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 It's been a while since I have written; unfortunately I have not had any time left for it. I kept reading on the Word Times issues all the way to the 26th. It was about month and a half ago, and then my time ran out. Actually, I do not really have any time either, because now I have to find a new job because I feel that I have grown current one out and that the situation has grown very stressful there. But that does not matter now, I'll write a little bit instead. There are a couple of questions which have been on my mind a lot lately. These are the following:

The 18th issue of Word-Times talks about a 64-dimensional and a higher dimensional space time, but I do not fully understand even only one active segment of the 64 space time. I philosophized a lot about why a place becomes a place, but I do not understand. I feel I do not understand because I need to think higher than 4D and I can only go up to 4D. Above that I cannot imagine things, but in a "twofold relative" way, but I cannot imagine it in any way. I imagine 4D things in a "single-relative" way, i.e. I look at how an imaginary 2D creature can see the "objects" of his world with its eyes capable of seeing 1D , and I try to see how he could perceived a 3D sphere, when, for example, as "goes through" perpendicularly to its world at a steady speed.
Then I extend this to a dimension higher by 1. Sticking to the present example the result shortly: "out of nothing" appears a ball which keeps growing slower and slower which stops growing for a moment and disappears into "nothing" the other way around it appeared. If the sphere does not cross our world perpendicularly, the phenomenon is different in that it does not do this by "floating", but moves in some direction, so its appearance and disappearance will not be in the same place. So the essence of the question is: how can I imagine the physical place if I think I have  understood the basics of the operation principle of a spatial source? (Or I do not understand it, and I have it just as data in my mind??? :-))

This is just because the gentleman wants to understand the unusual the usual way. We approach the essence of the matter in several steps because we know this. No one else would understand this at first, either. The idea of dimension is wrong. After having several goes at it, many people have indicated that they had the real brain-bursts when they  understood this really new idea. We should not be thinking in terms of matter because the story is about dynamic time here. Today's ideas are completely misleading and weak. They are very mechanistic ideas of the world. The Hungarian  name of the dimension is KITERJEDÉS (expansion). The propagation of course does not suggest some kind of static geometry. Almost everyone wants to associate that with it. In the plane world, not a "ball" but a point and then an ever-growing circle appears, then it starts to get smaller and shrinks into a point again. This is the traditional concept. In the concept we are talking about, the dimension world is completely different.

How could a light quantum be cut into half by a man of today's science, if light is not what he thinks?

In our teachings, the light quantum is an eightfold-symmetrical time loop system. There are seven separate dimensional sources in it, so it can be split. It's the seven-headed dragon in tales. If you do not cut off all seven heads with a single blow, they will immediately grow back again. This, of course, is not a fairy tale but physics and it can be deduced in all of its elements. After the split, both parts will grow into full eight-symmetry, but remain connected. At the University of Vienna, there have been great successes on this issue.

I think I'm starting to understand how our communications technology can be further developed. Let us take a light quantum and slice it up. This will give us many light quanta, which are really one and the same only at several places at the same time. Then let us develop a small tool to manipulate this light quantum with all kinds of weird ingenious ways and another tiny tool to test the state of our light quantum. Then let us develop an interface, say, between a computer's network card and the two small devices, which makes it look like a great UTP cable. I guess everybody here knows what I mean. I'm afraid that I am not the first one whom this has ever occurred to on our little planet. In fact, I am sure. My question is, is this really that simple? Let's say, if I create a light quantum then divide it into two, which will not make it two separate parts, but it will only start existing in two places, then if I should use these two light quanta to communicate, could it then be wiretapped? I don't think so. Am I correct?

Something like that. You need to look for this on the Internet: EPR. This will be the future of communications.

 If the human soul is also a space-source, then why would we get annihilated in the time-nothing?

Only our body will. Like Géza Gárdonyi

Perhaps because our space source only exists as long as another maintains it? Yes. The "other" is nothing else than the "omnipotent" mentioned in the religions. Therefore, we say that "in Jesus Christ" and not with Christ. Because we are in him and so we are with him.

- The light inside the black hole is no longer a plain fire, and its existence depends on another space-time if I understand things right. How will this become creation there within the black hole?

No, but space time really needs to be added because it provides the "space" to the whole thing. The things of the world we know can now be born in this and survive, of course. Creation is nothing other than a suitable encounter between primary or duplicate creators. There must be very accurate fulfillment of the Law here. Here, I am talking about the viable meeting of tachyons. In a black hole, there are a lot of secondary tachyons that arise and run around, so creation has a higher likelihood.

  - Can we somehow, get inside the world of a black hole which exists in our world and then get back out of it. Say, would the aliens be capable of doing so?

The better ones would be. The Universe is like that as well. A black hole. It is a large inside but it is a singularity on  the outside, i.e. a point.

- I've read about 16 parallel worlds in some text, but I
know only about six, and there are 5 of them in which there is material existence

No, in all sixteen of them. Dimensions are shifting and changing, but in a dazzling speed. I have already elaborated on its system in the section on space-time. Dimensions are essentially giving rise to and uphold each other. There is existence in all sixteen of them. They are sixteen similar space-times.

 I've also heard of 16 layers of space time, then 1 layer of nothing, then again 16 layers of space-time, then 1 layer of nothing, and so on. Are there then 6, 16 or 17 of them, or how is it really? -

Space-time is 6; with one hyperspace it is 11, with two hyper-spaces it is 16. This latter will not be reached for a long time. The parallel universes are here at the same place, but just not at the same time with us, that is, dimensions appear and disappear one by one in a row. If we only look at the space, five dimensions generate the place - the basis of existence - in six source-places. This means it will only be five dimensional, although it is born in six places. Space is six-symmetrical but does not get from five to six.

- Why does friction produce heat?

 So, what makes the light content of the material increase in friction and why by only as much mechanical work we invest into it? It does not grow, but constantly decreases. Therefore, the material is also amortized and gets tired.

 - Has anyone ever measured whether the equation really is an equation? I was thinking that even then some material
particles somehow get annihilated finally and light escapes out of them. But this cannot really be the case, because in this case the traditional energy conservation law would hardly hold true. Where is the truth here?

Matter of fact, it is a law which is only true within certain limits. Beyond that it no longer works. There is also an equation beyond that, but a different one. Our experiments indicated the latter.

- Am I right in thinking that in case of physical fire, for example, when a gas is burned and a gas particle reacts with oxygen then during the chemical reaction some of the light locked in the material finds a gate to get out of the material and is released?

Yes, all reactions are heat-producing or heat-absorbing. Oxide represents a lower energy level than the starting materials themselves. The difference is the heat that is released during oxidation. This can happen quickly or slowly. With the oxide molecule - but also for other united atoms - the amount of retained light quanta changes. This is also the case for combustible gases.

- If I understand things correctly, the Holy Spirit is the water type existence-transponder that plays the role of the princess in the tales, and consequently we exist by virtue of it, and indeed, the whole material world exists by virtue of it. Do I understand this right?

No, though the spirit of water could refer to this. It only refers to the rate of propagation of its wave world. It's like a huge vortex that is spreading at light speed. The "princess" is indeed an existence-transponder, but it is created by the fire-spewers circling around it, and this process therefore is mutual. The fire breathing dragon gives birth to the princess and the princess gives birth, one-by-one, to the "fire-breathing" sources. These together generate a growingmedium that is the result of a terribly complicated mixture of dimensional world, but which is very precise in its operation. This is the spacetime. It has little to do with today's well-known view. (Almost nothing)

These were the questions, thank you very much for the answers.

Thank you very much for bearing with me and thank you in advance for the newer answers. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Zsolt G. (Traditional Terrestrial Man)  2005.04.23.

I responded with great love because the questions mattered. - (the editor).


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