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Onto some the first strange thing, that an one like this we deal with a totally exotic and unknown language for us, but very important things skulk in the language of this distant little folk really. The Eskimo language survived the big catastrophes, the fire and the flood certainly entirely, because he figures in their legends, and it is, that three of my enormous carcasses licked it circle the Earth sometime. Most though, but this was the equator on his neighbourhood chiefly destructive and ethnic groups living beyond the Arctic circle may have survived it so. Many legends are about the wildfire, but if we think it over logically, then in the north and in the south likewise bigger the survival chance, since there is nothing combustible here quasi. More south there are combustible forests and anything else, the igloos give good protection even then till then, if a nuclear war conflagration destroys everything somewhere else. Because they were similar really already the Earth name on a planet. There is a sign of this, only swindle the historians. This does not fit into the fictitious history.

Let's see well the mysteries of the Eskimo language. Let us take a close look at it first the inuit the physical appearance of an alphabet. What is similar to the number of pieces of our runic writing consists of 44 signs. Uses the description of the phonemes, and the Japanese is similar very much in a dog hiragana and katakana to the logic of punctuation marks. Maybe by his hair dragged out it may seem to be an idea, that we compare the Eskimos' totally different language with the Japanese, but what not sounding, but we are looking for the contexts along lingual logic. The principal difference it is visible in it that the inuit is an alphabet U does not use it vowel. Let us look at the Japanese writing system first.


This writing system differing in two big ones, and is one their third writing for the Japaneses, what is congruent in all of his elements with the Chinese punctuation marks quasi. They call this third writing style a kanji. We dealt with signs like this already, and then we will return onto them.

We look at it now, that along what kind of logic is settled the sign system!

That of what writing style along the five used vowels is settled, the, i, u, this, o. Their logic, punctuation marks differing only tallies with respect to his essence totally they are useful. We find similar syllables then the the inuit punctuation marks. The irregular differences suggest the secrets.

K in the row of a prologue full it sounding his harmony. This is in the same manner it N, M, R, G, B, P sounding too. It may be the reason of this that the pronunciation of the phoneme constituted with the rest of the vowels, his description are hampered by some kind of customary law.

We may see a difference of two kinds. We say it in H sorban the HU FU can be found, and the rest F beginning phoneme in the lower table used for the description of the foreign words can be found. JE is at the same place, but the JI-there is not nek his sign. VA has a writing style of two kinds. VA morpheme essential, because the creation means the creator moving into the two eyes his first moment. There are ten creators, and because of this this it we label it with our x number sign. This not Roman numeral, but Hun. They bought their numbers from the Etruscan ones. They are Hun relatives.

Instead of SZI SI, A you CU is instead of CSI, TU. The HU FU, the DI DZSI, the DU DZU can be found. The KJI, KJE, GJI, GJE, SI, SE, DZSI, NYJI, NJE, HJI, HJE, BJI, BJE, PJI, PJE, MJI, MJE, RJA, RJE are missing totally, and full V antecedent in the full extent of a row irregular. Just like this it his F sora, which acts with only a phoneme,, there the HU his substitution. There is not a sounding pair like this altogether between the punctuation marks.

O onto a sound there are four punctuation marks, and he has 2 separate signs it N for a vowel.

I call it separately his attention for the reader KI, GI, KJA, KJU, KJO, GJA, GJU, GJO onto punctuation marks, in which our patriarchal cross with a usual proportion figures,. Let us notice that a little circle figures in the punctuation mark of a phoneme beginning with all P. This will get into a context with the substance, the material things then, because the pi ( Pithagoras's - number) constant not only belonging to the circle and the sphere, but much more general in the universe, and the material one is in a serious contact particles with the features of a parameter, and with the energy, with the light. A whole sheet is about this it "window onto the world" our philosophical series. For the ones expressing an interest in the physics worthy to look at this. They may find out the accurate sense of the pi here. This wins the sense of a general world constant here.

It is possible to obtain a very practical multilingual free dictionary on Inn, is among other things Japanese and inuit.

innen letölthetők

Help 100 Hungarian dictionaries which can be found here, if somebody's mood arose to the investigation. We created these mostly. Here entirely the smaller bigger dictionaries of special languages can be found.


You are what they do not write down saint, you are a dirty word maybe, and like this the meaning of these from somewhere else we have to find it because the Japaneses keep clear of it shyly. The phonemes themselves carry a sense in themselves, and it is necessary to research this punctually, the one dared vowels, and phonemes manage a content quoting strengths. They manage this today, their independent sense was forgotten only. We investigate this. We will know much more about our own language if we understand these. The Japanese and the inuit language looking back at many thousand year pasts. Sure not only the inuit, but the rest of the Canadians, Siberian and Lapp Eskimo dialects provide useful data. The recollection of the big catastrophes of the Earth (than us clashing with the moon was the kind), and the survivor languages real Ó and prehistoric knowledge lead us to residue one. Unfortunately the Japanese and the inuit we found few short roots in a language to the investigation, and for example the inuit words being linked to the essential creation punctually in my dictionary are missing. There are not fire, water, a day, stb.

In Japan these it here showed already modern punctuation marks, like this these carry it recognisably to the investigation hardly already similar essential elements. Much more informative the complicated kanji ligaturák. The katakana and the hiragana his basis after all in the ancient tradition roots, and the Japanese language shows a big difference in the vowel of the signs.

The inuit alphabet

The inuit ABC-ről I found it, that an American professor found it out because the Eskimos had an any kind of writing. This onto us it was said, and it is said until the today's day. They spread the foolishness that our runic writing was not suitable for the transmission of real thoughts, his communication even in the coursebooks. This impossible foolishness, but some years of his appeared in a coursebook. They got it, for this the 44 letter ones ABC-instead of nk the 24 letter Latin character sets. Suspicious, that there is felsőbbrendűsködésről in the case of the Eskimo writing word. Their literacy was own certainly entirely sometime. Maybe, that this was, dared suspiciously creatingorientált.

This whatever not Latin letter, and his resemblance low. 11 use a sign, and four translate these into a direction. This begins with vowels, than the Japanese hiraganák, or katakanák, but we may see only four vowels in the top line. AI, I, O, A.

We observe that there is a sign of Í, (a triangle meaning a god pointing upwards), but his pronunciation not hangzósították. The sign pointing downwards the sign of the land, the upwards that of an indicator the god's. O and A show signs of right and left, that progressing in an eye is reported. V -betű implement second row carries the creation basic principle, but here the form open. There is a finite one for the creators, and he has an endless form. The created the finite one. One like this forms us, our substance, our soul, and the light, that in us stores. The finite one the triangle, the endless one V in a shape qualifiable. The god energy created already, and from him, in him is created the world. In the Holy Trinity.

Here show what should do a some other kind of Eskimo ABC-t too, where we may see only three vowels already, and uniform additional end marks appeared, and I show signs of this writing a practical example, that it is possible to display a reasonable text with these punctuation marks. I put here a little of the article of a newspaper written with an Inuktitut writing, one like that, that bilingual.

This a more universal one writingnem, because separate consonants appear in the right vertical row here. Read the header with the help of the alphabet. It is possible to write phonemes translated already with this writing down, that the we two times seven of our vowels quite scant, but we may write many Hungarian words down with him correctly because of that.

Separate interesting one NG than consonant, about which I had misgivings for a long time already,. So the shirt, a fart figure in our word. The Tibetan language is full of him. In the essence of his sign like that, than G was that of a consonant, only a little lopsided one with an endless sign complemented. In the same manner relative Q beginning punctuation mark K -nál with a visible sign, only eléírtak a little R sign.

From Q important creation role I mentioned that it is possible to connect it with the source mostly already. NG is an especially exciting additive on the other hand because his contact will be serious with the creator's cloak and his effluence. Interesting it &i , &u, &his usage. I investigate his sense yet.

It is not our aim that we train the readers as a Japanese or Eskimo linguist. We investigate together only now.

These linguistic adventures real good mind gymnastics, and they lead to so special recognitions, which make the solid development of a totally new view possible,. I send some gifts to the interested ones. Special dictionaries, which it is possible to download free, skulk here. Much of our work lies in him, so that in as much somebody draws profit from him, let him give a thought to us, the authors. Download from here. We will refer to these on our later sheets. If somebody may do it let him print these dictionaries out, dared so kezelhetőbb. He will be very bulky even in double-faced one.

I look for the stubborner researchers an eszkimo-english dictionary, and let everybody pay attention to it in the course of the examination of this, what it is that there is a little idea explanation on the front of the single letters emotions attaching to single phonemes, thoughts carries it. I do not explain this into him, these original Eskimo thoughts. This is written with a Latin letter, so that relatively plain his examination. The principle himself is the interesting one. The principle how the Eskimos catch the world. Let us observe noticing the lexicographer. We buy it with pleasure if somebody prepares his Hungarian variant.

Returning onto the Japanese language, we may find exciting things there because of that. SU the god of the air, i mean the today's equivalent of this the Holy Spirit. The Japaneses bring it down some other way slightly, but the characteristics ascribed to him after all telltale.

I picked it out of my Japanese-English dictionary here the sou the meanings of a word in English. These are counterparts often. Not accidentally.

so*, really*, seeming*, aspect*, phase*, countenance*, conception*, idea, thought*, whole (pref), all, general, gross, destroy, feel pain, suffer, go around, layer, seam, bed, stream, class, monk, priest, once, before, formerly, ever, never (neg), former, to run along, to follow, start, originate, storehouse, to accompany, to become married, to comply with, to suit (vi), to meet, to satisfy, to marry

SOUAN is interesting in the same manner because intellectual keys skulk in a dog. It AN a morpheme means upper sky, upper celestial one. I mean there is a logic context between the two words. I mentioned it because of this from the Eskimo dictionary the idea expression. Here the original idea and the formulates, plans (draft) too indicates this. The priest (clergyman) too indicates this. The original (original) though bull's-eye.

priest's hermitage*, original* idea, draft*

The languages they sneak. They show the creation. Japan and Eskimo quoted, but I may quote the by way of many people from a more known English language. This carries the same logic, and the morphemes which recalling was kept.


I kept recalling the Holy Spirit the Japanese words, and really, in the English can be found the category. The soul = soul, ghost word pair already not exactly accurate, because two different things are the Holy Spirit and the holy ghosts. It L ending suffix the sou-n. The so means it, that one like that like this, but is in a context the whispers with our word, and in the English this sough (this: sou) = rustle, sigh (that of a wind) is whispering, sigh, rumbles, whistles.

The sound the dictionary senses of a word lead to far one because, the sound and the mind a word gets into a contact. The sound leads back onto his ancient meaning here, the sound-like one onto spreading longitudinal waves, which expand in the space,, than the radio waves. The more upper contact was translated for a deep sleep here, but the sound dream.

A spreading sound, noise appear in the air dumped so punctually sense.

Interesting the strait sense. The pass not somebody else, than stricture. This may appear meaningless, but it the something, that it the certain one "hang-ot gives rise to it punctiform, not somebody else, than the present dot. (time). The sound comes from the future of the time, and somebody else reaches the stage until a punctiform situation, then henceforth continually in a system being limited to one swells. It is this past side part of time. We are us here. We see this.

This provides a sense to the secret sense of the sour word in the mystic literature. The sour English sour, the source, origin though source. This is not because lemon water flows from the sources of course. From the structural stricture of the time there is a word.

We observe the ancient knowledge SUN and SON verbally. Look at the phonetics sign which can be seen beside them!! It is brought down totally equally, and SUN GOD appears (sun-god) expression. The boy and the Sun dared is related. In the religions. This sure not paganism, but knowledge. They knew where Napszerán is. We have the churches because of this to the east orientated. It is necessary to pray thereabouts, where the god is, since we are praying to him.

I mean the boy not somebody else, than the effluence of the source which can be found in our Sun. There is a source system with a similar function in our soul. This ensures that everything which cannot be died between circumstances is left over. Let him remain.