10. Hungarian text

Two Zodiac constellations are visible already on this map. The Aquarius, Aquarius (Aqr) and the Capricorn, Capricornus (Cap). Winter Zodiac signs which can be seen in summer, because it is astrology and the astronomy based on it works, how the Sun stays when in which zodiac sign. The Capricorn December a January lasts from 22 to 20, the Aquarius though January February lasts from 21 to 19. It is apparent from this, that the Sun in which month we see it get up in the direction of which Zodiac sign. This Zodiac sign does not show just of course at this time, since that way the Sun is. Constellations showing on summer close to the horizon entirely, and here a real noon constellation appears. It covers the noon half of sky always from before us the Earth. These his cognition into South America, or we should travel into Australia. We will present these. Noon fish, Piscis Austrinus are constellations like this. He does not figure on the star charts sold at us already.

There are a little pale constellation, the Colt, Equuleus on the better upper side of the picture (Equ). Is not apparent from a city, and on country heavy to realise.

M 30

NGC 7009

NGC 7293

NGC 7089

It M 30 an average globular cluster some thusand from a star. Onto some 40000 light-years is from us and approaches us. 75 light-years are his diameters. From us it is not possible to observe it already because he is on the horizon very much.