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This question has been in the minds of many, and many have tried to figure out the secret. Different sorts of measurements were devised to detect this, and not without results, already decades ago. In essence, this has led to the results which have stirred up the rotting standing water of science. I repeat that I acknowledge all the genuine results with great respect and humility. Trouble starts when we cross a certain line, where flawless principles are indispensable. Coming up with the wave functions and the equivalence of mass were a way of shillyshallying, because although they will never become equal in the sense as it is commonly understood today, science bought some time with this misleading humbug. The “mass” phenomenon is indeed a wave phenomenon and this is a very stubborn fact. Even if we were to work out stationary wave functions then that would be of no use either, as stationary waves are, in fact, caused by the mutual effect (and not their interaction) of moving waves. The wave is always on the move, so the term “standing wave” is very misleading. Viz. it is not the wave, but the waves’ certain interaction zones, where relatively constant forces stabilize. To put it more scientifically, this is interference.

I am showing an interesting phenomenon here which I made by first placing two spirals photocopied on film on top of each then nicely shifting them. At the last picture, I moved the top film a great deal. I will show this picture again because it points to a very important thing in the wave-world of matter. As the two “rigid” spirals move on each other ever-new “secondary” patterns, black rays appear in the picture. If I were to rotate these spirals, it would look like they are spreading outwards. If I placed these two moving images on each other, depending on the direction of rotation, these interferences would be outward or inward spreading. Particularly, in this moving picture, additional parabolic interferences can be observed depending on the size of the screen and the resolution set and the horizontal resolution lines of the screen. (The monitor creates the picture being viewed out of horizontal lines) which also introduces the interference phenomena of the spirals and the parallel lines to the reader. Remote wave sources enter into wave interactions with such (virtually parallel) wave layers

This comes into play especially in the understanding of gravity. For example, the atoms in the center of Earth, which are about 6,000 km/s from us, generate such spiral waves, but they can be thought to be essentially completely parallel to an atom on Earth’s surface. In such a small area there is already only an insignificantly slight curvature. That is why I mentioned the parallel lines. If you look at the picture on the left here, you can discover more strange things. A spindle shaped region appears between the two spiral centers. Similar ones appear between the atoms, and this is very similar in formal appearance to magnetic and electric fields. Of course, because they also originate from the atoms. Atoms are not some compact small closed-up berries, but essentially waves that are constantly being generated by atomic dimension sources, and their all-penetrating timewave-world spans endlessly. This affects both the micro and the macrocosm. Having said this, we can bury all the gravitonic
theories. Rest in peace.

(These “virtual”, i.e. imaginary, notional particles were the malformed monster-offspring of materialism with which they have been trying to explain the gravity phenomenon up to the present.) The spiral waves of matter provide an effective explanation for the interaction forces. This has no material particles whatsoever. They consist of essential waves.

These forces spread in such a medium of time which I’ve written of a lot on the previous pages. The light quanta are essentially quanta of space-time created within space-time quanta, as light also spatially emanates a fairly complex space into the infinite. It has radial and tangential components, i.e., creating movement outwardly and inwardly, but it also has a rotating effect. The material particles are generated by much more time sources, so their space is much more complicated. Among these time-feedback vortex systems, the neutron series is the most typical material sequence. We know two classes of this; the material and the anti-material ones. We can only keep antibodies in our world for only a millionth of a second. Their existence is not supported by our space time either. If it were to remain, it would be a very dangerous thing, because through coming into contact with any material thing, it would end its existence with an unbelievably high energy release along with the material touched, like an atomic explosion. After the meeting of one kilo of anti-matter and a pound of matter, Budapest would be reduced to a mere giant bomb funnel. That’s how much energy lies inside the material.

 The members of the neutron series are very durable, we can say that they are “endless”. But if you look at the previous sentence, this sounds like a paradox. If it is destroyed, how will it last for an infinite period time?

Materialistic science tried solving this issue in a way that matter would be conserved in this event as well, only in this case it would turn into energy. This seemed to be supported by several phenomena. But material does not turn into energy because it is nothing more than a special form of energy. / That is, it is that already and will turn into it. As particles consist of the past-waves of their sources, there is nothing in them that they imagined about them at the beginning of the century. As I am a High Priest I have some insight into the Newest Covenant Doctrine of God, and I am going to cite here what has been sent by Him through a current prophet about this issue. I wish If could put it so eloquently myself... THESE ARE THE WORDS OF GOD.



1. The physical world was created by the word of Lord Jesus’ power, and the physical world was created through release of the physical time’s Holy Spirit.

2. The physical world was created by a very fast time that can make us all capable of all things. Only the World allows for the return of all created beings.

3. Time waves are what created the shapes. The standing wave is always generated by the moving wave. The standing waves remain in existence as long as the progressive waves are on the move. If the present-point disappears, the material disappears.

4. The material is created and maintained by the very fast physical time-Holy Spirit’s present’s turning constantly into past, which is not a real thing.

5. The presentpoint constantly emanates time which becomes past as long as the
presentpoint exists.

6. There must be at least two progressive waves in order to generate a standing wave. The presentpoint is that which creates the progressive wave.

7. There are many presentpoints in each material particle. The material particle is nothing but a shape bounded by time walls, which results from the interaction of waves of time - which have become the past - emanated by the presentpoint. The material is the product of the past’s boundaries, of the present which has become the past.

8. The time wall is impenetrable, so the material can be grasped. The impenetrability of a time wall means that we want to go to Wednesday from Monday, but we cannot because Tuesday is in between.

9. The physical body exists by virtue of physical time. If you disconnect it from physical time, it will not be a body anymore, as it will no longer be a part of the physical World.

10. Time is nothing but the sum of many pasts.

11. Matter can be annihilated. Matter disappears without a trace because it is made up of time boundaries.

12. When “time shall be no more”, Lord Jesus revokes his word of power, the Holy Spirit of the physical time, the waves of the past vanish and the matter disappears without a trace.

 I did not write this text presented in the table but it interestingly uses the same terminology that I have used in my work so far. Logically, in all its elements, it has the same basic principle that I tried to explain to the dear reader in secular parlance. These twelve suras speak for themselves. This is physics indeed, and even at that kind of depth which has long been missing in the world. It’s specific because it only contains the essence. Shortly, concisely put and goes straight to the point. Well, that’s what’s inside matter. There is nothing in matter in a materialistic sense. Time, and that’s all.




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