2. Hungarian text

Three constellations are visible in full whole one's on the undermentioned star chart. The Big Dipper is the part of this most dominant and constellation which can be recognised easily. He is apparent from a city. Full Big Bear only lightless it is possible to observe it on place. The Latin name of the constellation is Ursa Maior (UMa). From a city only his seven brightest stars can be observed. The Hungarians call this Big Dipper.

A triangle consisting of quite pale stars, Little Lion is under Big Bear stomach. Leo Minor is his Latin name. (LMi) from a city cannot be seen. In the same manner from pale starlets is outlined the hunting dogs constellation. His Latin name Canes Venatici (CVn)

He has to know that the name of these is with an Arab origin if the kind reader is looking at the star names which can be read weakly there here. The Arab astronomers dealt with many millennia profoundly with astronomy already before us. And not only with a prophecy aim, as the today's astronomers are repeating it about their predecessors often.

M 81  M 82

M 84

M 101

M 102

There are two beautiful galaxies above Big Bear head, but only with a telescope can be observed. The galaxies huge stellar associations like that, in which you are 100000 x 100 billion stars may circulate around the galaxy seed even. These onto light-years they are from each other, and one a huge galaxy like this so immensely big, that heavy to catch his greatness. The light reaches across under 10000-100000 years one of his edges until the other one. These galaxies which can be seen here existed very once sometime, because these pictures the a million started before with years light fixed it the foto onto a disk. We may see their ancient past only, since a million onto light-years they are from us. We are in the same manner with their celestial place, since they move.

Above the hunting dogs visible it 94 of M quite featureless closed globular clusters, with very pale whirlpool arms, and Big Bear tail it is over it M 101 (102) (NGC 5457) very beautiful spiral galaxy.

If we observe this the from above visible galaxy, we may form an idea about in a what kind of bigger stellar system we live then, since our galaxy, in which the Sun circulates,, with a very similar character it M to 101.