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If the basic elements of the world are not corpuscles, how should we now imagine the world? So far, everything seemed so complete, and now comes this total confusion.

Well, things will not get more tangled up with this, but will become much simpler. If we start our train of thought with time waves then many ideas becomes obsolete, but still, even more things will become clear. Undoubtedly we will have to contend with many new difficulties, but it is worth it to have a go at it! In this way, the interactions, for example will start to make sense, and we can forget about the completely useless (theoretical) virtual particles.

Well then, what is matter made of? It is, palpable, isn?t it? We use it to craft objects and we already know so much about it that it is no use to start the thing all over from scratch!

It would be worthwhile to take a look at this issue a little bit more closely! If we just previously came to a very complicated light quantum which also satisfies, despite its complexity, the cunning duality criterion too then we should take a look at what matter in essence is. We have established the incredibly interesting property of light that it is kept in existence by tachyons much faster than the speed of light. This "secret" (light quantum) is preserved by the peoples of the Earth in the form of the fire wheels of fireworks. It is therefore connected to our festivities and if you pay attention you can see many such important things in the dances and festive traditions of different peoples which may have a significance in the process of creation. Each custom preserves a seed of knowledge for us. The girls are also good at it because their embroidery motifs keep this secret. The secret of the Father. So you say "hím" (male) , "hímes" (embroidered), "hímzés" (embroidery), "hímezés?" (embroidering).

So in the beginning we agreed that we have nothing other than time sources and therefore there is nothing new "under the virtual Sun". The self-generating loop of the light quantum cannot go any faster due to the etalon speed of its own past emanation that is: WE HAVE DISCOVERED THE REASON FOR THE SPEED OF LIGHT That is to say, older and older states get accumulated in front of it and if the self generating source system penetrates into that it finds itself more and more behind in its ownpast that is, it can only proceed as much as its ownpast emanates. (There is time there too, but in its former state, in other words, more and more behind in time). The same is true for matter, but its much larger and a hundred thousand times more complicated time feedback system will now make it impossible to approach the speed of light. Due to the contraction distortion it undergoes here its time whirl degrades.

Then it also follows that moving in each medium of different curvature (density) - to be precise in a cluster having a different number of sources - it will have different speeds each time. And really, light travels slower in glass. Yes, but then the vacuum, which we fool ourselves with in our measurements is just air free space, but the wave emanation of the great amount of matter, material essences, in the vicinity of the measuring totally mislead us. This is also true in an astronomical sense, because what we call the vacuum of outer space is essentially saturated, but in addition, solar wind, the Sun's and the stars corpuscular outpouring is also actively blowing out there, and it (if you think about it thoroughly) could be understood as the Sun's atmosphere in the case of the solar system. Such is exuded by every star, and of course, the neutrinos should fall into this category of material atmosphere, which cover distances of thousands of light-years on their way to Earth, as a result of supernova explosions. This is why they measure neutrinos with telescopes. Where there is material, there is wave space, since such a thing can be measured well even in the case the light quanta of a much simpler structure. From this it also follows that we must examine our view of the outer space, since this medium optically significantly affect the path, the refraction of the light.

No one can doubt the wave nature of light, can they, since this was already measured and described by Huygens 350 years ago. It has now became consequential in the new approach and the accumulating time layer cap in front of the light quantum gives a good explanation as to why light snaps back from mater. The light quantum - as a result of emanating spherical spaces out of itself- has weight. Simply because its emanating curved spaces have a similar effect on the sources moving inside it to the curved spaces outflowing around the material masses.

You are exactly right! With this, the mass and gravity are nothing more than a resulting phenomena as a result of space essences. In as many wavesources? time spaces a source moves it is in so many times, thus such an apparent uncertainty occurs (a resulting phenomenon) that if we tried to describe any point of the universe all of the time sources in the world should be considered. This would be a very complicated calculation, which is already a very large number even if only the mater of the universe were taken into account. If the wave spaces of phenomena could be frozen in time, the material wave spaces would come out to about a 2,7x10 48 dimensional value, and we still left out all light quanta's wavespaces. Other assumptions and calculations for this estimate the number of particles of matter at around 10 80 in the universe. This should be multiplied by the dimension number of time sources constantly being born and dying which are at
labor in them which means an additional five to six orders of magnitude. Heisenberg was right and so was Diracright, who dealt with the issue of the point matrices' set-perturbation.
Things can be calculated from the experiencable impacts, and this makes a neutron very many dimensional. About 740000
dimension sources may be whirling in it in a terribly complicated dance. This fluctuates at around a value of 512 in the electron. Here, I'll show you a picture of the neutron fractal to make sure you have some ideas.

neutron inside

The neutron cut in half.
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Imagine the whole thing like a cauliflower. It also starts from a few little branches, and branches become smaller and smaller and branches grow so thickly in the end that they make up a contiguous surface. It follows from this that hydrogen atom is non other than a neutron in an excited state. The wall of neutrons or protons is made up of a time mirror which is non other than a weird time contradiction in which the branches' binary multiplication produces shorter and shorter branches and therefore the sourcepresences' spatial distance gets closer and closer on the "shoot tips" of the branches and so it gets ever closer to the value of the essential layer thickness of the layers of spacetime. It occurs more and more that the branching's offshoots with a male and female spin get into a time contradiction (due to the opposite time shift) with themselves which creates an impenetrable time mirror which is not different, only a little bit off in place and in time. These phenomena are very short-lived, but are constantly regenerated in the center of the particles, and this is what gives us the appearance of permanency due to prolificacy.

These time contradiction mirrors race outwards at a huge speed in the neutron (proton), and reaching a preclusion sphere regularly (cyclically) melt away. In the center of a neutron an electron (2?) sits on the throne and this makes it electrically neutral. If the electron comes out of it then despite a 1836.11 times difference in their mass their electric charge will be identical, only will be the opposite.

My eyes opened widely ... The proton really is lighter by circa two and a half electrons than a neutron. Just calculate it! Now then, how is it? Have we some kind of a mass catastrophe here? And then what will happen to the "conservation of matter" law?

Well, it is all as I said before. It is very likely that the electrons inside the nuclei undergo such time - holographic  changes in proportion to the current local timeamount which can even multiply them and we may liken this to the division of cells. This is of course just a analogy because this condition exists only for as long as the environmental (or internal) light levels are high. The spaces, space essences of the light quanta and particles add up and thus they make the atom appear which we have taken under scrutiny. With the decrease of this light level they return to their less excited states. Therefore, at "higher temperatures" such "oscillating electrons" appear around each atom as a result of which they will have virtual chemical valencies. This is not another electron, only due to the multipoint endstates of the vibration it manifests in several places. This is the real cause of variable valence.

 The whole world became so dark. What are you saying!

This is very important, because it will apply at macro and micro levels. So the more light you cram into an atom the more excited it will be. The reason it cannot go forever like that because once a threshold value has been reached it becomes entirely impossible for the tachyon population of almost one million to dance their particle creating magic dance and at this point the particle simplyceases to exist. Is not converted to any sort of energy but simply disappears from existence, that is, it annihilates. That is to say, the meaning of the word nihil is nothing and not energy! Of course this is very tricky thing, because in the meantime, the millions of trapped light quanta (100% of the energy (!) explode into the environment ), because the particles are not firm within either, and because mater is only made up of time. This is the Earth element of Mysticism. Later I'll tell you in more detail how I think this is, and how my strange statements can be proven.

But then what makes matter palpable? Why is it hard, why is it solid? Or why, when then, is glass transparent, while at the same time, it is very hard also?

But when time comes to answer these questions you will not have any questions anymore because the answers will  became evident. I have given you a little teaser about matter so that you will not think that all that you have read so far will only get stuck in the philosophical zone and will remain forever dogdy arguments. If we have set down the rules of the Word well then the world that has been built on it will be understandable in all of its elements and will be consequential.




Neutron fraktal
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