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Is it possible to measure it, render it into an image?


What could be more interesting at the start of the 21th century than the research of gravitational waves. Anyone making progress in this field will help come up with revolutionarily new ways of astronomical research and will have made such contribution to humanity which has been unprecedented in the past hundred years. I have been following this research with a lot of love as I am intensively researching this area myself and the measuring head I am using for readings was made 20 years ago and since it has seen better days it acts up now and then. It still does measure, though and has given so many useful readings that when we need to say good bye to it finally it will be put up in a place of honor in my lab.

First, I will lay this down. I think, that ether does exist, and this is none other than a non-Hertz wave medium which all of the space and light quanta and all of the existing material particles emit from themselves, however it is non material, and it is spacetime like in nature that is, its waves go through everything. Its waves penetrate everything while not the least bit of the waves get absorbed. 

What are graviational waves, in fact? One thing is certain: It is not among anything that we have discovered so far, as they are only its results. The discovery of electromagnetic waves was indeed a great
discovery, but to induce them electrically charged particles are needed, proton or electron, and therefore light cannot generate such waves. It is commonly believed so, however it cannot. Light is a special space
quantum of the second kind and has absolutely nothing to do with the magnetic or the electric waves. There are such waves, however, light does not belong among them. More dogmatic souls will react to this with a serious disapproval, nonetheless, it is a sure fact. This may sound like bad news, but it isn't. Light will be taken out of the categoryof electromagnetic waves but its space waves will be the subject of newer research. I have heard many times that mater has dual nature but Icould not find anywhere what kind of wave we are talking about when mater happens to be wave. But this is exactly the issue. Well, these never defined waves are the gravitational waves. These have to be measured, and if it is indeed possible to do so, we need to render them into an image somehow. This image will not be the representation of information carried to us by light and will not be comparable really to the images of radio tubes as these new waves are different in nature from all the phenomena so far discovered by human kind. You cannot peep into a gravitational telescope just like you cannot peep into a radio tube either since both create an image with a type of scanning which a computer renders into a quasi-colorful image recognizable by us. Radio or gravitational noises coming from different directions can be rendered into some kind of an image. 

How do the two types of observations differ?

There are a lot more observations and measurement result available regarding the nature of radio waves ever since Maxwell did a radio transmission 120 years ago and Marconi crossed the Atlantic Ocean with it and used the Morse code system for the first time for it. Radio astronomy basically aims at something else because it wants to find out what type of radio noises come to the direction sensitive device from the depths of the Universe. This is what the huge parabolic antenna is for in the focal point of which a measuring head was placed which produces the signals coming from outer space for the processing system. There are signals, among these, which come from Earth, and there are those kinds which are made by the stars, galaxies and of course they are out to hunt the ones given off some kind of an alien civilization. Depending on what type of signals these are we can guess what their sources are like, what characteristics they have but we may even capture the signals of an extra terrestrial radio or television station. This is what the SETI program is looking for. Radio waves are of a lot longer wavelength than light and therefore lot larger sensory devices need to be built if we want to observe them. The largest ones take up a whole valley already. For this purpose, a structure having a diameter of more than 300 meters has been constructed in Arecibo. There is, however, a great downside to light and radiowaves. They mainly get absorbed or bounce back off of the surface of mater but an even huger downside is that they "only" travel at the speed of light. This "downside" also means that light is unable leave the objects which have an enormous mass, the "black wholes". There are still, though, some astronomical and radio astronomical methods available to find out a thing or two about them. Devising new ways to detect wavelengths going beyond the optical scrutiny of the universe is exactly what helped to further this cause along. But the passivity and the elusiveness of the dark matter for our instruments of measurement have always intrigued men of curious nature. They have looked for further possibilities in addition to the known ones and have come to he special world of gravitational waves at that point. These are a lot more mysterious than the radio waves or light. The reason being is that they easily penetrate through any material. I hold - and this flies in the face of modern science" s assumptions - that they have no particles of any kind. Everything induces such waves, spacetime, light quanta and all material particles. If mater - let"s say lead - absorbed them as it does the radiation of radio activity - not to mention the very penetrating gamma radiation - then the specific weight of a tiny lead shot would differ from the specific weight of a large lead ball as a portion of the gravitational effect striving from the middle outwardly could not interact with the outside world. However, this is not so.

 But this means that we are in trouble because how are we to sense these mischievous waves easily flying trough everything? If this is true then they have no effect on anything!
I made two statements here, and these things seem to be contradictory on the face of it. I said that the lead ball is in interaction with the world in its environment, even its innermost atom and at the same time I said that this wave-world penetrates everything as if no matter were in its way, however thick that may be. How is it possible that it moves everything and yet, at the same time, it freely moves through everything. 


What can we detect them with?

It may come as a surprise but: With anything. What is funny is that while these waves go through everything the relocate the material particles, more precisely put, the generating - sources of those, their light-cores in their own-time layers and this is how they exert - from our own point of view - force on them.We are dealing with a very complex phenomena here, because space, and all the other energy quanta's wavelengths can many times fit into a material particle and that slices it up like butcher a salami. At the same time, it drifts it, attracts and repulses it, twists and spins it while remaining the same, not braking. This wave-world emerges continuously as a result of a time - feedback and therefore there is no energy loss whatsoever during the generation of gravitational waves. This, what I have described, can be found in anything known to us, and basically goes on forever. We can also say about it that this is the essence of the universe. This is what gives weight to things and this causes things to have mass, and this causal (fundamental) phenomenon is at the core of all subsequent processes and phenomena of the Universe.

The half finished monstrous VIRGO GW telescope by Pisa. The greater arm is 3kms in length and later on the smaller arm will be just as big. This basically is an oversized Michelson-Moray measurement which the physicists have taught as wrong and unscientific.











It can be detected with a magnet, an electret or even the resistance of a piece of wire. It was even possible to detect these cunning gravitational waves with a piece of pencil lead. The reason is that when gravitational waves keep shifting the atoms of mater with their space-layers then the atoms of a pencil lead for example make some kind of an electric noise and this can be easily amplified. What is interesting is that even a small Rotring filler tip is enough for its detection and due to its elongated linear geometry it is sensitive enough too. It is kind of funny that if this solution was a snake than it would have bitten humanity, however, it was never discovered or really applied. The Russians started to go in quite a good direction in the sixties of the last century and designed a piezo lined parabola and a matrix built from quartz crystals but these were experimented with for military use mainly and therefore it did not gain wide civil application, in other worlds, open science.


The Hungarian instrument with a removed cover.
The round black box is a vertical optical protractor.
It give 360000 angle signals within one full revolution.
The control unit at the front (right).
The sensory unit is in the greyish tube standing at anagle.

I have found the description of layered structured space in Saharov's works who already postulated a hyperspace but due to its complicated theoretical nature it was met with total blindness on the part of Science and J.A. Wheeler's half-spin space theory had a similar reception. Basically, they came up with two different approaches to the same thing, since Wheeler"s snail house like dynamic space generates a layered space, since looking at it from a distance, these intertwined layers of this snail shell like spacetime almost come off as parallel planes. This is what the wave spaces of light quanta and also the particles are like. Waves similar to the waves spreading in air spread in this wave-world at the speed of light and this modulation is non other than the self-noise of atoms and light. The vast majority of scientist believe this to be extremely long waves and therefore they have constructed works many kilometers in size to detect gravitational waves. This is what can be seen in the first picture. This is what the instrument VIRGO is like.

Basically, they came up with two different approaches to the same thing, since Wheeler's snail house like dynamic space generates a layered space, since looking at it from a distance, these intertwined layers of this snail shell like spacetime almost come off as parallel planes. This is what the wave spaces of light quanta and also the particles are like. Waves similar to the waves spreading in air spread in this wave-world at the speed of light and this modulation is non other than the self-noise of atoms and light. The vast majority of scientist believe this to be extremely long waves and therefore they have constructed works many kilometers in size to detect gravitational waves. This is what can be seen in the first picture. This is what the instrument VIRGO is like.

This is basically a gigantic Michelson-Morlay experiment where several laser beams at right angle to each other running many kilometers bounce back and forth between the many thousands of kg heavy suspended mirrors and their deflexion or deflecting, oscillation, interferences are proportional to their effect exerted on the semipermiable mirror and other optical glasses during their running and therefore can be rendered into some kind of an electronic image. The LASER's light beam is guided in huge vacuum tubes built on the surface of the Earth. Light goes back and forth for 8 kms in the larger ones (26,6 microsec) and thus the very long wave resonances can be very well observed with this device and Weber probably would be very proud that his tenets are so widely followed and I usually say, that even a grain of sand or an atom has mass but it is certain that it has to be looked for not in the kingdom of kilometer long wavelengths but in the kingdom of very high frequencies.

My first measuring head was set up in a shielding made of two aluminium cigar cases which could be screwed together. This was a passive measuring head, however, this could give a huge measuring signal still, and it was sensationally direction-sensitive. Directed to the center of our Galaxy it indicated a noise of 400 mV and this was slowly moving as the sky was turning even though there was a roof and an attic in that direction over my head. I was observing this behavior for several weeks and the maximum of the then observed phenomena was obviously pointing in the direction of the constellation Sagitarius. I was only moving the measuring head by hand and I had already observed back then, that the Sun or the Moon is not exactly where I am pointing with the measuring head. I could especially observe this in a Westerly direction because that is where my windows were facing. In the South, I could hardly notice and gravitational discrepancy between the gravitational and optical observations. This already brought to mind the Michelson-Morlay experiment even at that time. Later measurements confirmed this feeling even more. Earth rotates to the West. Here, in Budapest, it does almost at the speed of sound. Even if I sit in an armchair for the entire day, I move 200000 kms around within the span of these 24 hours. Not to mention that I rotate around the Sun at a speed 84,848484 times the speed of sound. Everything seems so peaceful and stationary, though. The gravitational image somehow shows a discrepancy to the optical image. The image created by the gravitational wave is not where the optical image is. The reason for this is that light bends in the atmosphere, however, the non-beaming, soundwave -like gravitational waves do not. We can also say, that we can look a little bit under the horizon because the longer path the light covers in the thick atmosphere, the more it bends. This is what causes the mirage phenomena in the weirdly warm layered atmosphere.

The first of our image like rendition of our measurements brilliantly showed the Andromeda constellation "M 31 and M110 galaxies in the middle of each of which the astronomers suspect black holes. These could be about 20 000 times the mass of Sun which are huge, but there are even huger ones. The greatest ones could even be three billion times the mass of the Sun. It is even hard to imagine this, because this is the mass of a smaller Galaxy in one little heap. Despite this, its circumference is thought to be only 20000 kms. This is even much smaller than the
Earth". The closest galaxy to us is the M 31 about two million light years from us and it is coming in. There are two larger white spots in the picture shown here and the larger one is the M 30 and the smaller one - to the left of it is the M 110. This is a lot further away, could be about 35 million light years from us. There are several white spots in the right lower corner, these indicate quite a great mass too. The image which is visible hear has not been edited onto a star map yet, but later on, our software people have "doctored" one of the most popular open sourcecode programs and thus the final result is displayed placed into a starry image for easier


There are two completely whitish zones in the picture. The greater one
is the M31 (Andromeda fog)
the right one show the M110 galaxies. There are a large number of very
distant black holes in the right lower corner.

Due to the measuring head and measuring method the change keeps circulating in the measuring head for quite a while, that is, simply
put, rings, like a bell. This is very well visible in the two pictures shown here. The blue ribbon was caused by the Moon and the yellow by
Jupiter. This indicates that Jupiter is only seen as a very bright star, but makes a lot more intensive signal because the yellow pseudo color is generated by a lot stronger signal than the blue one.

The brighter blueish signals within the inside of the blue ribbon may indicate a denser inner core of the Jupiter. It is also interesting that
Jupiter's yellow stripe is at an angle with the blue stripe of the Moon, maybe because their axes are off or due to rotation anomaly. This
results from one side of the fast spinning Jupiter coming our way and the other side getting away from us at a great speed. This is not a small speed because we are talking about a speed of 46000 Km/h and our Moon revolves around her axis at a lot slower.

The shot was made in a westerly direction about 20 degrees over the horizon. At this point, the Moon is still almost precisely where the stellar map shows it and Jupiter is only slightly off from the map. I was really looking forward to this alignment because I was curious to see how they resonate together in our stellar telescope.

I repeated the measurement one and a half hours later and the two colors appeared just the same, but by this time, they had just set behind the mountain in front, that is, this shot was made trough the mountain, with view blocked by the mountain, which means that they have
already had set down in the meantime. Their opposition changed in the meantime as well since the Moon backs out to the left compared to the stars. The other weird thing - I have pointed this out already - is that the yellow stripes of the image backed off of the optical image. This is the phenomenon that proves very well that we are really dealing with gravitational waves.

The measurements which were done in a Westerly and Easterly direction heavily deviate from the starmap details. We need to note that this program works quite precisely but shows a great deviation from the Gravitational device images in the East and the West. 

The starmap adds the atmospheric distortion to the position of the stars but this is added all around the horizon - and not only in the East and the West. The image shows the interferences generated by the by
mountain as well. This is the multiple V shaped figure, varying in color from red to blue.

The fact that the two images are so alike is very encouraging because only repeated measurements give certain evidence. 


This is proven very well by the measurement data of the Sun. We show the signal and image generated by the Sun in this picture. This was done in the West as well, and is off from its place in the starmap. The Sun
is so much off from its gravitational image.




This shot of the Sun was made trough the Earth and galaxy M 45
shows quite well in it. I think it is important to stress that the Sun
of enormous mass regularly gives such an image, that is, two well
marked, separated lines. Both. Such twin lines have always been
displayed in the more successful Sun shots. It is as though only the surface had any mass. The same was observed during the measurement of the Moon. Only the crust showed signs of having a greater mass.


This is our best picture of the Moon. This shows that there is a more liquid substance below a relatively narrow crust suggesting that the sea of the Moon is not outside but inside. Further measurements could tell us a lot more about the visible and non visible wonderful world around us. We want our images to get as close to the astronomical images as possible so that we would not need to separately explain them. We hope that we can soon break news of it to our dear readers.





Our dear readers can read about the results of American black hole research at the webpage of Harward university. However, there is not much mention of gravitational waves here yet.


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