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Why are we dealing with so many
seemingly unrelated topics?

A lot of letters came so far from our dear Readers, (so far 5.000,000 visitors visited our pages), in which a variety of issues were raised and there are more and more people who are beginning to understand also how the diverse topics listed on our homepage are interrelated. Many seek only the mystery but its depths do not touch them at all and there are more and more people who have been peeking our from under the dirty horse blanket of materialism, yet, they are still timid, because although its boring under theblanket and the air is stuffy, but out here they would still need to face the Unknown. We have already written in our startpage that our pages are not materialistic and are not religious in the everyday sense of the word. Our church does not follow any strand. We are Huns and the Huns are hard-headed people. Stubborn. They do not sell out to fashion because their ancient heritage is far greater than what today?s science thinks of the world and of man. I should have said life instead, maybe.

We have a world view and a perspective on the world as well, we have faith too which we treasure more than anything. We do not have a religion as we do not believe in that fetishized and idolized God whom they try to force on us. We do not accept or believe our faith, but we know the existence of God. What is the most interesting in the thing is that this is not another belief in God, but is the same, only different. In the previous 29 pages I have pointed out the different ancient elements which we think of completely differently than the philosophers and ideologists of this era. The Huns always honored the "Öregisten" (Old God) time and the Nagy Anya (Great Mother) as their Creator. They are the oldest and largest "formations" of the universe, and by no means do we think of them as biological beings, or material ones. Not even as forces or energies. Our existence is transcendental in all of its aspects, since it is time-existence. It's super simple and logical because without time there is no existence, no process. Without time, there is no action or creation and there are no creation days, neither is there any other happening. Neither can God exist without time since the intellect is a dynamic process too. This is a religion independent thesis. It is not that the existence of God "fits into" our thinking as one of my critics put it, but it is based on that. And yet it is a realistic, rational science. It's amazing, but such a thing still exists. All of our concepts proceed from this one single dynamic element of the world.

This we call the Creator and it follows that the acting God is a created being who conducts further acts of creation. Even people are in this line, only, in the lower branches of the tree of life. But they are not at the very top but not on the very bottom either. Somewhere in the middle. All this is just created of time. But not of some historical time. That is a process in time. If you stop and think about it, it is easy to see that the idea that today's thinkers have of time is a lot of talk of nothing. Most think of time as only some parameter (e.g.: multiplier or divider), but they are not the least bit concerned about its system or structure. They do not even take their own definitions seriously since they confuse the scalar (directionless) time with the vectoral (having a direction and magnitude) time. This simply is ineptitude which has been taught for centuries. We wrote on our previous pages that we think time to be essential which means that time has an inner substance, it has a medium. This is not matter and it is not material either. A kind of force field. It has inner content as it is self-existant which implies that there is not time outside of time. There exists real void there and there and non existence which is a logical paradox but there is not other way I could put it for an earthling since they would not have any concept of it at all. Everything is in its own time zone, within its own time system and it can only exist here since without the medium of time its being would disappear from existence. It does not become energy or anything else but simply ceases to exist. Light's and matter's symmetry systems are only only sustained in space, which is also a descendant of the time. There is no separate or different space or time. Time is not the fourth dimension time is the dimension itself. It is the emanation itself. It is a sphere which is surrounded by nothing and within which there is something and nothing outside of it. The sort of stuff that is within cannot be compared to anything that we know. We are also within it, it gives us life and it cannot be seen and it is very hard to comprehend its existence in this way since we do not have any concept of it in our science. This is what we call it Water. (We do not mean the chemical compound by this)

Water flows out from a central source to the environment and expands at the speed of light to infinity. Since it is alone in its emanation it does not resonate since nothing perturbes (disturbes) it. We may also say that it does not carry any information in the beginning. We have to mention an unusual way of storing information here. Information with the highest saturation can be stored in the situation-perturbation having direction "n" and and running to "n" one. In plain English it means that if a physical point is perturbed in so many directions at the same time its margin will look like amoeba which is spreading its pro- legs all over the place. The variations of this is virtually endless. This perturbational cloud - as a modulation - appears in the emanation of the source as well. (that is, the amoeba which has been mentioned just now emanates its formal existence into infinity.) Our scientists have discovered this, and exactly this where the Heisenberg?s uncertainty relation comes from. Yes, but due to the emanation this uncertainty emanates into infinity as the transporter (relayer) of existence. This logically has been left out of the widespread scientific theories. There is calm in the beginning. Emanation initially is even, like a radio station without a program. There is silence, and this silence will be aired. The blank transmission is not identical to the broadcastless state. If you have an URH microphone and you turn it on (if the band matches) you will find its transmission on the transceiver. If you do not speak into it, you will still find it, only it will appear in the ether as broadcasting silence that is, when you find it with the scanner of the transceiver all of a sudden there will be silence instead of static noise in the speaker of the receiver. Or it will start whining like madbecause you are too close to the speakers with your mike and that makes the system whistle and the system starts getting excited. (Receiver and transmitter together) Take it further away, and/or turn your receiver down. With the small radio receiver - the URH microphone - go a little further away until there is silence in your receiver. Now turn your mike off. The receiver starts making static noise. Turn it back on. The static goes off.

Well, I can compare the time source to this which is not perturbed by anything yet. It has a rhythmic outpouring, but there is no information in its resonances yet. There is no matter or light at this point yet. The infinity of dark silence is "anciently timeless" because nothing can be compared to anything yet. Metrics would not make any sense. Lucus the non lucendo. (Darkness does not shine). BUT we have already somethingthat you might call something. Today our uncertain adverb of existence gives an explanation to this. The reason I am phrasing this so strangely because the word contains the verb predicate. VALA-MI (something). We have two of these, and while the former is used for objects and impersonal things, our word VALA-KI (somebody) relates to persons. There is deep logic in it because we call things distant and intangible something (valami) and we use somebody (valaki) to describe things thought to be close and tangible and also people. "Vala" (there is) is somewhat archaic but in today's parlance it means: THERE IS. AN means the sky. The VA syllable is made up of V and A. This means the two co-creators. The verb participle "van" denotes the celestial V. Because he is the beginning and foundation of existence. Our letter V or A are only the plane segments of the reality. LA represents the Sun. NA and AP together. NA is the female quality, while AP (PA) is male quality. This is not in a biological sense!! It means spin or twist! The dual quality comes from the structural make up of space and light quanta. I have written about this on window 15. Therefore, anya (mother) and the anyag (material) is the ringing together words. Matter has a leftwise i.e. feminine spin. Antimatter is the mirror image of this, that is masculine in nature. The right. This is in our words ki (who) and mi (what). Food for thought that in the little-studied Maori language KI-WAHO means outwards. The fact that the VA is written with the English doubleyoo, is besides the point.

We pronounce it as the other kind of V, anyways. It is more exciting that the Sun and the calendar days are called the same; RAA, that is RA as we called the Sun God in Egypt (Hiksos om). It can be found in other languages of Oceania'as well as many thousands of miles away to the North in Hawaii Sun is also called RAA. Yet sunny (bright) is called: LA. Hawaii is the residual Island of Atais. It used to be situated on the Northern end. Our words ?lak? (to live, reside) and ?lakos? (resident) are related to this word. The "ik" is the descendant. Well, then what does "lakik" (to live) mean? Would it be that we are the descendants of the house? No. La's descendants. Well, this is why we have a linguistic department and research. You can read about this on the BABEL pages. We may discover many missing details and elements on this path. We deal with an other weird branch of the linguistics, namely, numerology which also has a complementary role. Language and linguistic mathematics show a very exciting relationship. You can read about this on the Tamerlan pages. All of this is inherently related to energy research. A dry tree can not bring shoots. Because it is dead. The bureaucrat or dogmatic academics are such dried-up trees. Form without contents. There is just one more thing about Hawaii. The voice of speech in the Havaiian language is RAO. Sound is REO. O is the embodiment of emanation of circular spreading in the alphabet. The pair of A and V: O and A create the tangible word which is matter and material particles. And it comes to us as no surprise that Earth happens to be called in the Hawaiian language just that: AO. Thus, language carries the elements of a very ancient, but very logical worldview. Where does it come from? The Hawaiians as well as a lot of other peoples even claim to have learned from a teacher who came from the sky. And the materialists mocked them. This heavenly relationship was discussed on two of our previous pages the 24th and 25th pages. Hence we have started the UFO research group.

In other words we have found out with a little bit of linguistics what matter is made of which is the element "Earth" in our case. They must know what they are talking about, because they call the moon Marama but they call the moonlight ATA RAU. And at this point an other, a lower fractal system entered the system with the sound "U". There can be no doubt that I have found a kin peoples on the other side of the world since they call the month MARAMA as well. That is, they think in terms of moon months just as our predecessors. There was a time when year was not significant, only the lunar month was. This allowed for an easy and widely accessible and relatively precise calendar keeping, without any kind of technical or astronomical knowledge. From full moon to full moon. The word MA-RA- MA is separated by hyphens in our dictionary that is, the syllablicating - analyzing principle seems to be working as well. The wife of the Sun is the Moon in our lore (and not of the Earth) and has a feminine identity in this too. The Moon Goddess. It was not originally the Earth's companion, but came from the outer universe. The name Hawaii also contains RA, the Sun. The Indonesian Maori many thousands of kilometers away (by today, they are only a small number of aborigines (400000)) is called in the same way the Moon and the day and month: Marama and Raa, no; marama. The Moon has no light of its own, it only reflects the light of the Sun. We are not linguists and we do not apply the methods commonly used in linguistics. We are only looking for the logic in languages. Let us then take a look at the Chinese dictionary. The Moon is yue, or yue ylang. They also call the month yue but the Sun, the celestial object is called different t'ay- yang and it also is termed Je and Zs‚ means calendar day too. Yang also means sheep yet it means oxygen (air) and it also denotes shape, form, pattern effect. The yang which is the masculine force yin is the female force. Another meaning is the Sun and Moon. This is certainly very much in tune with our legends. Well, this is why we have our own legend and tale research group. Taj-taj in Chinese, means something like madam. That is, Jang-taj is also the male and female principle together. Completely different words are used in Chinese and others, and yet it is the same world view. That is, it is not loanwords, but "loan logic". It is in our historical records that sometime in the past the Moon that we have today crashed into the Earth, and from then on the crust of the Earth became cracked, and this disaster wreaked utter havoc and made everything completely freeze over and the knowledge of the remnants of humanity forced to a marginal existence was severely reduced. But the languages of the nations survived which unfailingly kept the former seeds of knowledge.
All this may seem like only a game and fake reasoning, but I say that these people once much more comprehensively understood the entire universe than we might think today. We only deal with the Earth and Air elements (matter and energy) because the other two for the time being is instrumentally immeasurable for us, therefore we hold the theoretical approach to be nonsense in today's fast-paced and profit oriented world. But the key to progress is further progress. Today's materialistic approach has become totally incapable of this. It robs and destroys. Our young ones are path seekers and many of those people are hopeless. They are hopeless, because they can see that neither learning nor the work has real honor. We raise yuppies by the thousands, tens of thousands who seek to con us into buying by devious psychology the junk which is several decades old and which has become obsolete for and is no longer classified by the military or have been banned elsewhere. The bottom line is the unscrupulous profit. We?re running out of conventional sources of energy and will do everything in the world to retain the current status quo which can be called "the last straw". We will run out of coal and oil within foreseeable time. The nuclear power plants are too dangerous to run and wastes remain hazardous for 10,000 years. This portends a quite bleak future for us. If our technology and our science does not follow the fertility rates, wars will need to be waged for the acquisition of even for the last of the remnants of resources. A concomitant of this is genocide, which, eye-rollingly and with bloodstained cynicism is called "ethnic cleansing" by the war criminals. That existential philosophy based on sound logic which we have inherited and which now have the chance to investigate with more modern research tools is just looking for a cure for this.

We are already are quite sure that we have a way out of that swamp in which humanity is wandering around. Matter itself offers plenty of opportunities to generate energy in a much more harmless way than we do today. Only a very small proportion of light stored in very large quantities in matter is released during combustion. This is called fossil energy today. The name is very appropriate because it is actually very ancient solar energy, which is hidden in every type of matter. In anything. This is light. It is not created there but it is within the matter. Since ancient times. Not in the chemical bonds but within the matter. The end products of the combustion are at a lower energy state together than the initial materials. It is the same with the nuclear reactors and also in the camp fire. It is not even chemical reaction that takes place in nuclear reactors since another element's torso is produced from one chemical element. This is, however, not flame in the traditional sense but in this case also the same light responsible for the difference of energy level is released from the atoms. To the layperson this seems like a frightening doctrine, however, when he rubs his hands together they heat up, so light is released there also. It has been termed frictional heat, yet, this is atomic physics as well since in rubbing what comes into play is the impact of the distorted surface electrons on the nucleus which are distorted along with the electron shells as every electron has its own proton. Every insult - which impacts the electron - reacts on a proton to which it belongs. Therefore, the more violent the distortion of the outer electron orbitals, the more light escapes from the atom to the environment. This of course leads to a more de-energized nuclear state, which can even result in its escape from the nuclear environment. We say of this that it wears or it tears. Or we can say that after a long wear the fatigued material snaps. This process is also accompanied by temperature rise. For the same reason. The screen - on which you are reading all of this - also gives light, as the electrons of the electron beam accelerated by the high- voltage generated by the monitor bang into the crystals of "lightdust" used in the interior surface of the screen at a tremendous speed. This generates light and other radiation not even visible for you in a tiny little point monitor screen. Unfortunately, X-ray radiation is generated also when this happens which is harmful to health which has been very much glossed over by screen manufacturers because the widely used television screens work the way same too. "Low radiation" is displayed on the screen. Nice joke! So the older types belonged to the category of "high radiation". It s a wonder that it did not photograph my skeleton on my my book closet...

  Let's look at some solutions!The simplest of all is cavitation. This is created even at a few atmospheres (bar) difference in pressure. When it comes out from a narrow tube to a more spacious location. Small bubbles indicate this. These are not quite like those seen in the soda water, because they are gas bubbles. I want to tell you about vacuum-bubbles. We've known the troubles caused by them for centuries. This is the pipe systems "and propellers" terror. Pressure increases at the edge of the propeller between the water molecules even in an open system (sea) as they are pushed on in front of the propeller but when leaving the pressurized zone the sudden pressure jump occurs near the propeller in the direction where the water flows away from the propeller's path. This is where the vacuum-bubbles are formed. These are very short-lived, but all the more aggressive. They eat up any propeller.

It makes no difference what material it is made from. Moreover, they are attracted to matter other than water where they annihilate matter within a radius of a millimeter. They will annihilate anything. Small smooth-walled dome-shaped dimples are left behind by them. The phenomenon is accompanied by a small blue luminous flash. They are very similar to the electric sparks in color. I took the trouble to observe the crackles accompanying the phenomenon with my small radio during one of our cavitation experiments. It sounded similar to the disturbance created by electric sparks. They can cause very a broadbanded noise. The greater ones such as a lightning are visible on television and are heard on radio receivers too, that is, the same can occur here as in the case of cavitation. I never have even found a references to this. It is separately discussed. There is a sudden increase in pressure in the lightning channel and it starts rapidly declining at the end of discharge. Thus, annihilation occurs throughout the lightning tunnel which is 30-40 times more efficient than the atomic bomb. In the wake of the cavitating air and water molecules tremendous light and heat is released and also a vacuum string in place of which air suddenly pours into. This what makes it pop so loud. But why does it generate radio waves in the full spectrum of radio waves.

he radio waves are generated by moving (vibrating) electrical charges. There is movement of charge within the lightning, that is, it can create these waves. But a real wide spectrum radiation is really created by cavitation which includes gamma radiation. And indeed my dosimeter indicated this. In fact, I observed this phenomena with four types of dosimeters. That is, the phenomenon of cavity is radioactive. This quite strongly verified our theoretical postulations. If we cavitated water then the byproduct water's radio activity was not be significant, that is, no harmful byproducts were created. It is good news. The created radiation was only twice of the background radiation which can be absorbed by a simple led plate or water itself. The process generates significant heat calorifically. It is already suitable for heating. Presently the prototype is still quite expensive, but following development within reasonable time it will be available at a low cost and could be used effectively. It has a 400-800% efficiency rate with an electric pump. It consumes water. The largest I saw in operation was a 22 kW one. This had a swirl cavitator.

A well operating equipment can be built with ultrasound as well. The biggest one I know has a power output of (1MW/cm2). Radioactive substances are destroyed in this one. A variety of new items appear during this process, which is the result of the imperfectly annihilated (atoms). Also serious heat generator. Heat generation would be a lot more economical in this way than with the combustion of different types of materials. A major developmental project should be started for this since energy sources are rapidly becoming more expensive.

This is not spatial energy in the classical sense, since this one is based on the total annihilation of matter. In fact, annihilation does not only occur at the meeting of matter and antimatter but during cavitation as well. Although light itself has a spatial nature yet it is not created during the process. If in fact it is, it creates a lot of trouble since if not only a few light quanta are created by chance of circumstance then the light dual quantum created at this manifests in messy phenomena. It could be a sphere lightning. It has been recorded that a out of a tennis ball sized sphere lightning about two bucketful of water poured onto someone which is a weird side of this phenomena causing dimension and time anomaly. Apart from getting scared they did not get hurt. I have heard of three very close encounters with sphere lightnings in my family out of which one was deadly in the middle of a room where the lightning-struck person threw the baby in their hand under the bed and then immediately died. The wall cracked wide open. (The little luckily survived the stuff). There was one case where the ball lightning went through the cow and the peasant milking the cow. Perhaps hence the "Emental cow" idea in the cheese commercial?

This area of science is very difficult to research. That is why there are so few dimensionologists and lighningologists. :-) Perhaps the dimension research is even harder than the latter because the researcher should be working with the impalpable. Toilet tile researchers have an easier time. Everyone must go without a choice there. But whoever spends money on invisible and intangible dimensions? The very big secrets are just there where they are being researched. Whence has this creation arisen? (The word "világ" (world) in the Hungarian language means light also!)

Well, so that we would have something to think about. Only the fool think they have it all discovered.
Infinitely many interesting puzzle games are still ahead of us, and I already know that a beautifully tiled shitter also can give man joy. Just don't be there permanently locked up to get away from solving problems. Now I have to go, but next time we will deal with spatial energy and travel beyond space!




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