11. Hungarian text

The wet things appeared here. We may examine two Zodiac signs. Onto the left triangle above already from an other map acquaintance. But we may see a new constellation under it. The Ram, Aries (cute) a quite insignificant little constellation, and from the city yet his alpha, Homalt quite heavy to find. The time of the Aries a March is beginning on 21, and April lasts until 20. Let them not become embittered because of that the ram children, because all works some other way totally and six, than the astronomers to degrade they are struggling along. The stars do not affect the man with gravitation, but on a much more cunning manner. At the Huns otherwise very important constellation, because the year and the spring signal his beginning equally. We moved back after the last wildfire get down, and like this our chronology 2003 21. Marches the astrology with an ancient origin begins the year with the ram counting 6044 from 21.

It more spreading constellation the fish, Pisces (Psc) constellation, for which V letter implement he has the alpha on his peak, it al Rischa. Interesting, that the sign of the ram resembles the shape of the Pisces rather because that V is shaped. The time of the fish from 20 February to  20 March lasts. Typically wet zodiac sign.

An extensive constellation settles down in the bottom of the picture, the Whale, Cetus (Whale). Entirely above the horizon can be observed, and three of his brightest stars can be identified. His alpha Menkar, his beta Diphola (Deneb), and Mira glimmers brightly.

Above the ram and on the left of the Pisces a beautiful spiral galaxy can be observed, It M the 33. from us the distance of truth 2.3 a million light-years. In the telescope pale, drawn distant one and quite bulky.

It M the beautiful stout centre of 33 galaxies, and he has character arms, and with a related appearance with our galaxy.