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From what the time goes by?
Why is time passing?

This simple question may sound like a trivial one, one that perhaps a child may ask. However we should seriously think about it intelligently about the aspects of time—it is highly suspicious that time is not a homogenous process as it is an impossible idea that—motion, action or existence is possible without time. You may already feel this intuitively as you see, know this as you sense and feel the vibration of the purple subtitle. The solution is there already within you. Pay attention to often deep meanings of ‘puns’, jokes, proverbs—as often solutions, answers lie deep within their contexts. The Magyar language if filled with these hidden meaning, which we understand instinctively. This occurs in other languages to a degree if you pay attention to it—these riddles and puzzles will be a road signs that point to complex solutions and the understanding of deep philosophical questions. The rewards of being attentive and having an open mind, will lead you to unraveling hidden secrets—that have always been present, but are hidden.

The word—‘logos’—the initial ‘word’ of creation—in grammar has the context of a verb. As we know –verbs—reflect action. The interpretation of ‘logos’ has within its meaning—existence, action, actual physical happening.
N. B—Logos from ???? lego "I say" in Greek, originally a word meaning "a ground", "a plea", "an opinion", "an expectation", "word," "speech," "account," "reason," became a technical term in philosophy, beginning with Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC), who used the term for a principle of order and knowledge—but it is a word for action with numerous connotations. Under Hellenistic Judaism, Philo (ca. 20 BC–AD 50) adopted the term into Jewish philosophy. The Gospel of John identifies the Logos, through which all things are made, as divine—theos and further identifies Jesus as the incarnate Logos. Philo distinguished – logos prophorikos (the uttered word) and the logos endiathetos (the word remaining within). The meaning is still a verb.

The ‘word’ has three tenses within its context of interpretation—past, present and future.

Undeniably there is a coherent connection between this word and time. Within the universe we only recognize one dynamic action—time itself. We have to come up with a theory, a reasonable idea that will explain—what actually keeps time in motion, what keeps up its inexhaustible dynamism. From physics we know that atoms have immense dynamism—electrons circulate around the atomic nuclei at the speed of light—unceasingly.

This we accept without much thought. But what keeps these atoms it in existence—with such dynamism for billions of years ? This was not so important of a question to science—so it seems. There is much explanation in the scientific literature regarding many behaviors of atoms, one is—atoms become decrease continuously in size through this process gaining the replacement of the loss of its energy—this is akin to a spinning ice skater. This makes reasonable sense for someone who does not actually think about this—and whether this is actually possible. 
The world is –this we know without a doubt, is dynamic. A static, solid rock—is also dynamic as it is made up of dynamic atoms in constant motion. Everything within existence—rocks, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies that may seem static, fixed—have colossal inner motion. The biggest dilemma is—that the particles within matter have a–leftish spin—this means that due to its parity of movement, its spin—we cannot find its counterpart as anti-matter has a—rightish spin. According to our present accepted science—we do not recognize any substance that contains anti-matter. However, recently we know from the latest research the discovery of its existence, we can actually produce an anti-matter particle —it`s lifespan is infinitesimally short, but it can and does exist. This is the latest scientific position.

We should address the spectacular asymmetry of movement . On this issue academics have very few concrete answers and are on a slippery slope The even more interesting phenomena is that—space actually is also spinning—towards the right—according to J. A. Wheeler. This –right space—does not have parity known by us. We do not know of its mirror pair image. The space according to J. A. Wheeler has—a right spin as well as a half spin—which means—that this right spin something after the creational process, after two complete spins—will return to its starting position. This has been stated by many physicists in the past fifty. 
If this is creative process which steady and constant, something must be creating it—which is time itself or something that which compares to it. Undoubtedly something dynamic has to beget—the space.
If space is fact is spiraling, then the actual—source system of the space its self—should be minute compared to all of the universe because the space may not expand faster than the light. If Einstein`s theory is right—that there is nothing higher in velocity than the speed of light, then the event horizons of time should spread with speed of light—at least We presuppose this because we have discovered two things what may move faster than the speed of light. 

Around 1930— Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen found effects that indicates –a velocity which is beyond speed of light, in fact it maybe endless. (Check EPR on the internet). Many scientist are vested in this research as this would make possible a new communication method –without radio waves. ( Personally I strongly feel that they have actually realized this over twenty or thirty years ago). The laws stated within this EPR research – maybe covering different phenomena that maybe spreading with endless velocity. We shall discuss this further in the discussion regarding –the string theory. 
Little off on a historical note here—Dr. Minkowszky, Einstein`s mathematics professor—did not believe at first that his pupil published an article—a theory on relativity. When he was told, that it had appeared in the journal of the patent office, which at the time was not a scientific publication—his response was that it was just someone probably with a similar name, as the Einstein that he knew –was highly untalented in mathematics and physics. 
Well, the said Dr. Minkowszky was the one who named space-time as—Raumzeit—deliberately as one word, because he stated that space and time were in reality one homogenous thing. They are not separated entities from each other—no separate space, neither is it three dimensional, adding a separated time factor theory. After almost a century we are still focused on such obscure things. This is the real demagogy, as is that fourth dimension, the kind the today's physics are chasing.

Minkowszky considered time –as something spreading from a boiling point. This cannot be anything else, because if time is—scalar than this would mean that in as much it is aimless, then it maybe expanding only with speed of light in all direction. If it is expanding—then there is no limit, and can never stop. The actual word—dimension means to spread/expand. What spreads moves in an outward direction—from a single point steadily in all directions. The parameters of expansion that can be measured or set—cannot not exist.
The final moment is here when you have to secede from your old habits. This dimensionally expanding colossal space—which cannot be measured. Imagine—in under eight minutes it can reach the sun—and reach by Pluto in six hours, which is on the edge of our solar system.

What is actually expanding here?

It is not a substance, neither are they material particles nor any other from of particles. So what is it? We may presuppose with some certainty that whatever is expanding at an incredible pace is –certainly medium-like. Even Minkowszky may not have drawn it as an ever expanding continual sphere, as this not a physical neither a mathematical expansion. Not endless, but enormous—neither boundless, we just do not know its parameters – it is incomprehensible, inconceivable in our mind at this point in time. Below is a figure for further understanding. This is the first element is its prototype. Its name is in six languages here.

Water, Wasser,     Aqua Voda, Su, Sui
Tamás Betlej graphics: The time and its dynamic expansion. effluence/expansion of the dimension.
(The figure shows a sphere cut in two)

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