The two very beautiful constellations of Milky Way are on this map. We see it above our head in summer the Swan, his Latin name Cygnus (Cyg). It is a quite large constellation on sky. His brightest star is seen always from Deneb city if the sky is starry. He is resplendent in truth impressively where the sky is somewhat darker. Vega who can be seen above our head helps to find. In a whole year visible, than the Big Dipper. The constellations falling near to the North Star in winter in summer visible, only in winter just his other half for the sky. Sure it may be apparent to us if we track Big Bear "Göncöl" how he revolves around the North Star. More experienced the time may be observed go ahead. On a winter night more than a half makes a turn on the sky because of nightfall until a dawn. The stars get up likewise and they calm down, than the Sun and the moon. There are not zodiac constellations on this map, but there is an other beautiful constellation, the Eagle, Latin yet on his name Aquila (Aql). This bird before the swan can be found between the stars of Milky Way. There can be found, where the angels' turning is, i mean the junction of Milky Way. The bowman is flying towards a constellation, which is a zodiac ticket already, directly. Astrologywise 24 of the tribes of the Hun, like this the Hungarians the folk of the Sagittarius. Not because they were able to shoot an arrow awfully, but because of that because this zodiac sign is our folk determining.

We talked about the lute already. Two little constellations, the Fox, Latin got sticked between the swan and the eagle Vulpecula (Vul) and the Arrow, in Latin Sagitta (Sge). From a city cannot be seen, drawn lightleses their stars. Milky Way himself does not show on Budapest already unfortunately, only from the exterior circumferences.


M 27 galaxy  
M 27

M 51

NCC 6960

Milky way

It M 27 galaxy, only a very interesting cosmic fog. The stars in the fog stimulate the atoms of the fog with their radiations, and they are persuaded to using this for lightning. Weight it is called fog, and his middle one 14 magnitudo star is enthroned, but the temperature of this 85000 Ko it is respected. 3 light-years are the lengths of the fog.

There are a pale little constellation, the Dolphin, Delphinus on the bottom of the map (Del). Very kind little constellation from the edge of Milky way not far. From a city I did not manage to find it yet with a unaided eye.