6. Hungarian text

We walk around the North Star again now, but receding from him. We live in the moderate belt, i mean some roughly halfway the equator, and between North Pole. The North Star would be above our head if we would stand it there, if on the equator, we would see it on the horizon though then. If he would not differ a little, would be there always then, and would go around the horizon under a year. The zodiac zodiac signs they would line up in a row through the Zenith. There are zodiac constellations like that because of the small-sized obliquity but so, that only in winter, and there are ones like that, that we may see in summer because they are in daytime on our sky only. Leo (Leo) i mean the lion a constellation dominates the August. The astrological months differ from the calendar months, and the year a March is beginning according to the Huns' ancient chronology on 22 in the ram even today. The Lion from 23 July to 23 August lasts. His brightest star (his alpha) Regullus is apparent from a city well.

Coma Berenices (Com) i mean Berenike's hair the stars of a constellation are not apparent from the city, and then from country looked at too featureless pale constellation.

We agree on the other hand in Bernike hair single Messier galaxy, it M 64 one and it M 49 -est above the bosoms of Virgo.

M 64

NGC 2903

M 94

M 49

M 63

M 105

Former a quite diffuse inkblot-like galaxy in Berenike, for which the construction of a characteristic spiral arm, the latter one are not on an interesting manner, though one even at this diffuser globular cluster with a most thick star content.