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This question circulated for many people in exchange of him already, and many people tried it in order for the secret to be found out. You hatch up measurements for this before with decades already his exploration, and not too fruitlessly. This leaded to those results practically, that commoted the still water of the science going bad. I observe that I reward all real results with big respect and humility repeatedly. The trouble a border is below, there where the faultless basic principles are essential already. The equivalence of the wave functions and the mass was a postponement, because these never turn into equal one according to the today's public opinion though, the science won a little time by this misleading humbug. The mass phenomenon, at that wave phenomenon, and this very stubborn fact. It does not help this if we draw up functions fluctuating in one place, it dared stationary waves the interplay of moving waves (and not being effective) causes it. I have the carcass in moving always, because of this the stationary wave expression very misleading. The wave is not at a standstill as a matter of fact, but the certain interaction zones of the waves, where relatively constant power relations become stable. They call this interference more scientifically.

I show an interesting phenomenon here, that I placed a photocopied spiral on two films onto each other, I started pushing them away nicely then. I moved big one at the last picture I show this picture again below on the upper film, because the substance points out an exceeding important thing in his wave world. As the two rigid spirals move away from their place new secondary samples, black beams appear on the picture incessantly on each other. The thing would look so if I would turn these spirals, as if they would spread outward. If I would place these two moving pictures on each other at this time, then because of the rotation direction függően get out, or get in these interferences would be spreading. Particularly on this moving picture interferences with an additional parabolic character observable, what the screen is because of his size and because of the set resolution függőek, and the screen springs from his horizontal resolution rows. (The monitor forms the contemplated picture from horizontal lines) that the spirálisok and the parallel present the interference phenomenon of lines to the reader at the same time. The distant wave sources so (practically parallel) they enter the wave interactions with wave layers.

For this chiefly the understanding of the gravitation he really plays a role. Because we say it the from us onto 6000 kilometres in the centre of the Earth being atoms generate so spiral waves, but it's a on the surface of the Earth being looking out on atom in the essence of totally parallel one already can be thought. On a little area like this already insignificant curvedity appears. I mentioned the parallel lines because of this. If it here onto left being picture we contemplate it, we may discover additional curiosities. A reel appears between the two spiral centres shaped province. Similar they appear between the atoms, and this the magnetic one and electric fields show a very similar formal appearance his picture. Of course, because these spring from the atoms. The atoms some compact little one did not close though berries, but their essence considering waves, that the atoms wake up by way of dimension sources wake up continuously, and time wave penetrating everything their world drags on into the endless one. This the mikro and he has his effect felt equally in the macrocosm. We may bury it with this all of the graviton theory. Peace their dusts.

(These the virtual one, i mean the deformed at birth of the materialism were fictional, imaginary particles, with which the gravity phenomenon not solved by completeness until our days you are struggling along to explain.) The spiral sphere wave world of the substance is used for the interaction strengths with an efficient explanation. This does not have material particles. They consist of essential waves.

These strengths expand in a time medium about which I wrote a lot already on the previous sheets. The space-time arose in quanta in the essence of the light quanta space-time quanta, and some the space, what the light space-time character sheds quite complex space into the endless one. This has radial and tangential components, in Hungarian outward, inwards mover, but there is an endorser being effective beside this. The material particles by way of much more time sources wake up, like this their space much more complicated. The most typical material series is the neutron series between these time feedback whirlpool systems. We know two of the sorts of this; the substance and the antimatter. The antimatter our world only million we can maintain it until a second. Our space-time himself does not support his local existence. A thing would be very dangerous because big energy is nuclear explosion-like unbelievably being in contact with all material things if he would remain would come to an end with liberation together with the touched substance. Only an enormous bomb crater would be left after the encounter of an antimatter of a kilogram and a kilo of substance on Budapest's place. This much energy skulks in the inside of the substance.

The members of the neutron series very lasting, we may say it in such a way that they remain until endless time. But this looks like a paradox if you look up onto the previous sentence. How would he be lasting until endless time if he is destroyed? This question the materialistic science was struggling along so to solve, that the substance remains at this time, this turns into energy in a case only. This more phenomena to support showed. But the substance does not turn into energy, because not somebody else, than the special form of the energy. I mean already it, and does not become it. There is nothing like that in him after the particle consists of the past waves of his sources, that they daydreamed about him on the century's front. After than I have some insight for a high priest God late into federal tutorial one, quote, what sent through a today's prophet from this question how. If I would be able to relate it so nicely... THEY ARE GOD NEW VERBS.


The 1. The Lord Jesus's power arose due to his word, the Holy Ghost of the physical time, his emission the physical world.

The 2. Very fast time created the physical world, that onto everything may make us capable. The world makes the recurrence possible for everything created only.

The 3. The stationary waves of the time what created the formations. The advanced wave creates the stationary wave always. The advanced wave, the stationary wave remains while he moves. The substance disappears if the present dot ceases.

The 4. The substance the very fast physical time saint Lél present turning into continuous past creates it and maintains what is not a real thing.

The 5. The present dot emits the time, which turns into past while the present dot is found, continuously.

The 6. At least two of my advanced carcasses are needed for it in order for a stationary wave to come into existence. What creates the advanced student wave is the present dot.

The 7. Many present dots there is some in material particles. The material particle not somebody else, than formation bordered with time walls, that by way of the present dot radiated time turned from his waves affecting each other into past arises. The substance his past borders, his present product turned into past.

The 8. Time wall impenetrable, because of this tangible the substance. The impenetrability of a time wall means it, as if we would want to go over from the Monday into the Wednesday, no way, because the Tuesday into an alley yes.

The 9. The physical body is by way of physical time. If from the physical time you cut it off, then not body already, then not his part for the physical world.

The 10. The time not somebody else, than a lot-the totality of much past.

The 11. It is possible to bring the substance to an end. The substance disappears because time limits form it without a trace.

The 12. A Lord Jesus annuls the word of his power, the Holy Ghost of the physical time when time is not will more, his past waves disappear and the substance ceases tracklessly.


I did not write this text announced in a table, but uses the terminology that I used till now in the course of my work on more place on an interesting manner. Everything carries the same basic principle in his element logically, I tried that to explain with mundane words for the kind reader. These twelve sura speak for themselves. This that's right physics, at that in a depth that the world misses for a long time already. Actual, because he implies the essence only. Laconically, tersely, getting to the point. Well, this is in the inside of the substance. With a materialistic approach the nothing. Time, and this at the same time the everything.

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