain energy levels within a given temperature and/or pressure interval. This is true of all atoms.

Let's get back to our title question! So, what is mater then? Wave or particle?

To this we can respond correctly like this;

Doxa: Mater is basically a wave system which is emanating in a longitudinal sound-like way which has time-contradictory interferences giving the illusion of palpability. Only material particles have such a multilayered surface. They are generated by Tachions continuously. Light is not a material particle. (Not even a particle). Its wave space is also longitudinal, and spherical-like. Light has also a lower and upper barrier frequency. Its color depends on the diameter of its light seed system. (7 + 1-dimensional)

Mater and light is generated by virtue of light seeds as well  (Tachions and Tardions), the emanation of whom is at the speed of light. This wave space is very complex. A hydrogen atom's dimension number fluctuates around 740000. The electron's own fair share is at a dimension number of about 512. This spatial-like emanation is not empty but it is structured in a complicated way and has several parameters.

We need to be familiar with many things in order to come to the understanding of life. Do not be put off by these weird dimension numbers since it is the basic principle which is important, that is what you need to understand first and foremost. It is not possible to say exactly where location of the electron shell of the hydrogen atom is because every dimension source passing through contains it elsewhere each time. This is not improbability but it is very much defined in each dynamic space essence layer! It is an incredibly great dimension number which contains simultaneously and one-by one the electron which is to be defined.

The essential space layer emanating from all directions push and pull mater but we also need to keep in mind that in this seemingly chaotic vitus dance are contained all thoughts thought by all creatures in the farthest galaxy as thoughts get dynamically stored in their mind and soul too. Thoughts are not preserved in the gray mater of our brains but in our souls, but our memory also uses the environment for data storage. This is not some silly mess, but a miracle itself, and with this is we have taken a very serious step towards getting to know the world, and this cognitive principle basically carries the presence of all of the knowledge of the entire universe even within our smallest electron. There is no limit.




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