5. Hungarian text

I calm our lovely reader despite all sceptical blustering, how his relatives live the stars away. These sure the sceptic's blood relations, even if he does not believe a drop in this. He denies his ancestors only. Even in the east, was born in the west even. Arvisura writes it down unambiguously, that our race was crossed over with the genetic substance of more races. At that already in those days with artificial insemination. Volunteering childless priestesses undertook this in the interest of our genetic substance's increased correction. Kaltes arrived from a woman's planet here scholars helped.

Let us look at our own punctuation marks first again. This no one single of our punctuation mark supply, but they are not different whatever so much that they would turn into one which cannot be read with completeness because of this. Lived between us recently yet than imposingsaman the age maybe his most important soul. A soul was trialed like that, who it esoterics Trismegistos got used to enter sporting event. They called it  Zoltán Paál. He preserved it and enriched the Hungarians' historiography, which he was never able to have published because the official line made everything this, taking a shower, onto silencing him. He did not go through the time when he got onto two chunk volume of expense from this holy book. There was some neat Hungarian men, who had it at heart, because of that our history wider acquainting. Zoltan Paál: ARVISURA -IGAZSZÓLÁS  (Püski publisher - Budapest 1998 and more new publised books)

Let's see well our oldest writing memory, which our ancestors used before with 6043 years (in 21. marcius 2003).

Our most ancient known incision (6043 year ones (in 21. marc. 2003)

These the ordoszi punctuation marks approved by a head shaman. Until the today's day valid the úz in incision signs. It was introduced when it is from Atais brought for (older, and to replace the metacommunication meant) signals left it the writing of the Arvisura. These the sounding - mophema - fonema signs Mures from a head shaman's age truths. On "palóc" said úzs it was used in the contemporary times. Everything used during a speech is suitable for the description of a sound.

Úzok living between Holy Saturday and Nyitra tarkan ABC-je

Úz-palóc alphabet, the initiated ones secret Arvisuras incision signs, with what the Palóc is tarkans they wrote.

Settled in 955 between Salgótarján and Balassagyarmat, From Kevevár arrived 
colony tribes tarkan ABC-je, with which all are Palóc Arvisura, sheets it was copied

The runic writing reformed in 1220

Kiszely's Proto-Hungarian runic writing from 1996

On Paál Zolta Istenin the memorandum of quoting nazír this it ABC-t used it, but a lot added an explanation to it.

No and finally, but not finally the request of many of our readers I accomplish who were enquiring warmly the Siriusian for the full punctuation mark supply of "sinzus". This alphabet - finally too the ancient countryman is fit for their description for languages, the kind the Hungarian. These remained in Oceania chiefly, (Hawaiian, Maori, Tahitian), and the nága in a language, that the language of the old scripture was. His signs not identical, but our ancient writings show a big resemblance after all in their character his letters. We write with the Latin letters imposed on us though today, but it is necessary to know it, that this passed through many modifications by the time our today's writing style and our spelling took shape. The stranger hand and the alienesque were frequent in this. The runic writing not more primitive , than the today Latin letters in use, indeed, onto the written fixing of our much more suitable speech. This had to disappear off the face of the Earth with fire and iron in order that we forget our past and our history. Like this afterwards after some hundred years, already can be inundated we are the kultúrszeméttel, and many times lied with a history. Say onto something, that pagan , and already hateable too will be because of the information locked away and reared in masses' eye. Well, the above ones early Christian signs, priors (and more Christian) the writing style of all today's churches. We brought it so with ourselves onto the Earth. The person who learns the writing presented here burns with a good chance knows to read his writings to the inhabitants of the solar systems around us. Not all, but they will be if he writes with this who understand it. In Hungarian, it is necessary to write Hungarian words with him, than our runic writing.


In the thing that very interesting one, that the writing of the sinzu and examining his language this old Hungarian Mary does not compare a drop to the old-fashioned language of lamentation. We understand it without a trouble today, our separation happened to many thousand years before though. This Arvisura is in the same manner with texts. The many thousand year messages are legible well yet. In whose language there are loan words so densely. Maybe, that our forefathers were able to mutter only? Well, the untruthful man is caught up with sooner or later, than "Lame Kate". There are Sirius A and B. 

Please, read these messages from the gold records with the help of the above alphabet.

I ask you to print these out since a whole garnitura is from the Hungarian nationalities' ancient punctuation marks here (if you may make it), much interesting one dared yet onto a thing for a tooth to lead, and their survival your folk this is very important. You are literate already if you learn it. Yet your profit maybe. The machine flies away, the writing remains...

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